CBD Cycles - Christmas Hours 2009

Posted: 23/12/2009

CANBERRA Half IM Report - George Skoufis - 2nd M25-29! CBD Cycles

Canberra City Half Ironman was the fifth round of the National Half Ironman Series held last weekend. I went into the race not expecting the world, but just looking to use the race as a guide as to what I would need to work on for my Ironman prep.

The days leading up went pretty much according to plan. It was the most relaxed I had been heading into a race and while I was feeling pressure, I just decided to race for the fun of it. Well, as much as you can have fun in four and a half hours of triathlon torture.

Race morning I was pretty focused and once my bike was in transition and everything was set to go, I started to relax a little. That was, despite some polite sledging from a fellow competitor whom I had never met before. As he walked past in transition, he looked at my bike and said, “Well, you have the bike, I hope you know how to ride it”. Hhmmm.

Into the water and warm up completed. I got away quick and was one of the first couple away from the line over the first 100m or so. I settled in and found a good rhythm in my own patch of water. The course was poorly marked and the swimmers split into two different directions on the way back in. I hedged my bets and while losing a little bit of time, it wouldn’t be difference in the end, leaving me 7th out of the water. Read more...

Posted: 21/12/2009


2009 Ironman WA - Michael Begg

IRONMAN WA Report - Michael Begg

It's been a steep learning curve.

Entering my third season of triathlon, I’d decided to return to Busselton & have a crack at my 2nd Ironman, after debuting at the same location the previous year.

But it was different this time. The first IM was all excitement & fun, no pressure, just all about finishing & enjoying the day. I was so jealous of all the first-timers, they were like kids at Christmas – sure they were nervous, but it was an excited nervousness. Me on the other hand – I had set myself a goal that I knew wouldn’t just happen, and as the day unfolded and the sun & wind took over, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

Anyway, it was all going great until the run – as the Good Doctor Mitch said to me post-race "Wow, I've never heard anyone say THAT before!" I'd come out of the water a bit quicker than planned (but with a frustrating 1:00:01 split arrrrgh!) and felt great. I had passed a fellow TRG squad member Davvyn who is a quicker swimmer with about 300m to go, so knew my pace was good.

Moving into T1, I was keen to make amends for last year’s pedestrian efforts in the tent (I cut a total of 5:16 off both transitions this year J) . I was only hurried up by Davvyn who came in a few seconds later & sat right next to me.

2009 Ironman WA - Michael Begg

Onto the bike I settled quickly – got plenty of electrolyte in early and was in a good rhythm. I set about nailing my nutrition & pacing plan, as I knew pushing the heart rates too early would end in disaster, whilst not pushing hard enough would leave me exposed to the rising winds later in the day. It’s a funny thing – every time I’ve raced at Busso (I also did the Half there in ’08 & ’09) the wind always picks up on the last lap. I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with being down on the bars with no respite for the first 2 laps!

But this time it was legit – on the last lap the wind had picked up, along with the heat, and even though I had backed off, my heart rates were still drifting a little. I could tell it was hot when I squirted myself with water from each aid station – the water was freezing! I knew it would be a tough run, but felt good heading into T2. I even dismounted in the socks with no issues, and didn’t resemble the tin man (much) running through transition to my Run Bag.

Another surprisingly slick transition, aided by the fantastic volunteers and their lathering of sunscreen, and I was off. The first things I noticed were a) the lack of other runners on the course, and b) the lack of spectators. Observation a) meant I was off the bike quicker than last year I presumed (great), but observation b) confirmed my fear that it was a lot hotter than at the same time last year.

I took off and everything was perfect – heart rate 78%, pace right on 5-5:10 min/kms (thanks to the trusty Garmin 310XT purchased from CBD!) And they stayed that way for the first lap and a bit. But even after water plus electrolyte or cola, gels on the half hour, and ice down front, back and shorts, the heat was making the aid stations seem further & further apart.

By the start of the 3rd lap my dream of a sub-10 result was over, so I made a pact with myself to not stop running. And it was a pact that I didn’t know I could keep literally until I set foot on the grass of the finishing chute.

I ended up crossing the line in 10:11, just under 30mins quicker than last year. Despite not breaking 10, I had halved my overall placing from the previous year from 265 to 132. And comparing to 2008, the same placing 132 achieved a time of 9:59! (ironically by CBD athlete John Gestakovski!)

So guess what folks – looks like there’s unfinished business in Busselton. I wasn’t planning on returning, but the lure of the smooth, fast roads is just too much to resist! And after the toughest conditions of all in the six years the race has been in existence, surely next year can’t be as bad….? There’s just the small matter of a Port Mac debut to worry about first J.

To wrap up I want to say a big thanks to my gorgeous & understanding wife Sharon, my three awesome kids, CBD & Anth for his support pre-race with a few minor bike issues, and to my awesome Coach Julie Tedde (Triathlon Response Group) for getting me to the start line in such great shape.

Finally, congratulations to everyone who gave it a crack in such harsh & unforgiving conditions! And a special shout out to a few of the 480 first timers that I knew out there – Justin, Simone, Santiago, Mark & the crazy Stef - "You are an IRONMAN!"

Posted: 19/12/2009

CBD Cycles

Gatorade Race 2 - Race Report

Ashlea Clifton

Unlike Race 1 of the Gatorade Series which saw the swim cancelled due to terrible conditions Race 2 allowed us in the water and thankfully there was no rain in sight. Conditions were very choppy which suited the strong ocean swimmers. Having come from a non-swimming background and not done a lot of ocean racing in the past, I was personally looking forward to getting onto dry land, particularly after having my goggles kicked off by a fellow competitor just after the start!

Once onto the bike, I felt far more comfortable. My coach Adam Beckworth and I have been working hard in trying to improve my ride leg and I can certainly feel the benefits of this as my split times have been quicker each of the races I have competed in since taking up triathlons. A set of super fast race wheels given by the CBD Cycles guys before this race helped as well!

CBD Cycles

I felt really comfortable for the out and back run course and actually wished the distance was a bit further so I could make up a place or two. A friend once said to me, "really, how hard can triathlons be? Despite the few setbacks (ie. the goggles) and having a virus during the week, the race was another great learning experience. I can't wait to get out again for Race 3.

Thankyou so much to Anthony and the guys at CBD cycles for being so welcoming and helpful and allowing me to join their fantastic team!

Also a big thanks to Adam for his constant motivation and expertise. Hopefully it can all be improvement from here.

See you in the shop if not there at the next race,

Thanks for your support


Posted: 15/12/2009

CBD Cycles - Kim Beckinsale - Anaconda Lorne 09 - 1st!!

- Aunty Kim wins Anaconda Lorne!!

Hello to our gorgeous friends at CBD!

Just letting you know that Aunty Kim came home with the GOLD at Lorne Anaconda....that's the Hat-trick now.... She made it harder for herself by missing a turn on the run and running an extra few Km's in the beautiful St George's River Gorge - nothing like doing things the hard way! Aunty Jan had an excellent race too - and the new Giant Anthem was still going strong after 24hrs of rain and mud the previous weekend at the Kona......

Next stop is Coast to Coast in New Zealand in February where Kim will have a crack at the Multisport World Championships.... a very difficult event amongst those hard-core Kiwis...but she will do her best, as usual....

Aunty Jan has qualified for the World Solo 24hr Champs being held in Canberra next year too - so hopefully the pain and suffering from the Kona will be forgotten and her rear-end will have recovered enough to give all those 'vintage women' (that's over 50!) some good competition....

Thanks for all your support during 2009 - we love being part of the CBD family... Have a a wonderful, exciting and adventurous festive season!!!

xx The Aunties

Posted: 11/12/2009

CBD Cycles

- Aunty Kim wins Anaconda Lorne!!

Kim Beckinsale completed a hat-trick of wins, taking out Anaconda Lorne last Sunday, December 6th.

Congratulations Kim on all your hard work and results!! We are so proud of you. The full story can be found here...

THIS WEEKEND - Gatorade Race 2, Elwood - see you there!!

Posted: 10/12/2009


CBD Cycles - Garmin 310XT

Garmin Forerunner 310XT

Finally, a GPS-enabled training device that isn't afraid of the water. The rugged Forerunner 310XT is the triathlete's indispensable training tool — a GPS-enabled, swim-proof trainer that tracks bike and run data and sends it wirelessly to your computer. This multi-sport device has up to 20 hours of battery life, tracks distance, pace and heart rate (optional), and goes from wrist to bike in seconds.

Our very own Rob Hill competed at this year's Hawaiian Ironman World Championships with this very piece of equipment!

CLICK HERE to see the amazing standard of information supplied by Rob's Garmin Forerunner 310XT from the final 42km run leg!!Click all the buttons (splits, player) and all tabs!

Whatever you're up to this summer, be it any triathlon, beach swim, long ride, unmapped holiday runs or the Audax Alpine Classic - we have good numbers of these in our front cabinet at CBD Cycles all ready for a summer of fun!!

Posted: 02/12/2009


CBD Cycles - Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 1 St Kilda - Renee Lane 1st!!

Gatorade Race 1 St Kilda
- Renee Lane 1st!!

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know how things went on the weekend...

After 3 years of placing 2nd & 3rd in nearly every elite gatorade race I've competed in, I finally cracked it for the win on Sunday. It was extremely satisfying crossing the line, knowing the process and the time it's taken to get there...Jarrod & I have worked really hard at maintaining consistency in my training without too many interruptions from illness / work commitments. This along with some really solid weeks and weekends of training in Lorne / Halls Gap has proven to pay dividends.

The race on Sunday was turned in to a Duathlon, which I thought may have been to my disadvantage, given that the swim is my strongest leg. However, I felt really comfortable in the first 1.5k run and I could hear those around me breathing pretty heavily. The ride was super comfortable as well, as there were 8 of us doing rolling turns. We all came off the bike at the same time and I knew it would be 2.5k of head wind out & 2.5k of tail wind home. I sat behind one of the other competitor's for the first 3km's knowing that she was a renound runner. With 2k to go I surged & ran as hard as I could figuring it would only be 7-71/2 minutes of hurt. The move paid off & I ended up crossing the line in 1st place nearly 20sec's in front.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank CBD Cycles and New Balance for their continual support in my triathlon endeavours - it has been invaluable to me.

Anthony from CDB once said to me that if you put in the effort, the results will come - he was right :)

I'd also like to thank Gravity-Zero & my new sponsor Engine for their product support.

I hope I can continue to be a positive ambassador for your companies.

My last, but certainly not least thank you is to my coach Jarrod Evans - we finally did it :)
I hope there is more to come :)

I have attached the finisher photo from the weekend and also an interview which occurred post race for your perusal.



Posted: 25/11/2009

CBD Cycles - Cervelo Test Ride Day

Posted: 20/11/2009



After recently discovering that his 13 year old daughter Lianna has juvenile diabetes, Chris Day wanted to find a way in which he could help not only his daughter, but everyone who is affected by this life changing disease.

Being a passionate cyclist and triathlete, he decided that he would ride from Melbourne to Adelaide to raise awareness and money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Following a chat at a barbecue a few weeks later, Adam Beckman, another keen cyclist, volunteered to accompany Chris for the ride. Arron Veltre will also now be joining the fun and Arron’s dad is driving the support vehicle. After many emails, phone calls and training rides, the plan was starting to take shape!


The ride itself is approximately 900km. We will be leaving on the 1st December 2009 and will be completing the ride in 4 days.

CBD Cycles - Christopher Day - Melbourne to Adelaide 2009 for Juvenile Diabetes

Dec 1st – Melbourne to Warrnambool (260km)
Dec 2nd – Warrnambool to Millicent (230km)
Dec 3rd – Millicent to Meningie (250km)
Dec 4th – Meningie to Adelaide (150km)


First and foremost, support the cause! Donations can be made securely online by visiting http://www.everydayhero.com.au/christopher_day - 100% of the money raised will be given to the JDRF.

Obviously a ride like this takes a lot of planning and equipment. Any corporate sponsorship would be greatly appreciated and we would be happy to assist with product placement and promotion.

And lastly, join in! If you would like to participate in any part of the ride, contact us to arrange the details.



email: christopher.day@mac.com

Posted: 19/11/2009

Gatorade Triathlon Series 09/10

Race 1 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series 2009/10, incorporating the Brooks Fun Tri, is THIS SUNDAY!!!

Excitement is certainly mounting for Race 1 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series 2009/10, incorporating the Brooks Fun Tri Series. Race 1 will see the introduction Series improvements, and a host of upcoming Elites from the VIS - Enter now so you don't miss out! Late fee applied this Wednesday 12noon. Entries close online 12noon this Friday!

Click here for Race 1, St Kilda - event information
(Use the menu on the left to navigate through Course Maps, Event Start Times, etc)

Click here for the Supersprint Online Entry Form

Posted: 17/11/2009


Fluid Movements

Shepparton Half Ironman/Hexman RESULTS!!

Well done to all that competed over the Hex and Half Ironman distance. We had some solid results yesterday. The weather was pretty kind with a cooler breeze and more temperate heat. The Shepparton Triathlon Club put on the best organised Half Ironman in OZ again!! Headed up by Peter Guy (Race Director), Garry Leed (President), awesome race lads. Fluid Movements is very proud to be associated with this local half Ironman, and hopes to be long into the future. - Sean Foster, Head Coach

CBD Cycles - Fluid Movements - 2009 Shepparton Half Ironman and Hexman Results CBD Cycles - Fluid Movements - 2009 Shepparton Half Ironman and Hexman Results

Posted: 16/11/2009


Race Report - Anaconda WA - CONGRATULATIONS - Aunty Kim - 1st!!!

CBD Cycles - 2009 Anaconda WA - Kim Beckinsale - 1st!

Hello friends at CBD !!

Just letting you know that we have arrived back from WA - and Aunty Kim, once again, has come home with the GOLD...With a sold out field of 1500 (seems the folk in WA will have a crack at anything...) it was a little uncertain how she would go, but the experience that comes from many years of endurance racing counts for everything in these harsh but beautiful events...

The race commenced in the shadow of the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse (spectacular SW tip of Australia..) and from there we rock-hopped and ran soft sand for 13.5km, then plunged into the icy-cold clear water for a 1.9km swim over colourful reefs, then got in the boats and paddled in a choppy ocean for 13km, before riding 32km on spectacular (sand) trails and some fun single track and finished off with a 2.5km beach and rock run to the finish. What a day - the WA weather was kind to us - not too hot, not too cold, surf not big, but a little chop (just to keep us honest...) Aunty Kim lead from mid-way through the run and never looked back....As a veteran (now 42) it seems she still has the goods to crank it up and give those young girls a run for their money... Aunty Jan, however, didn't have the best result - the choice of paddle craft, unfortunately, was her downfall, and she spent 2 hrs paddling (and too much time under the boat and not on top of it..... bit of a learning curve here - learnt it once, and had to re-learn it after menopause...!) so got a little behind in the 'water' parts of the events - but cranked the MTB on the Giant Anthem....and was a happy Aunty at the end after hearing Aunty Kim's result...

As usual, we Aunties celebrated with the obligatory champers and fish & chips (had the local shark - rather than it having us!) and thoroughly enjoyed our few days over West (didn't really enjoy the 5 hr red-eye flights both ways....) but guess that's the price you pay going from one side of Australia to the other...

Next stop - Anaconda Lorne on December 6th.... Could be a bigger field here, but you know we'll give it our best shot. Aunty Jan is also competing in the Kona 24hr MTB race the weekend before...and looking forward to the new Giant Anthem for the journey...Thanks again for all your support - we are forever grateful.... xxxx

See you in a few weeks....

x Aunty Jan & Kim

Posted: 12/11/2009

CBD Cycles - Cervelo 2010 Range - Online Now

Posted: 04/11/2009


Fluid Movements

Shepparton Half Ironman/Hexman Camp

As the coaching partner for the Shepp Half Ironman, Fluid Triathlon conducted a weekend race camp on course. We had 27 keen participants take part in the 2 day exercise. We were blessed with great weather, and on Day 2, even got to taste some of the Shepparton wind, which was a good experience for the athletes.

Day 1 saw a course familiarisation around the race layout. We got to swim, bike and run, completing easy laps of the course as a group. The water quality was good, and not too cold. The roads were quiet, and the weather mild for the run. It was an opportunity to recon the layout, and point out areas of interest to the athletes.

Read more about the camp here...

Posted: 29/10/2009

Proudly supported by CBD Cycles

Ironman World Championships Kona 2009
Race Report - Tim Beardall

The week was one of great expectation and excitement. Anyone who has raced and prepared in Kona knows how the days leading up to the big race get louder, bigger and busier. A few weeks out and the town is quiet and in business mode. Then all of a sudden signs are plastered on walls and people arrive.

My time in Kona leading up to the race was well planned. I became acclimatised to the heat and by race day was back to feeling as if the weather was normal. Coming from a cooler climate such as Melbourne can be difficult for some but it was no problem.

The training days leading up were varied from winds that kept you nervous when riding and made you ride on an angle and calm days which could give a false sense of what may be coming.

On race morning I had my usual small meal and drink as I had thought I had suitably loaded with electrolytes, water, glycogen and salt the previous days. This may or may not have been the truth as Kona finds ways of making any plan seem just a little unresearched. Read more...

Posted: 28/10/2009


(See the Full Article in previous News Article below...)


We’ve just got over the $2000 mark today in terms of donations to JDRF.

It also looks like we have a car to support us now and the rider number is now 3.

Christopher Day

Posted: 27/10/2009

CBD Cycles


As CBD Cycles continues to grow, we will aggressively pursue the best sales staff and bicycle mechanics available. If you have a passion for selling cycling or a love for working on bicycles, then we want to hear from you!

Click here for more information on a Sales Manager position

Click here for more information on a Mechanics position

Posted: 23/10/2009

Melbourne to Adelaide Diabetes Ride 2009


"Type 1 diabetes has appeared in my family without warning and my daughter, Lianna, at the age of 12 has been diagnosed with this lifelong condition. She now, like hundreds of thousands of children around the world, has to administer insulin a minimum of 4 times per day by an injection. My goal is, if we can at least stop this invasive insulin delivery by raising money for JDRF or perhaps even help to find a cure for type 1, to bring back smiles and a more 'carefree' life for children diagnosed with diabetes."

What can I do? Ride.
Where? Melbourne to Adelaide starting on December 1st.
What can you do? Donate via this secure website to JDRF to help the many thousands of children diagnosed with diabetes.


The ride is approximately 250km per day - covering ~850km overall:

  • Melbourne to Warrnambool
  • Warrnambool to Millicent
  • Millicent to Meningie
  • Meningie to Adelaide

Why I chose this? It just seemed like something appropriate to do. My daughter was diagnosed in mid August this year, having been taken into ICU in Adelaide. She needs to inject herself, like other people with insulin dependent diabetes, multiple times a day and I just reckoned that a few days of hard effort for me was nothing compared to what she has to do and it might be a good way to raise some money for research into a global health issue. Also, the thought was that there is never a ‘fast fix’ in life and that a multi-day ride is a little symbolic of that as well as the need for us to stay fit and healthy. It’s a good way to get 800kms or so in the legs in a few days!

Any offers of company or assistance for the ride would be most welcome. This is not an ‘organised’ ride as such. Accommodation and return to Melbourne will not be covered so please consider that before you volunteer. We can easily put people up in Adelaide for a few nights and will have a few good meals at the end to fuel a recovery!

I can be contacted on christopher.day@mac.com or on my mobile, 0450 175 500.

Thanks to CBD cycles for their support and help.


Posted: 20/10/2009


Join Mitch Anderson THIS WEDNESDAY to hear him give his Kona Review and then preview the coming Busselton Ironman WA!

Mitch Anderson Night

Posted: 18/10/2009

Herald Sun Tour 2009 - Lygon St Criterium

The Herald Sun Tour final stage - Lygon St Criterium is TOMORROW!!!

If you've been watching any evening news or keeping up with the nightly highlights on OneHD, you'll know the peloton rolls into town tomorrow, Saturday October 17th - hitting Lygon Street for some fast and furious action!

Whether you are up for a cruisey afternoon, a day out with the family, or some relaxation and motivation before Around The Bay in a Day - then grab some food in Carlton and get ready for an afternoon of Women's, Men's Support and Men's Professional racing.

CBD Cycles will be represented in the Men's Support race kicking off at 2pm.


Herald Sun Tour 2009 - Lygon St Criterium

Posted: 16/10/2009


Came across this gem while listening to ABC radio on Ride to Work Day! We could do with the government investing in advertising like this.


Posted: 15/10/2009

Ironman World Championship

AROUND THE BAY IN A DAY is now only 3.5 days away!!!

Dave and Nick our mechanics are already starting to feel the heat, as everyone gets their bikes tuned up for the big day this Sunday!

To have a bike shifting smoothly, and safely prepared there's still time for that last minute service - just call us on either 9639 2299, or 9642 8766 to book for either Thursday or Friday.

We also have stock of all "Around The Bay" essentials such as:

  • Energy Gels, Energy Bars and Electrolyte Satchets
  • Water Bottles, Gel Bottles, Extra Bottle Cages
  • Spare Tubes, Puncture Kits and Tyre Levers
  • Hand Pumps, Air Chucks and CO2 Cannisters

CBD Cycles hopes everyone has a great day, and look forward to being out amongst it on Sunday!!!

Posted: 14/10/2009

The 2009 Kona Ironman World Championships BIKE COUNT results
presented by Australian Triathlete are in!!

Cervelo again dominated the bike count with a total of 462 bikes. Nearest competitor 109 bikes.
I can't see any change here in the near future as Cervelo offers a great range of tri specific machines.
Watch for a huge leap from Giant next year with the pending release of the new Trinity time trial bikes.

Zipp dominated the wheel count with a massive total of 1936 wheels. Nearest competitor 229 wheels!!!
This is the most dominate bias in any category!
Zipp will be more dominant as they are by far the best wheel in the market place with the best range, reliability and performance.

Shimano – 1360. SRAM – 289. Campagnolo – 107
Shimano will dominate next year to regain their overall dominance of the tri market with the release of the Electronic Di2. This amazing shifting set will run second next year to Shimano Mechanical overtaking SRAM.
Amazing to see new player in the market SRAM outnumber long established Campag'. Surley a force in the future.

Profile Design – 572. Vision – 392. Zipp – 144
***Extension Shape*** S-bend -880. Curve – 837. Straight – 59
One, two and three of CBD Cycles' best sellers! Watch for big moves from 3T and Pro in the near future.

Fi’zi:k – 477. Selle Italia – 383
Fi'zi:k is one of the best performing saddles for triathlon with it's long nose, slow taper and extra padding making it a tri essential for guys and girls!
Watch for SMP to move up the ranks next year.

Giro – 288. LG – 272. Rudy Project – 102
Interestly more than half the field of 1756 used aero helmets.(918 in total)
CBD Cycles has Australian standard aero helmets from only $299. It's amazing how many of these helmets we sell into the USA as Australian standards are the highest in the world. Protect your head and go fast!

SRM – 134. PowerTap – 89 Pretty much the realm of the elite triathlete with more than half of these found on pro bikes. Excellent tool for people who want the best possible data to perform at the best in the biggest race in the world.

These numbers don’t happen by accident, this is due to the amount of hard work and money spent in product development, marketing and brand awareness. It's also because this stuff works!

CBD Cycles is a premium dealer for Cervelo, Zipp, Shimano, Profile design, Fi'zi:k, Giro and SRM.

No accident here either. We only deal with the best!

Related quote from the movie Mad Max 2 "You want to get to Hawaii, then talk to us!"
One of only 14 lines Mel said in the whole movie. (Actual line "You want to get out of here? You talk to me.")

Check out Australian Triathlete magazine for the full count.

Posted: 13/10/2009

Ironman World Championship

The 31st Ironman World Championships have been run and won in Kona, Hawaii!!!

It's a bit early for race reports right now however the results we know appear below:

76Mitchell Anderson9:04:3534thMPro31st
104Erika Csomor10:08:25335thWPro27th
111Charlotte Paul10:09:45346thWPro28th
1540Kristian Manietta10:14:49389thM30-3469th
1837Tim Beardall10:18:10431stM20-2414th
777Rob Hill10:30:54529thM45-4937th
1426Kristy Hallett11:09:05835thF35-3920th
375David McCormack11:17:58897thM55-5912th
529Brendan Holland11:25:09941stM50-5448th
1871Jacinta Collier11:52:291089thF18-246th
1194Brett Urwin12:19:501194thM35-39172nd

Australian Craig 'Crowey' Alexander became the 4th man in Ironman History to win back-to-back World Championship titles!!! (Joining the likes of Dave Scott, Mark Allen and Tim DeBoom)

Macca and Pete Jacobs backed him up with 4th and 8th respectively, marking a true Aussie presence in the prestigious Top 10.

Craig Alexander8:20:211stMPro
Chris McCormack8:25:204thMPro
Pete Jacobs8:30:158thMPro

The performances of the Aussie WPros were also outstanding with Mirinda Carfrae running into 2nd in her Kona debut!!!

Early reports suggest Mirinda's sizzling marathon time of 2:56:51 could be the women's run-leg record!

Rebekah Keat also raced solidly to round out the Top 5!

Mirinda Carfrae9:13:592ndWPro
Rebekah Keat9:25:485thWPro

It was Chrissie Wellington of Great Britain who took out the WPro crown and continued her dominance of Ironman around the world, finishing 1st in 8:54:03, breaking the course record previously held by Ironman legend Paula Newby-Fraser!!!

Keep an eye out RIGHT HERE for CBD CYCLES and associated athletes' race reports over the coming days!!!

Posted: 11/10/2009

Gatorade Triathlon Series 09/10

Race 1 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series 2009/10, incorporating the Brooks Fun Tri, is just 6 weeks away!

Entries are now open, so get in quick to take advantage of the limited number of Brooks Fleece Jackets (valued at $90) for Series Entries!

SuperSprint are looking forward to providing participants with fantastic features such as the Brooks Fun Tri for beginners, the SuperSprint Tri Club Competition, Brooks Technical T-shirt for Race 3 Olympic Distance, and much more!

Race 2 showcases the inaugural Accounting Industry Triathlon at Elwood on Sunday 13 December 2009. Full details are included below.

New sponsors Garmin, Ascend and The Natural Confectionary Company have some fantastic sponsor offers for participants as the season fast approaches.

Don't miss your chance to join in the triathlon sensation this summer!

Click here for Race 1, St Kilda - event information
(Use the menu on the left to navigate through Course Maps, Event Start Times, etc)

Click here for the Supersprint Online Entry Form

Posted: 09/10/2009


Men's Elite Road Race: Mendrisio 262.2km

Evans becomes road World Champion in Mendrisio, Switzerland Australian men's FIRST EVER road World Championship win!!!


  • 1 Cadel Evans (Australia) 6:56:26
  • 2 Alexandr Kolobnev (Russian Federation) 0:00:27
  • 3 Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver (Spain)

It is all a Skippy report:
One good day can shake off a lot of ‘Grand Tour’ losses.

Cadel Evans dominated world mountainbiking from the mid 90’s through to the early 2000’s and while he won a lot of races, even the world cup (series) twice, he never won a World Championship. After he switched to the road it looked he was headed for big things, but following a shocking two year stint in 03-04 with Germany’s T-mobile which included his 3rd to 6th collar bone breaks, it took until 2005 before he raced his first Tour de France, placing 8th. A couple of years later and he was on the podium, in 2nd, and again the year after. After losing two minutes in the first week of this year’s Tour de France, it is one that will be talked about the least. Frustrated again in Spain’s ‘La Vuelta Espana’ recently, when Cadel was challenging for the lead, from 7 seconds back. He lost time when an ill-placed puncture took over a minute to be rectified, and cost him any chance of gaining the lead.

With a bag full of bronze and silver medals, this ‘one’ will be Cadel’s, and Australian cycling’s, greatest win ever!

David Olle

Posted: 28/09/2009


Race Report - Gold Coast Anaconda
- CONGRATULATIONS - Aunty Kim - 1st!!!

2009 Gold Coast Anaconda

Hello Gorgeous Friends at CBD!

Just a quick note to let you know that Aunty Kim was the female winner of Gold Coast Anaconda Race on Sunday..... She has fought long and hard for this victory and finally pulled out a win in the 4th year of the event.... The race consisted of a 1.9km estuary and ocean swim (against the tide which was rather a challenge - especially for Aunty Jan is not known for her swimming ability...) a 13km ocean & river paddle (we measured it as 16km on the GPS, but that's a bit long to advertise...) 12.5km 'adventure' run (believe me this is the most challenging run you will do in any event with 6km of creek running including 4 or 5 crossing of same...the mother of all hills to climb between major valleys, a technical descent that will shatter your already screaming quads and a big puddle of cow-poo to negotiate at the finish....),then an 18km Mtb that rides the ridge between Qld & NSW with views forever but 2 punishing hike-a-bikes to make sure you're still hurting - and to finish off a 2km run to the finish that takes you under road bridges, over mangrove swamps to cross the finish line where you started nearly 6hrs earlier (well that was Aunty Jan's time...) Kimmy was a bit faster (4hrs 50mins) blitzing her nearest rival by 40mins! That made her 13th overall - not bad for an Aunty who is now over 40! Our Giant Anthems were the perfect bikes for the rugged course, nice and light for the steep uphills & bike carries and precise for the scetchy downhills and single track.... With the Open prize going to Aunty Kim, the veteran female prize was awarded to Aunty Jan.... so we followed up with a enjoyable recovery from the champagne fountain ... as we do.... and are feeling a little worse for wear today! Next stop will be Anaconda WA where we tackle their new course in Augusta - not really looking forward to that cold water - but we will do our best to try and imagine we're still in sunny Qld...

Love to you all... xx The Aunties

Posted: 23/09/2009

2009 World Champion!!

Race Report - Gold Coast World Championships
- CONGRATULATIONS - John Meagher - 1st!!!

After hearing that the World ITU Championships were coming to Australia, I started my training campaign in December 08 after an 8 year break from the sport. The early morning daily swims, weekend bike rides and long runs became a daily ritual. After qualifying for the World’s in Perth my aim was to place better than my 3rd place.

After putting on my green and gold’s I was in race mode and wanted to show my family who had travelled with me as my support team from Templestowe in Victoria that I was going to do them and my country proud.

After coming 41st out of the swim leg, making up ground on the bike leg to be in 16th position, I ran the race of my life, running 34.09 to pass a New Zealand runner with 2km to the finish to take the 1st place victory by 58 seconds with an overall time of 1:58:09. My aim for the future is to compete in the Hawaiian Ironman next year and to continue inspiring athletes that I coach.

Posted: 22/09/2009

Grace Fryer

Hey guys, I just thought I’d better do a rap up of the season before I go away to Europe for three weeks.

Overall, this road season has been pretty successful. I’ve come away with two state championships and a couple of 2nds and 3rds. But the main thing was that I made the state team and went to Canberra last week.

Nationals were a fantastic experience. I loved staying with the team and I just love the whole atmosphere of it. It was great to compete at such a different level. Compared to the other competitors, I didn’t do too well, but compared to myself, I didn’t too badly. I definitely think I was at my peak at States.

Proudly Supported by CBD Cycles

But once again. I’d like to thank everybody for the support they have given me over the year, and it has definitely helped me, especially Bob.

I can’t wait to get back into track after my holiday. It should be fun!

That’s all for now,

P.S. attached are some photos of me racing in Victorian and sponsor gear in Canberra.

Posted: 18/09/2009

2009 ITU Olympic Distance World Championships ITU GOLD COAST OLYMPIC DISTANCE WORLD CHAMPS
- Tristan Barnes - Fluid Movements Pro Team - 5th!

I have been feeling like I’ve been plagued with a run of bad luck and poor results over the last few months. I have been racing on tired legs which I struggle with mentally and had a terrible time with cramp and stomach issues in the Yeppoon half IM about a month ago. Low on confidence and with no decent racing in my legs I decided to do the MTC duathlon last weekend. Because the race was only 6 days out from the world Olympic champs on the Gold Coast I thought I would take it easy in the lead up to the duathlon so that I would be fresh and thus recover fast. This was a bad move. As I had been training and racing on tired legs all season my somewhat fresh legs for the duathlon dug a bit deeper than they normally would and hence I was stuffed after the event and left still feeling sore the Thursday before worlds.

Friday I started feeling better after a couple of massages and lots of nursing. I was really excited to be at the world championships and the atmosphere was electric, the expo was huge and the number of people mind blowing. I went to the GB race briefing and we filled a marquee half the size of a football pitch – and this was an international team! Me, Liz and Kel walked down to transition and racked our bike. It was great having support there; it really calmed any nerves I had in the lead up.

Coffee First thing Saturday I sorted my transition out and headed back to the tent to relax. Luck would have it that my tent was 100m from the swim start – which was in my camp site! Great.

The race started from the beach. I’m always nervous with the starts but I give as good as I get and once the gun went had soon pushed my way to the front and was in the 2nd pack, two super fish swam off clocking times similar to that of the pros. The swim was good, except for a punch at the half way point, and I held my place near the front.


Posted: 17/09/2009

2009 Castlemaine State Enduro Championship 6 hour

Race Report - Paul Randell - 3rd!!!
Castlemaine State Enduro Championship 6 hour

Hey All,

Took a few days off the bike to recover from one of the toughest races I have ever ridden. The riding in Castlemaine is rocky, rough, technical, and loads of fun. Race started well siting in 4th, chasing a strong field of James Williamson (Giant), Phil Orr, Troy Bailey (BMC). Troy flatted and James W snapped a paddal and I was into 2nd, lapping consistently with James Kennedy (Merida Flight Centre Team) who had been chasing my wheel for a while.

James K and I rode together for a couple of hours and gapped Troy but couldn't get to Phil (who is looking good for top 5 in Aust Championships in Sept). James K had an off at the 4 hr mark and I was left to try and bring home second. I came in at 5hr45mins thinking I had ridden my last lap! "No No" said Adam Gibson (my race support for the day - thanks mate) "one more to go just tap it out...." That is a bit like having run a marathon and somebody saying "just jog a few more kms!" I dragged myself out to spin the last lap and before I knew it James K was on my wheel! I had to go from tapping-it-out to going-flat-out and it was brutal.

James and I crested the last climb together elbow to elbow and he got his wheel into the single track to the finish line and took 2nd by 3 seconds after 6hrs of racing! So 3rd it was, but I gave it everything I had & it was great racing.

The Anthem XO perfect on the rocks and the Schwable Racing Ralfs hung on and didn't flat all day - impressing in those rocks. Shotz nutrition was perfect, no cramps all day, and the right ratio of gels and a couple of bars had me firing for 6hrs and 15mins, with no nasty after effects!

Thanks as always to CBD and their great team. Paul
Note: photo purchased to publish from Stephan Rowe.

Posted: 15/09/2009

2009 Ross Bush Memorial Handicap

Race Report - Ross Bush Memorial Handicap
- Dominik Dudkiewicz - 1st!!!

Following a win last weekend at Footscray's Harry Jones Memorial Handicap I was feeling confident when I fronted up alongside about 90 others from the Geelong, Ballarat and Footscray CC's to the Ross Bush memorial handicap on Saturday the 5th. The race was held by Geelong CC out at Sutherland Creek on what was a windy, drizzly and generally unpleasant afternoon... perfect conditions for the scratch bunch!

The ten of us riding off scratch knew we had a job ahead of us with 16 strong riders at 4min and 7 other bunches staggered at up to 32min over just 80km. We worked well together for the most part and favoured by the tough conditions caught everyone in our path with a few tailwind km's to go.

2009 Ross Bush Memorial Handicap

I maintained my position at the front of the remaining 20 odd rider field during the final km's to ensure a good position in the tail/cross wind sprint. I was feeling strong coming into the finish and with the tension mounting during the final kilometer I mentally snapped; the first wheel that cracked in front of me set me off and I immediately accelerated up to and past the said rider with about 500m to go; launching my sprint to the line.

It wasn't until about 200m before the finish that I thought I'd made a big mistake! The lactic was building, adrenaline waning and the line still looked a long way off.

I shrugged off the doubt, gritted my teeth and pumped my legs as fast as they would go. Just as I could literally feel the other riders nipping at my heels and begin to swarm over me I lunged for the line and managed to win by less than half a wheel! Lesson learnt: sprinters shouldn't start sprinting with 500m to go!

For more pics and results visit this link

Cheers, Dom

Posted: 13/09/2009

Vuelta 2009

Vuelta 2009

- David Olle

For those in Australia, SBS does a daily report on La Vuelta at 7.15am, called by Matt Keenan, catch it if you can.

La Vuelta Espana, August 29 – September 20, 2009
Report stage 9 & 10 (from Spain, finally)

Stage 9, 07/09 Monday, Alcoy - Xorret del Catí, 188,8k
Stage 10, 08/09 Tuesday, Alicante - Murcia , 171,2k

Stage 9 saw Cadel lose 3 seconds to Valverde, but because Valverde placed 3rd he picked up the 6 second time bonus, and now leads the race by 7 seconds... those time bonuses have got to go. (NB the Tour de France stopped using them 2 years ago.)

Stage 10 was a ripper of a flat stage, all sorts of breaks occurred, with a large group of nearly 20 riders looking like it would be duked out between them, when they had 7 minutes at under 40k to go. At 15k out there was a sharp kick of a climb, that saw a few attacks try and fail, and finally a group of 4 broke away, Simon Gerrans, Vinokourov, Hejsdall (a former MTBer) and some other rider... Gerrans kept his eye on Vino, and when he attacked at about 300m, Simon was on him, and over took him comfortably to get the win. Legend in a break, our boy from Mansfield. He has taken a win in all 3 of the Grand tours in the last 15 months, all from successful breakaways.

Surely now, HE is the man to watch in a break.

Vuelta 2009 Today’s Results

  • 1 Simon Gerrans (Aus) Cervélo TestTeam 3:56:19
  • 2 Ryder Hesjedal (Can) Garmin-Slipstream
  • 3 Jakob Fuglsang (Den) Saxo Bank
General classification after stage 8
  • 1 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Caisse d'Epargne 40:26:41
  • 2 Cadel Evans (Aus) Silence-Lotto 0:00:07
  • 3 Robert Gesink (Ned) Rabobank 0:00:36


Posted: 12/09/2009

CBD Cycles


I think it's pretty average that the newspaper that has been sponsoring Victoria's biggest cycling race, The Hearld Sun Tour, has no cycling section in its sports coverage titles and is constantly a day behind in news stories regarding cycling.

Did you know Victoria's own Simon Gerrans won a stage of the Vuelta, Tour of Spain last night and Cadel Evans of Ocean Grove is coming second just 7 seconds behind the race leader??

These are significant achievements and require more respect from Victoria's premier sporting paper and online news.

Anthony Moustakas
CBD Cycles

Posted: 09/09/2009

Giant 2010 Performance Range

Posted: 07/09/2009


SKCC Road Championships 2009

*Acknowledgements - Article: SKCC Newsletter, Photos: art by omega

Posted: 04/09/2009

Spring 2009 Newsletter


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Giant 2010 Rec Range

Posted: 02/09/2009


Race Report - Yeppoon - The Highs and Lows - Tristan Barnes

Everyone knows that Triathlon is full of highs and lows, the high of getting a pb or finishing a tough training session or even winning a race if your lucky enough, and the lows of getting injured or not performing at your best. The Yeppoon half ironman was defiantly one of the lowest of lows I have experienced so far in my short triathlon career.

The weekend did not start great. Me and Kristy travelled up together early Friday morning, the 3.30 start early even for FMers. The flight went well and when we finally got to Rockhampton the heat really hit as we stepped off the plane. It was nice to be in the warm again but could make for an interesting race.

First things first they had not got the car we had booked so we had to squeeze us and our bikes into a Yarris, not the end of the world. Secondly we arrived at our accommodation to find that we had been given the wrong cabin, still not too much of a drama – we went to the race site for a couple of hours while they sorted it out. Thirdly I went to unpack my bike and the hub of my front wheel had been cracked in transit. This did put me in a bad mood, a $2000 dollar wheel ruined, I was in shock. Luckily Sean, CBD and Jac came to the rescue and managed to have a wheel sorted and on its way to me within the hour.

So that’s three bad things right? Nothing more can go wrong? Read more...

Posted: 21/08/2009



Yeppoon Half Ironman

Jacinta Collier -- 1st (18-24F) 4:50:45
Kristy Hallett ---- 1st (35-39F) 4:58:34 REPORT BELOW

Tristan Barnes - 8th (25-29M) 4:44:09 (REPORT SOON)

On another note - Jeremy Drake was 2nd OPEN at the Lang Lang Duathlon on Sunday!

Race Report - Yeppoon - Kristy Hallett

The Capricorn Resort Half Ironman is held in Yeppoon on the Tropic of Capricorn. There are pristine beaches, turquoise waters and you get to escape Melbourne’s wild weather in August. However, if I was asked to describe the race in one word, that word would be ‘bumpy’!

The ocean was bumpy, the bike was bumpy and the run was bumpy, which made for a very challenging race in any temperature, let alone a hot, humid 28 degree clear blue sky day. Read more...

Posted: 19/08/2009


Race Report - Calgary 70.3 - Alberta, Canada
Amelia Pearson - 6th!

Hi All,

The Calgary 70.3 in Alberta, Canada was held on Sunday. I had another good performance to finish 6th. The lake swim was a little cool but I managed to get onto the back of the main pack of guys which also included the top girls so I exited the water with the leaders. The bike was a point to point course through the Calgary countryside finishing at a park/reserve. After a good ride at Vineman a couple of weeks ago I had a lot of confidence knowing that I could ride hard. I passed a few girls in the first section of the course and settled into 4th place. I went onto the run in 4th although a couple of strong runners passed me in the first few kilometers which moved me to 6th place. I ran hard early and went through patches of feeling good, and not so good, throughout the 21kms. After climbing the last hill with 4km to go my legs were feeling pretty dead. I pushed on running as hard as my tired legs would carry me to the cross the finish line in 6th.

After a sad goodbye to Cathy in Penticton on Friday we travelled the 8 hour drive through the Rocky Mountains with her training partner Ron and coach Olly. Dad drove for a while mid journey to give Ron a break. Scenery was amazing. On arriving in Calgary we were greeted with another wonderful homestay in Carla and David who are racing Ironman Canada in 4 weeks time. On Saturday they took me everywhere I needed to go - registrations, training ride and run, race briefing and a guided tour of the course. On Saturday night David took Dad to a Canadian football match which he loved! Sunday was race day and we finally had to wait for presentations to collect a prize-money cheque! We celebrated with dinner at some friends of my homestay's that had done their first half ironmans. Today Dad and I went to Banff, had a wander around the "downtown" before heading up to soak in the hot springs followed by a visit to the beautiful Lake Louise.

We head to Portland, Oregon, USA tomorrow to stay with friends of Staci and Matt's while I prepare for my next race which is the Lake Stevens 70.3 in 2 weeks in Washington DC before flying home.


1. Mirinda CARFRAE 4:11:05
2. Magali TISSEYRE 4:21:05
3. Catriona MORRISON 4:21:30
4. Lisa MENSINK 4:25:15
5. Linsey CORBIN 4:26:15
6. Amelia PEARSON 4:30:59
7. Danelle KABUSH 4:33:26
8. Sara GROSS 4:35:15
9. Rosemarie GERSPACHER 4:35:45
10. Ayesha ROLLINSON 4:36:23

Posted: 07/08/2009

Downie on his way to 2nd!

Race Report - Chase The Sun - Rd 3 - Lysterfield Park
Andrew Downie - 2nd!!!

I decided to have a solo birthday race for Round 3 of the ‘Chase The Sun’ enduro mountain bike series at Lysterfield park. Round 3 was a 6 hour race and the course was fast and flowing, with some technical berms and rocky sections in the latter half.

On the second lap (out of ten), I put a lot of weight onto my gear cable and pulled it partially out of my derailleur, which messed up my indexing. I stopped for a couple of minutes to fix the problem, and surprisingly I fixed it with no further issues. Unfortunately in that time some of the solo leaders had passed me by, which meant that I had to focus on pulling them back.

By the 5 hour mark I had roped all but one of the leaders and ended up second overall in the solo category. It was a good birthday race (despite the birthday celebrations the day before)!

Thanks to my family, Giant and the team at CBD Cycles for their support.

Thanks to Tim and Stephen Rowe at MTB-Images for the photo.


Posted: 30/07/2009

CRX-3 2009 Sale

Posted: 27/07/2009



Le Tour Sale 2009

Posted: 21/07/2009


Le Tour 2009

With just hours left to the grand start for 2009, the Tour de France is well and truly upon us. CBD Cycles and MTC are putting on the Le Tour tipping competition again, as we do every year.

It's free to enter there are prizes for winners of the various classifications... bragging rights are the real glory and even Damon Moloney has come out of hibernation.

The website is now almost up to date. You can register for tipping at:
Only 1 registration per person!

Enter tips at:

Posted: 03/07/2009


L'information importante d'attention!
Le Tour 2009

What would July be like without all the theatre that is the Tour de France?
Pretty boring I reckon!

As usual CBD Cycles and MTC are putting on the Le Tour tipping competition.

While its free to enter there are prizes for winners of the various classifications, but really bragging rights are why most people enter.

Now the website we run is not up to date yet, but you can register for tipping now at:

Only 1 registration per person!

Posted: 29/06/2009

Happy EOFYS!!

Posted: 19/06/2009

Andrew Downie Jim Hsu

Race Report - Chase The Sun, Round 2 - Team CBD 1st!!

Lysterfield Park, 31st May 2009

Jim Hsu and Andrew Downie were team CBD cycles in the 5 hour enduro at Lysterfield Park in the ‘just good friends’ male pairs category. The course was fast and flowing, although there were some sections which caused many of the riders to go over the handlebars.

Jim kicked off the race with the prologue and first lap, always a stellar effort considering the pain induced by the zero to all-out effort for the first 40 minutes. Jim and Andrew took each lap in turns, slowly but surely reigning in the front-runners. Andrew finally caught the first place rider on the last lap, and team CBD Cycles came home first to win the race.

Thanks to Giant, Shotz and the team at CBD Cycles for their support.

Thanks to Tim and Stephen Rowe at http://www.mtb-images.com.au for the photos.

Jim and Andrew

Posted: 18/06/2009

Dominik Dudkiewicz

Race Report - Footscray 3-Day Tour - Dominik Dudkiewicz - 3rd!!

I was under no delusions of grandeur before the start of the Footscray 3 Day Tour on the Queen’s birthday long weekend, having only been back to training for about six weeks after a long layoff. To make matters worse I had crashed during the Calder Park Team TT the previous weekend and hurt my knee. Rather than doing the smart thing and resting it however, I decided to race the Criterium later that day and then train hard the next morning. When I woke up on Monday I immediately regretted my previous decisions. My knee was badly swollen and sore so I stayed off the bike for a few days and come the weekend my legs had gone stale and sore from lack of activity.

I decided to stay out of trouble during the first two flat stages on Saturday and it seems that almost everyone else had the same idea. A strange lack of crosswind kept the bunch together with only one successful breakaway occurring during the first stage, when two riders were literally allowed to roll away from the uninterested Peloton. The second stage finished with a bunch sprint, however I had launched my attack too early and didn’t gain any much needed time bonuses. Read more...

Posted: 17/06/2009


St.George Melbourne Marathon: Sunday 11 October 2009

Over 25,000 people are expected to sign up for the 2009 St.George Melbourne Marathon, to be held on Sunday 11 October. The Melbourne Marathon offers a choice of four distances, and features one of the most memorable finishes of any running event in the world, with all participants having the opportunity to run a lap of the mighty MCG before crossing the finish line in front of the MCC Members’ Stand.

7.00am St.George Melbourne Marathon (42.195km)
7.30am The Coffee Club 10km
8.00am Melbourne Half Marathon (21.1km)
10.30am ASICS 5km Run
10.45am ASICS 5km Walk

The courses take in some of Melbourne’s most famous landmarks, including Federation Square, the Victorian Arts Centre, St Kilda Road, the Tan, the Shrine, Albert Park Lake and Beaconsfield Parade.

The Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC) is the official charity partner for the event. Last year, Melbourne Marathon participants collectively raised $150,000 to assist CPEC in its mission of enabling children living with Cerebral Palsy to live life to their highest possibilities. The organisation has set a fundraising target of $209,000 for 2009.

Entries for the St.George Melbourne Marathon are now open. Further information and online entries are available at www.melbournemarathon.com.au

Melbourne Marathon 2009

Posted: 11/06/2009

25% off ALL Giant bikes in stock

Posted: 02/06/2009


Race Report - Bendigo XC 6hr - Paul Randell - 3rd!!

Hey CBD people,

Bendigo 6hr enduro was a dust, rock and berm filled blast! I had a great race, trailing new food products from SHOTZ Nutrition.

Long story short:

  • I felt great sitting in second pacing with Phil Orr and Evan Franzke and we had race leader Troy Bailey in sight.
  • Phil got a flat
  • Evan pulled out..... very unlike one of the hardest men in mtbing.
  • Troy didn't slow down.
  • Phil came back to me at 4 hrs.
  • I stayed with him for a lap then had massive hunger flat. Didn't get my calory intake right with new product, will get it right next race tho, the SHOTZ stuff tasted great.
  • Dragged myself home for 3rd place.

Anthem 4-inch travel was bliss on the rocks, and the Racing Ralph tyres hung on to everything!!!

Two other CBD riders Jim Hsu and Andrew Downie had really strong races too finishing 7th and 13th in a really strong field of 53 riders. Go CBD MTBing!!!!

Thanks again to the CBD team


Proudly supported by CBD Cycles

Posted: 29/05/2009


Thanks to CBD Cycles Staff

Thanks to David, Dave and Ingrid for the excellent service in helping me purchase my first Cervelo road bike.

Ingrid was attentive to getting the particular specification I was after and being proactive in contacting me when parts arrived.

Dave pulled the bits together like he was building his own bike. I was also interested in his view on certain parts which he advised me on.

David was great in setting up the bike, so it fits me rather than me fitting the bike.

Keep up the good work. In this age of internet shopping it's the service, attention to detail and proactive communication that will keep the local bike shops in the forefront with customers.

Please pass on my thanks to the management.

Jenk Akyalcin
Department of Human Services

Posted: 28/05/2009


CBD Cycles Degani team members rise to the occasion at Ararat

Hi all,

I have recovered from my crash at Leongatha.

Just a short note to let you guys know how I went at the Ararat Tour. Bob was there which was great! It was cold but at least there was no rain.

In the time trial I rode 8 minutes over the 4kms which was the fastest time and gave me the stage win. In the 12km road race the U13 girls raced with the U13 boys which gave me more competition. Overall I was 4th and 1st in the girls. It was a slow paced race so I made a couple of breaks to speed the race up. On the Sunday I raced the 14km road race and finished second in the U13 girls which gave me the Tour win by 15 points.

I have also attached some photos of the weekend. There’s a good photo of Oliver and me as the Degani Tour winners.


Emma Bilston :)

Proudly supported by CBD Cycles

Posted: 27/05/2009


Congratulations to Cervelo Test Teams Simon Gerrans for winning Stage 14 of this year's Giro d'Italia!!

Gerro stamped his authority in the last climb breaking away from his fellow escapees to take a strong win. Gerros bike for the hilly stage was the Cervelo S2(Soloist) with Shimano Dura Ace 7800 and Zipp 404 wheelset (tubular of course) Agilis cranks by Rotor with elliptical Rotor chainrings. CBD Cycles built this bike for Gerro last summer and he loves it. Great for the break away, nice & aero, and climbs like a huntsman spider up a wall being chased by the vacuum cleaner!

Photo: CBD Cycles mechanic Jono working on Gerros bike at this year's Bay Crits as Dan does what Dan does best and uses all his skill to crack a coke.

Proudly supported by CBD Cycles

Posted: 26/05/2009

Proudly supported by CBD Cycles Race Report - BMC 100 - Woodend - Paul Randell

Hey Guys,

The BMC 100 was a couple of weeks ago and finally I get you an update. What a top race, the track was first class, the field was loaded and I was a bit nervous as it had been 12 weeks to the day that I broke my collar bone.
Race started well. I was looking good for 2nd place in the 30-35 age category and top 10 overall...... Woodend is one of those forests you get lost in really easily... even when there is signs!! I lost about 15mins and fell back to 8th.
Was a great day tho and had a great ride and the shoulder felt 100% and the mtb skills came back through the race.

The Anthem XO and Racing Ralphs - perfect.

Thanks Guys, Paul

Posted: 24/05/2009

Proudly supported by CBD Cycles Race Report - BikeJam! Kelly Cup 2009 - Bridie O'Donnell - WINS!!!

Baltimore insists that its two biggest claims to fame are Babe Ruth and David Hasselhoff, so it was with this in mind that the Australian National women's road team ventured south west for BikeJam! The Kelly Cup, another of the big domestic races in the women's calender.

Unfortunately, despite the field being the same as yesterday's Grand Prix, the prize purse wasn't. Not even a honey-baked ham on offer for sprint primes! Still, once we saw the convoluted 1 mile circuit around the park, and all did a quick physical assessment, motivation was high for a breakaway win: Belinda's wrist was starting to look like a special kind of Lancaster Ham; Davina was probably still concussed from yesterday; and Carlee was keeping the powder dry back at the homestead (ready to rip it up next weekend).

But Lauren and I were raring to go.

Posted: 21/05/2009


Posted: 18/05/2009

Proudly supported by CBD Cycles Race Report - Ironman Malaysia 2009 - Tim Beardall

The Malaysian Ironman is set on an island of Lankawai. Pulau Langkawi, noted for its legends and beautiful views, is the most developed island in the group. It has good beaches, abundant marine life and offers an idyllic retreat from the urban jungle and a chaotic traffic system to negotiate the ironman event.


Jumping off the pontoon, it was a reasonable swim in warm water. With the huge eagle statue overlooking the jetty, the swim course consisted of an “out and back” one lap which made the swim straight forward. Had open water on the way in so I could really work through to the end, enabling me to exit the swim in a good position. Read more...

Posted: 15/05/2009


Click the image below for TriTravel's latest NEWSLETTER!


Posted: 15/05/2009

COUSINS - Tours and Travel

Posted: 13/05/2009

Proudly supported by CBD Cycles Race Report - Strongman All Japan Triathlon 2009 - Mitch Anderson

Hi Gang,

Well, it was an interesting fortnight for me just past. I raced Ironman Australia (3.8/180/42.2) on the 5 April and then backed up on the small Japanese Island of Miyako for the Japan Strongman (3/155/42.2) on 19th April.

You probably know that I raced into 10th at IM Australia in a time of 8:56, having had a flat tire on the bike and flat pretty much describes my day. I really felt a bit distracted during the race, where I kept Dave Morris from Supercraft in my uppermost thoughts. His sudden death affected me in a way I hadn’t expected, and he will be greatly missed by many in the triathlon community. I’m proud that I was able to achieve a decent result on a day and preparation where it didn’t go to plan. My face had healed mostly after my crash three weeks out- which really took the edge off a truncated IM preparation. Amazingly, I managed to cover my Hawaii entry (where I was extremely lucky to get a roll down slot) with the 10th place prize money!

I headed over to Japan on the Monday night prior to the race. It took us 38 hours and two nights in airport hotels (epic!) before Sam Hume and I got to Miyakojima read more...

Posted: 08/05/2009

Ironman World Championship

The following CBD CYCLES and assosciated athletes qualified for Kona at Ironman Oz:

Mitch AndersonSamuel Hume
Rob HillBrendan Holland
Jacinta CollierDavid McCormack
Kristy Hallett

And Tim Beardall who qualified for Kona at Ironman Malaysia back on February 28th - finishing 6th overall (behind 5 MPros) being the first age-grouper across the line, and winning his age group M18-24!!

CONGRATULATIONS again to everyone, and we wish you all the best on the road to October!

Posted: 10/04/2009

Proudly supported by CBD Cycles

It was another tough and challenging year up at Port Macquarie, with 1400 competitors taking to the startline - and thousands of supporters negotiating the knee deep mud near transition!!!

CBD Cycles congratulates each and every one of them - and would especially like to make special mention of all CBD Cycles and associated athletes' results:

2Mitchell Anderson8:56:2112thMPro10th
637Samuel Hume9:07:0117thM30-342nd
14Joshua Rix9:10:2321stMPro14th
82Mark Ariens9:27:3043rdM40-443rd
215Sean Bruce9:35:3257thM40-444th
1279Sam Turley9:39:2767thM25-2911th
852Ryan McMahon9:45:5383rdM25-2915th
1325Travis Wayth9:52:18103rdM35-3924th
607Rob Hill9:52:22105thM45-496th
340David Cutajar9:53:28110thM35-3927th
620Brendan Holland9:56:20121stM50-543rd
154Paul Blackborrow10:04:25149thM35-3938th
575Mark Harrison10:10:39172ndM35-3944th
295Jacinta Collier10:16:17191stF18-241st
551John Guerin10:22:06213thM50-544th
1021Brian Price10:22:16214thM40-4428th
1397David McCormack10:25:28229thM55-592nd
639Stephen Humphreys10:27:02237thM45-4920th
526Benjamin Goodall10:27:56240thM30-3443rd
640Michael Humphries10:29:03245thM35-3962nd
562Kristy Hallett10:29:16246thF35-392nd
316Damien Coutts10:32:41264thM40-4435th
387Chris Dobrzelak10:34:20273rdM30-3450th
1165Gavin Slavin10:35:52280thM40-4439th
605Michael Hill10:37:24289thM45-4929th
1406Ingrid Trotter10:38:36293rdF25-294th
481Anna Francis10:51:02364thF25-295th
557Peter Guy10:52:51378thM45-4938th
118Mark Bateson10:53:56384thM40-4461st
1233Noel Tanner10:55:50390thM30-3470th
569Cameron Handley10:57:26399thM25-2950th
420Richard Eastwood10:58:41409thM45-4942nd
944Brett O'Neill11:01:58426thM50-5413th
1036Dennis Rafferty11:03:55435thM45-4946th
901Allan Moustoukas11:04:04436thM45-4947th
544Ben Griffin11:07:52450thM25-2955th
287Larry Cohen11:09:30458thM40-4474th
741Craig Lewis11:16:13483rdM25-2957th
891Jodie Morris11:20:28505thF40-445th
368Morgan Deegan11:24:11526thF25-2964th
803Kyle Martin11:28:51557thM30-3496th
51Steve Abonyi11:32:03581stM35-39138th
892Mark Morrison11:33:08590thM45-4965th
1040Daniel Rake11:37:30605thM30-34104th
70Karen Anderson11:37:57607thF30-3412th
951Stephen Olifent11:40:51619thM45-4972nd
1127Darren Schonewille11:44:58635thM30-34105th
1030Ken Purves11:47:13651stM35-39151st
1068Debbie Rielly11:50:13663rdF40-448th
610Lyndall Hillbrich11:58:39707thF30-3416th
1019Frank Preiato12:05:35737thM40-44122nd
377Dwayne Deprez12:06:08739thM25-2978th
260Shaun Cattanach12:07:26747thM45-4993rd
296Jennifer Collier12:14:07777thF25-2913th
577Andrew Hartnett12:20:41809thM35-39184th
452Michael Fawcett12:22:52817thM45-4999th
564Lizzie Halliday12:25:19829thF30-3418th
312Anthony Cotroneo12:31:17851stM35-39198th
685Lauren Jones12:44:46891stF25-2916th
984Joanne Parlevliet12:44:50892ndF40-4411th
720Rad Kotowski12:45:17895thM30-34138th
1169Aaron Slight12:48:06911thM25-2989th
629Simon Howe13:38:111075thM35-39227th
609Ellena Hillbrich13:44:391092ndF30-3427th
352Ben Darwin13:46:581101stM30-34159th
1229Cheryl Symons13:51:251104thF35-3927th
691John Kangalaris14:02:271125thM35-39232nd
298Kim Collins14:06:071132ndF40-4420th
946Susie O'Neill14:13:391148thF45-4916th
517Neil Gilbert15:24:381222ndM60-6420th
844Karla McKinlay16:23:001262ndF60-642nd

Posted: 07/04/2009

Proudly supported by CBD Cycles

We wish all CBD CYCLES, MTC, Fluid Movements, TriAlliance and ETPA competitors the very best at the 2009 Oz Ironman!!

Anthony & David are currently up in Port Macquarie at the CBD Cycles shop, located at the Ironman Expo. Drop by and see them for final preps, servicing, parts and accessories... BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE!!

Posted: 03/04/2009

2XU Otway Classic

The cycling sensation that is the Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride is back this weekend, Saturday 28th March 2009!

With perfect riding weather forecast this amazing ride once again offers a staggeringly beautiful course, comprehensive ride support, unfaltering participant communication and yet another high quality event jersey. Click here for the Official Event Guide...

Posted: 27/03/2009

Gatorade Triathlon Series 08/09

The final race of the Gatorade Triathlon Series returns to St Kilda's Catani Gardens. Plenty of series titles will be on the line and a huge field will be expected for the last race of the season.

Sunday March 22 - The Series Finale is sure to be the highlight of the 2008/09 season!

With the age group championship wave, a band, series presentations, garment clearance sale, exciting competitor showbag and more!

Online entries have now closed!
Limited entries can be made in person at the venue Saturday between 12 - 1pm - cash only!

Posted: 20/03/2009

A Night With Mike" title=

Preparations are well underway for “A Night With Mike”.

This special fundraising event on Saturday 28 March includes Celebrity Speakers, triple World Triathlon Champion, Peter Robertson and four-time Olympic Medallist, Daniel Kowalski. A charity auction will also give you a chance to bid for some great sporting memorabilia. Read more here.


Posted: 12/03/2009



GIANT Vests, Jerseys and Pro Knicks
ONLY $60!!!

GIANT Bib'n'Brace
ONLY $80!!!

Please note limited sizes in all clothing, only while stocks last!

Posted: 02/03/2009

Amelia Pearson" title=

Wow, I can't believe it's Friday already!

On Sunday I raced the Oceania and Australian Long Course Championships in Huskinson, NSW.

I had a great race to win the Bronze medal.

The race was a 3km swim, 82km cycle and 20 km run.

The results gives me automatic qualification to the Australian team for the World Long Course Championships to be held in Perth on 25 October 2009. Needless to say I am quite excited!

Amelia Pearson" title=

I have enjoyed a bit of a rest this week but will continue training for a hit out in the final race of the Tasmanian Triathlon Series on March 29. I am also considering what races I will do in the lead up to the World Championships.

The local media got excited too, I made all 3 Tasmanian newspapers and did an interview on the radio!

I wish to sincerely thank you for your support over the years, without it this would not have been possible.


Posted: 27/02/2009



40% OFF Wetsuits & Clothing

Limited stock and sizes available - floor stock only

  • Melbourne Tri Club
  • Tri-Alliance
  • Triathlon Response Group
  • Fluid Movements
  • Bensons
  • Elite Triathlon Performance Australia
  • Bass Coast Barra Tri Club

Posted: 24/02/2009


Come into CBD to check out Cervelo’s new P4…

We have the first one in Australia and it looks even better in the flesh!

This new TT bike has been tested as the fastest Time Trial bike in the world, it consists of a number of new and exciting technologies which promise to take bikes one step closer to the future.

Stop by CBD to admire and dream or make it real!

Posted: 13/02/2009


Geelong 70.3 Half Ironman - Sunday 8 February 2009

This Sunday morning down at the Geelong Eastern Beach Waterfront sees the second running of the Geelong 70.3 Half Ironman.

CBD Cycles is the Official Bike Store for the event and will be set-up at the race venue with plenty of fantastic specials and last minute essentials to make sure you have a smooth race.

For many athletes this will be their first hitout over the half ironman distance of 1.9km swim, 90km ride and 21.1km run. If you haven't planned a trip down to watch the race and support your mates, this is definitely a race that will be fun and exciting to watch. There's a star-studded Elite field entered and all of the age groups will see the best athletes competing from all over Australia.

CBD Cycles has strong representation with some of our top guns turning out to support what will be one of the biggest races in Victoria. Along with the elite, more than 100 age group competitors from Victoria's best coaching groups Fluid Movements, Tri Alliance, ETPA, and Triathlon Response Group.

Melbourne Tri Club has an amazing 40 competitors racing and invites all members and their families to hang out at the MTC tent with the gang and cheer everyone along. Don't forget to snap lots of photos and take lots of video because "sparky" would love to include as much as he can in the famous end-of-season video that will be shown at the MTC Awards Night.

See you at the race


Anth, Dave and the crew

www.ironman703.com >>

Posted: 03/02/2009


WHEN: 18th - 25th January

WHERE: Adelaide, SA

WHO: The world's best pro teams, Australia's best cyclists - and of course Lance!!

Flying?! remember we box bikes and sell the quality range of Scicon bike bags.
- call 9639 2299 for more info

Posted: 13/01/2009