Tristan Barnes - Shepparton 2008

Hi All,

I woke up early Sunday feeling a little sluggish. I had a reasonable night's sleep but had been feeling tired the night before after being in the sun for most of the day. I was not really looking forward to the race but I wasn't dreading it either, I was just happy to go along and give it a shot, not expecting anything special. I had decided before the race to aim for a sub 4.10 but expected to be closer to 4.15. I always seem to mess up my nutrition over this distance and end up going a lot slower then my training times suggest I should.

Before the race I ate a lot more than I usually would. I kept eating up to 40mins before the race start to be sure I had a full stomach. In this race I started with the pros. I decided to start out to one side to get clear water as I thought I would be one of the faster swimmers in the pack. Turns out I was but not over the 100m to the first buoy so I ended up stuck behind a group of about 5 age groupers swimmers with the pros heading off into the distance. The remainder of the swim was frustrating as I had it in my mind that people were swimming abnormally fast and that I couldn't get away from anyone.

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Posted: 27/11/2008


UCI Track World Cup Cycling - Supporting Michael Forbes - Book a Table NOW!!!

UCI Track World Cup Cycling Supporting Michael Forbes!...

The UCI Track World Cup Cycling is coming to Melbourne from November 20 to 22.

On each of the three nights of competition a dinner will be held in the centre of the velodrome " what a fantastic way to watch the cycling!

The organisers of the event have very generously appointed "Michael Forbes" as their sole charity which means that a portion of profit from each table sold (with mention of Michael Forbes at booking) goes straight to help out Mike's rehab and "top 10" projects. In addition, at each dinner we will be running a raffle and holding a couple of silent auctions.

Track Centre Hospitality Packages & Booking Info...

Click on the this link to view the Hospitality Package sheet and see all the details.

So " to have a great night and support Forbesy while you are doing it " please grab a couple of mates and come and watch the world's best strut their stuff in a unique environment.

Full details of the dinner and ticket and table prices are outlined on the fundraising page.

Please make sure that when you book, you mention Mike's name so that the ticket can be attributed to Mike.

Depending on access we are planning on having Mike there on Saturday night (22nd November) so lets get a crew together and have a fantastic night- I promise watching him try to drink a beer will be worth the price of admission!

If you want to book some tickets, a whole table or just get more information, call Leora Hart on 0414 434 984 or email info@trackworldcup.com.au

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested in attending " just make sure they know to mention Mike's name when they book! The more people we get along, the more fun the dinner and the more carbon we can get on Mike's wheelchair!

For further information or to read up on Michael's latest news visit www.michaelforbes.org
For further information on the UCI Track Cycling World Cup in Melbourne visit www.trackworldcup.com.au

Posted: 12/11/2008


Rob Hill - Ironman Hawaii 2008

Antho, Davo, the other Davo, team.

Another October, another (ok, 2nd) Hawaii ticked off, only 13 more to catch Big Dave. Had a ball, got what I wanted " a nice tough year. Suffered more than ever, somehow struggled through with a 4 minute improvement on 07.

As always, your support leading up to the race made a big impact. The bike was humming following the pre-race tune up and I had no excuses on the day (except my own limitations!)

Attached a couple of photos for your enjoyment:

  • Suffering on the way back to Kona on the Queen K with my tongue out (if it keeps dogs cool then it's worth a try)
  • Suffering across the finish line on Ali'i Dve (but did the pro style and zipped up " no Macca man-boobs for this punter)

    See you on Beach Rd in about 12 months.
    For all race results, news and photos checkout - www.ironmanlive.com >>

  • Posted: 02/11/2008


    Sam Hume - Ironman Hawaii 2008

    Hi All,

    I had a very satisfying day racing in the 30th year of ironman on the Big Island of Hawaii finishing 27th overall, 2nd in my age group, 2nd overall amateur, and 2nd Australian, as well as cracking 9 hours and running sub 3 hours. Not beaten by a member of the fairer sex this year (which buys me some reprieve from my training buddies). Swim 53mins, Bike 5h 3mins including a 4 min drafting penalty, Run 2h 56mins for a total 8h 57mins.

    Reverse Big Brother in the house this year with me arriving 10 days pre-race and having 48 hours by myself before we started to load up with our resident chef Brett Urwin, injured pro Mitch Anderson, wife Naant and travelling companion Sonia Grundy. Later we were joined by the Larkes - Stuart, Helen, Harvey and Archer (yes, big North Melbourne fans), and my folks, Mike and Deg. The skill set of this team makes for quite an impressive list with the roles of training partner, chef, physio, doctor, bike technician, race tactician, supportive wife, biochemist, coder for the physio/doctor/biochemist, lawyer and concerned parent all covered but thankfully not all required.
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    Posted: 29/10/2008


    Ironman Hawaii 2008 - Celebrating 30 years of Ironman!

    Congratulations to Craig Alexander for stepping up one rung to win the Hawaii Ironman! Magnificent effort Crowie!!!

    Christie Wellington showed she is the class athlete in the womens winning comfortably with a smile the whole way.

    Special mention to Erica, Charlotte and Sam who as you can see by the results below had outstanding days!

    Commiserations to both Mitch and Craig for both registering there first Dnfs in ironman racing both succumbing to injuries carried into the event. Speedy recovery to you both as you are two of our top Aussie Athletes.

    Anthony, Dave and the Crew.

    • Mitch Anderson -M PRO dnf
    • Timothy Beardall -M 18-24 -9.46.36
    • Jean-Luc Boulanger -M 45-49 -10.54.47
    • Erin Carozzi -M 35-39 -10.01.11
    • Stephen Cogan -M 40-44 -10.13.33
    • Brad Course -M 35-39 -11.41.58
    • Daniella Favero -W 30-34 -11.59.34
    • John Guerin -M 50-54 -12.10.36
    • Belinda Harrison -W PRO -11.24.02
    • Rob Hill -M 40-44 -10.44.05
    • Sam Hume -M 30-34 -8.57.21 2nd Aussie behind Craig Alexander
    • Craig McKenzie -M PRO -dnf
    • Kristian Manietta -M 30-34 -9.51.25
    • Dominic Molluso -M 40-44 -10.04.23
    • Emma O'Niel -W 18-24 -11.13.16
    • Charlotte Paul -W PRO -9.41.15 11th PRO 1st Aussie woman
    • Adrian Ryan -M 30-34 -9.56.11
    • Erica Csomor -W PRO - 9.24.49 4th PRO
    • Sara Steen -W 30-34 -11.59.33
    • Sean Tully -M 30-34 -10.00.04
    • Clint Van Beveren -M 30-34 -9.36.37

    For all race results, news and photos checkout - www.ironmanlive.com >>

    Posted: 13/10/2008


    Ironman Hawaii 2008 - Celebrating 30 years of Ironman!

    Aloha Hawaii, it's Ironman time again!!!

    To all those competing, hope you have the best conditions and a fast day racing.

    Wish I could be on the finish line cheering you all in..... but I am still barred from US territory after the Guantanamo Bay joke.
    I swear you can fit four Rabbits in there!

    Anyway good luck to all "family" and friends racing, participating and spectating.

    Anthony, Dave and the Crew.

    • Mitch Anderson -M PRO
    • Timothy Beardall -M 18-24
    • Jean-Luc Boulanger -M 45-49
    • Erin Carozzi -M 35-39
    • Stephen Cogan -M 40-44
    • Brad Course -M 35-39
    • Daniella Favero -W 30-34
    • John Guerin -M 50-54
    • Belinda Harrison -W PRO
    • Rob Hill -M 40-44
    • Sam Hume -M 30-34
    • Craig McKenzie -M PRO
    • Kristian Manietta -M 30-34
    • Dominic Molluso -M 40-44
    • Emma O'Niel -W 18-24
    • Charlotte Paul W PRO
    • Adrian Ryan -M 30-34
    • Sara Steen -W 30-34
    • Sean Tully -M 30-34
    • Clint Van Beveren M 30-34

    Follow the race live at www.ironmanlive.com >>

    Posted: 10/10/2008


    Olympics 2008 - Women's Ironman Champions

    Posted: 20/08/2008


    Andrew Downie - Ironman Germany 2008

    Congrats to Andrew Downie on another big PB at Ironman Germany. Read on for Andrew's race report

    I left Australia on 19 June feeling fit and ready to hit another Ironman. However, I had three weeks before I was to compete, and I didn't realise how difficult it would be to train, and focus on training, while in Europe.

    For example, I was in Poland for two weeks before the race, and I organised a windtrainer to be delivered to Warsaw at my partner's (Kasia) Warsaw address. Unfortunately the trainer didn't arrive, and Kasia and I had to run around Warsaw for two days finding a trainer to use, wasting valuable tourist time! We eventually found one, and I set myself up in our bedroom with a fan. The bike and trainer came with me on my various adventures (usually drunken) around Warsaw and its satellite towns.

    Another impediment was the swimming " it appeared that Europeans don't have an affinity for lap swimming. Most times I went swimming in either Warsaw or Krakow, I was smashing it up and down the lanes, while trying to avoid men, women and children who were slowly drifting across the lanes. Bear in mind also that these venues had both dedicated lap lanes (which I was in) and "splash around" areas. While this was frustrating, it was quite amusing watching these people swim " most of the swimming I observed couldn't even be classed as advanced dog paddle! I am amazed that Poland has a swim team!

    The final obvious impediment was the eating and drinking which is more than encouraged in Europe.
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    Posted: 15/07/2008


    Michael Forbes - Update #4

    Hi Crew,

    Sam, Bridie and myself went and visited Mike again today to check status, and he was jumping out of his skin. His improvement has been unexpectedly good in the last 48 hours, largely due to his excellent respiratory function. So good that he'll be moving to the spinal ward tomorrow, with plans to remove his tracheostomy on Monday or Tuesday next week.

    Mike's breathing is the best it's been since he had his accident. He's blowing numbers for the physio in the mid 2000's, which is about 1L better than when he was a bit under the weather last week. The physio is also being tested to the limit by Mike's well hardened work ethic, plus the recent addition of trash-talking added to his armoury! He has a fenestrated tracheostomy tube, which is supposed to be open for 45min or so (so he can talk), then closed to give him a rest. When the nurses tried to change it back to silent mode, he put the foot down (metaphorically) and has been yapping ever since. He has become the biggest talker of anyone in the ICU- well of the patients anyhow! This augmented communication has buoyed his spirits tremendously, plus the fact that he no longer requires the ventilator to assist his breathing. His large breaths are about 50-60% the size of our big breaths, so he still has to complete regular physio to prevent infection and strengthen the breathing muscles he has left (essentially the diaphragm).

    Mikes back and neck pain have eased considerably, so he is able to sit up for longer periods. This has the added benefit of protecting his skin from pressure sores, and allowing his lungs to be filled more efficiently by his diaphragm. He's wearing a rigid collar about his neck still, which is allowing any unfixed ligamentous and bony damage to heal with some support.

    His neurological state has also improved In the last 24 hours- he was barely moving his arms, other than shoulder shrugging late last week. But today he was able to move his arms from the pillows beside him, using his deltoid muscles. The biceps muscle may yet returned, though nothing is certain when there has been damage to the spinal cord. It's difficult to explain in summary, but the nerves in the spinal cord are unable to regenerate in the same manner as a nerve could if it were cut in an arm. Essentially there's no breadcrumbs (myelin sheath) for the nerves (axons) to follow in the ncentral nervous system, so the nerve cannot reform it's connections to the peripheries.

    The last couple of days has seen a vast improvement in Mikes outlook on his short and long term future. This has been helped a lot by being able to share his thoughts and feelings with Mon and Ash and all his visitors. He is loving the messages of support, and he is busy making plans for the future- like being able to walk/wheel Ash to school when he gets back home. Luckily she's not due at school for a bit, so he has time to get his act together.


    Keep the trickle going folks- he's loving it. Try to get out during the week if you're able, as most people have spare time to visit on the weekends. His family are proving steadfast, and Mon is getting booted to the outside world for a break from time to time!

    He gets an A for being a good physio student and getting his act together so quickly to get out onto the ward. This is the Acute spinal ward, where he will stay until he has no pressing issues which prevent him from getting to Royal Talbot for rehab. The sorts of things that are required prior to being allowed to move include: remaining temperature normal (don't visit if you have a bad cold/flu!); tolerating sitting for extended periods in a chair and getting his lung function as premium as possible.


    Full updates and information now available at www.michaelforbes.org

    Posted: 10/07/2008


    Michael Forbes - Update #3

    Hi Gang,

    Have been to see Mike again today. He's in fine spirits and there's certainly some some good news in the offing. He's still in the ICU, but that's to be expected for this week. The good news comes on a couple of fronts. His condition is still serious but stable.

    Mike has been to theatre and had his tracheostomy tube inserted. This tube is still attached to the ventilator, which is continuing to support his breathing. The bases of his lungs remain about the same, but seem to be responding well to the physiotherapy and medication. Furthermore, he has begun the weaning process off the ventilator. He has been doing without it for an hour or two each day, and this will progress quite quickly if the lungs stay clear. While they were there (in theatre), he had his broken jaw fixed. And as an added bonus he had a wisdom tooth removed- you know how expensive the dentist can be! They also had a rethink about the halothoracic traction and have removed that entirely- all that's left is a dodgy haircut (short sides) and a couple of screw holes. His relief from it's removal was palpable. This means he can be moved about the bed more easily and the staff can ensure he has the best chance of avoiding further infection in the lungs and pressure areas over any bony prominences. Overall, excellent progress.

    His neurological state remains in some flux, and the definitive outcome will be weeks to months away. He is quadriplegic and seems to be a mixture of levels C4 and 5. He has some sensation to touch over his shoulder tips (which would reflect C5), but he doesn't have any movement of his arms as he had early last week. He can shrug his shoulders. He should be able to retain enough function in his diaphragm (breathing tummy muscles C3/4/5) to not rely on any external respiratory support- allowing him to talk and breathe normally. He has some sensations of hot and cold, plus position sense of some joints below his shoulders, but this remains patchy.

    His outlook is positive, but vacillating with the stress and the enormity of his injuries. The implications of this spinal injury will grossly impact on his life-long plans, so some negativity surrounding his own outlook is completely normal. Please understand that Mike will need heaps of support in the immediate and long term future. He is a tough nut and coping extremely well.

    Visiting and Messages
    Mike is keen to see people over the coming days, weeks and months. At this point a trickle of visitors each day is perfect to provide him with enough distraction and support to get through the day, whilst allowing him enough time to rest and recover from his injuries. (plus give Mon an opportunity to go and get a coffee) ICU is a difficult place, and the aspects of day to day care are exhausting when you're sick. There's the washing, ablutions, meals, nursing observations, doctor consults, physiotherapy, orthotic specialists and handover times to fit in with family and friends visiting. Please get in touch with Mon or the ICU if you are keen to see Mike. There's opportunity to visit, but to avoid disappointment it has to fit it in with his complex schedule!!

    Mike is going well, and should be on the way to the acute spinal unit in a week or two. And finally, just so you can be sure that he was truly in good spirits today, when asked if he had any messages for his fans he (lip) said: “Don't go chasing parked cars!”. So the black humour has begun, it's a good sign he's on the mend.



    PS please send any messages of support or questions through myself, Anth or Sam (or Mon) direct.

    Posted: 08/07/2008


    Michael Forbes - Update #2

    Dear Friends/Supporters,

    Michael continues along the not unexpectedly rocky path of recovery following his accident last Saturday. He remains in the ICU (intensive care unit) at the Austin Hospital, where Mon remains by his bedside for as long she is physically able.

    Physical Update:
    He is in a serious but stable condition. The surgeons have fixated his neck fractures with some metal screws and rods, and have further re-inforced their internal work with a a halo-thoracic brace. This contraption keeps the neck completely still (in a neutral position) with a framework of metal and plastic between the chest and head. This is not comfortable for Mike, but it is important to prevent any further neurological damage, as there are some suspected fractures high in the neck.

    He has some collapse and consolidation at the bases of his lungs, which is essentially normal for someone who is unable to deep breathe, cough or mobilise. These small infections are being treated with antibiotics, and they should clear once he gets a tracheostomy (tube at the notch at the front of the neck, which will go into his breathing tube- the trachea) and can sit up and be rolled about more easily. This is planned for today or early next week. The medical team have also discovered a fractured jaw and a potentially fracture right wrist. These will be fixed in due course.

    Mental Update
    Despite the magnitude of injuries, Mike remains mostly up-beat and his intellect and personality remain 100% intact. He is asking plenty of questions of both the team looking after him and Mon/Ash as his tiredness allows. ICU is a difficult place to sleep and he remains on enough pain killers that they also act to sedate his physical and mental condition. He is certainly aware and thankful that there is a huge number of people with interest in his recovery.

    ICU only allows 2 visitors at a time. His condition only allows short visits, and he is not yet through vital parts of his short term recovery. Indeed Mike's recovery will be months in the making, so there will be plenty of time for everyone to visit through the coming months. He needs all the love and support of his family and friends at this time and into the future. Mike's extended family will be visiting this weekend, so if you're not sure about going out, call Mon first- she's in the loop about who's where and what's going on with day-to-day care.

    Details about the exact cause of Mike's accident remain sketchy, but it seems that there was a driver responsible for this accident. Mike has not given a formal statement yet for obvious reasons, but if anyone has witnessed or has information regarding Mike's accident (which happened around 11.30am Saturday 28th June near the Brighton Savoy) please contact your local police station or get in touch with Mon. There is going to be a public appeal for information.

    Finally, a website is being set up where you can access information and provide support through email contact. The purpose of this website will be not only to inform, but also raise financial support for Mike and his family going into the (expensive) future.



    Posted: 07/07/2008


    Michael Forbes - Update #1

    Dear Triathlon/Cycling Community,

    As many of you may know, Michael Forbes was involved in a serious bike accident on 28 June whilst riding by himself in Brighton East. At this stage, the details of the accident remain unclear. He has not been able to fully disclose an account of the accident, due to the nature of his injuries which require support with a breathing tube and ventilator.

    Michael has suffered a severe and likely irreversible damage to his cervical spine (neck) which has left him paralysed in both the arms and legs. He underwent surgery on 30 June to help stabilise the region of the injury. As is normally the case with this procedure and situation, he remains in a serious condition in the intensive care unit. Despite his injuries he remains fully conscious, and is communicating through non-verbal means- and even managing to crack the odd gag and a smile.

    He and his wife Monica wanted to let everyone know of his progress and thank everyone who has called, texted or visited during the past few days. It's understandable that we all have questions regarding the ultimate outcome for Michael but, at this early stage, his prognosis is unclear and difficult to accurately predict.

    Plans are underway to utilise a webpage to provide ongoing updates and as soon as this is available we will provide a link from this website so that you may follow his progress. He and his family will require much support in the short and long term. If you have any queries or messages for Michael and his family, they can be directed direct to Monica or through CBD (anth@cbdcycles.com.au) or to Sam (schume@yahoo.com) or Mitch (mitch.anderson@optusnet.com.au)

    Sam and Mitch

    Posted: 02/07/2008


    6th May 2008

    Andrew Downie - Albert Park Grand Prix Team Time Trial - 20 April 2008

    After a short practice session the Thursday before, 'Team CBD Cycles Powered by MTC', consisting of Tristan Barnes, Andrew Downie, Mark Mathews, Brendan Holland and Sean Foster, were staring at the start line of a 26km 'hot dog' time trial. The course was an 'out and back' loop from the pit-straight of Albert Park, to a turnaround on the corner of Ross-Gregory and Lakeside Drive, then another turnaround past pit straight in front of the golf driving range.

    The timer hit '8:02:00' and we were off!

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    Posted: 18/05/2008


    Paul Randell - Woodend BMC 100km XC Marathon

    Hey Guys,

    Woodend BMC 100km XC marathon was in it's first year and was awesome! Held in the trails around Woodend it was a very tough course full of single tracks with logs, berms, log bridges and topped off with an hour of pine trails. My race was going great feeling comfortable in the lead bunch. It seems Woodend's trails are popular with 4WDs as well and I managed to drop my front into a rut that was about 1/2 a meter deep! After retrieving my bike I went in pursuit of the bunch - it was too late - a long section of fire road climbs and they were gone. Settled into a rhythm and put my head down. Rest of the race went well and pulled in a few of the bunch. Some cramping at around 2 hrs meant I had no choice but to knock it back a few gears and spin the climbs.

    Schwalbe Racing Ralphs were excellent, rolled and gripped beautifully - thanks Dave.

    Anthem 0 - another top performance, fast on the road and gobbled up the single track.

    Result - 12th elite men. Bec Locke had brilliant race coming in 2nd elite woman! Another awesome result was Adam Gibson, continuing great form finishing 5th elite men.

    As always thanks for all your help.
    For further info checkout - www.maxadventure.com.au/bmcclassic/ >>

    Posted: 28/04/2008


    Sean Foster - Ironman Australia


    Had a solid result at Port Macquarie. The new Trinity Elite really did the trick, with a good bike split. Exited the swim in 63rd place, and was off the bike in 14th overall. Think that says it all!

    The Race

    The swim was rough, with a wall of swimmers seemingly in front of me all the way. Exiting the water, I was surprised to see a slow time of 55minutes, but it was slow across the board with the usual suspects around me as we picked up the gear bags.

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    www.fluidmovements.com >>
    www.melbournetriclub.com >>

    Posted: 22/04/2008


    Ironman China

    Ironman China has been run and won with victory going to Belinda Granger and Olaf Sabatschus.

    Our best chargers also had outstanding results.

  • Joanne King 6th pro
  • Shane Freer 7th pro
  • Mark Robinson 7th ag.

    Great to such strong results and maybe a couple more people heading to the big Hula in October.

    Anthony, Dave and the crew
    More information >>

  • Posted: 21/04/2008


    www.runriderun.com - Connecting Athletes

    RunRideRun.com is a global sporting hub that lets athletes connect, compete and improve.
    Find interesting athletes from across the street, across the country or across the world. Challenge them. Beat them.

    You can create, manage and compete in your own events or join one of the many other groups or events on offer. Share your achievements with your friends and training partners, brag about your results and challenge anyone to better you.
    It's easy to use RunRideRun.com.

    Start racing.

    Upcoming events:

  • MSAC Tri-it! 21/04/08
  • AUS300 TT Spin 21/04/2008

    Join now >>
    More information >>

  • Posted: 16/04/2008


    Ironman Australia - Port Macquarie

    Congratulations to Mitch Anderson for a superb effort in coming 2nd and another consistently brilliant year for Amelia Pearson coming 8th in very tough conditions.

    Fantastic to see so many CBD and Victorian athletes doing well and qualifying for Hawaii and going top 10 in their age group. Those reports to follow.

    Well done to all,

    Anthony, Dave & the crew

    For all results, leaderboard stats, photos and news coverage checkout www.ironmanlive.com >>

    www.mitchellanderson.com >>

    Posted: 07/04/2008


    Australian Long Distance Triathlon Championships - Winner - Leon Griffin

    Hi guys,

    Just a quick race cap from the Australian Long Distance Triathlon Champs held in Huskisson, NSW today.

    World Ironman No.2 Craig 'Crowie' Alexander was the raging favourite to take out his 6th Aussie LD Title in a row, however I was quietly confident of giving things a shake after my Geelong Ironman 70.3 victory a few weeks back.

    The signs were good after a great swim for me, exiting with the main player's only 45 secs behind superfish Steven Hackett over the 2km swim. Unfortunately for Steve he encountered a punctured tyre only 5km into the 83km bike leg and was forced to withdraw. Bad luck also struck race favourite Alexander around the same time as his day ended early with his seat post breaking making it impossible to continue riding.

    Alas I found myself at the front and decided it was time to split from the younger guys, building a handy 7min lead by the end of the cycle. With the knowledge the fleet footed Alexander was not in pursuit I decided to conserve the legs for another day, and ran out the 20km run leg at a nice steady pace, closing for a 9 minute victory from up and coming youngster from Port Macquarie Tim Berkel.

    I can now add 'National Champion' to the 'World Champion (Duathlon 2006)' belt and continue's a nice run of form and great start to 2008.

    Thanks again to everyone for the fantastic support.



    www.leongriffin.com >>

    Posted: 25/02/2008


    8Hour Enduro - Eildon - Paul Randell

    Hey Guys,

    Quick update from the weekend.

  • Race: 8hr solo XC race at Eildon
  • Turnout: approx 500
  • Temp: 35!!!
  • Results: 2nd. Scott Chancellor team Orbea took out first.

    Summary: pace set by John Claxton and was very quick. I decided early to take it easy as 8 hrs in 35 is a big day. Scott and I were 5th and 6th and we both decided to let the leaders fight it out in the heat. It worked. John and several others popped in the heat put us in the lead. Scott was too strong mid race and droped me.

    Came back a bit in last hr but he had it in the bag. Giant rode really well all day and looked after the bod very well.

    Result attached for your reference >>

    Thanks for the support, bring on the Otway!


    Photography by Stephen Rowe- photos online shortly

  • Posted: 19/02/2008


    Beginner Triathlon Course - February 18 to March 30 2008

    CBD Cycles in conjunction with Melbourne Tri Club and Fluid Movements is proud to announce the Beginner Triathlon Course:

  • 6 week program to Brooks Race 6 - St Kilda
  • February 18th to March 30th

    Learn the basics of triathlon:

  • Swim, bike, run technique
  • Wetsuit swimming - open water
  • Bike handling
  • Transition Skills
  • Race strategies and tips
  • $120.00 for 6 sessions weekly including race day support
  • Numbers limited - pre bookings only

    For more information contact:

  • Sean Foster
  • Email: sfos@iprimus.com.au
  • Mobile: 0421 020 805

    www.fluidmovements.com >>
    www.melbournetriclub.com >>

  • Posted: 15/02/2008


    Geelong 70.3 Half Ironman - 4th - Amelia Pearson

    Hi Anth,

    Geelong 70.3 was a great day for me.

    My aim for the day was to swim and bike hard and see what I had left for the run. I swam really well, leading the girls out(27.14).

    I rode pretty much as hard as I could, although I think I got a bit slower each lap.... a few girls went past at different times through the 90km and I started the run in 7th. But I got onto the run and felt pretty good. I've been trying to work on an increased cadence and I think it helped.

    I ran under 1hour 30 for the first time (1.29.01) so I was pretty happy! I ran through some of the field to cross the line 4th in 4 hours 35 mins with a current world champ, a national ironman champ and the 3rd place getter from Hawaii Ironman being the only girls infront.

    It was tough packing up virtually straight away to head back to the airport so I was ready for work Monday morning!!!


    www.ironman703.com >>

    Posted: 14/02/2008


    Geelong 70.3 Half Ironman - 2nd - Mitch Anderson

    Hi Anth and gang,

    Well it was an unexpectedly good result for me on Sunday at the Geelong 70.3. Oh, lets call it half ironman already! I was second to Griff, who was probably even more surprised to be atop the podium, as I was to be astride it! It was a gutsy win for Leon after a short period of training following injury. Now that guy has got talent!

    The Skinny:
    2nd 3:58:13 good result for being in the midst of a training block.
    swim 26:49 swam solo, solid but needs improvement to get a win, this was the difference between Leon and myself on the day. (30th overall)
    bike 2:13:94 good first lap, flat second lap, fast last lap. Pushed an ironman pace wattage for the duration. (Race prime)
    run 1:18:20 including sock pulling up at the finish line, a good time for a difficult course (7th overall).

    Some Fat observations:
    The course was excellent and fair. The new rule (7m front wheel to back ahead) opens the road a little. I loved the run with some varied topography and media (gravel, grass and road). My swimming will improve when I start some squads and get smashed to pieces a bit by the boys. I've got two months to try and make some gains into PMac. My cycling is, well, it's what I do! My running is unquestionably improving as I move beyond some chronic injuries and frustrating inability to train because of work. I felt excellent all day on the run and just couldn't run any faster, because I felt on 'leg speed limit'

    Thanks to Dave from CBD who did some great last minute work on my bike to get it up to scratch. Of course thanks to Anth who did hug and kiss me good luck pre race.
    Thanks to all my sponsors: Giant, Runriderun.com, Shotz nutrition, Puma, Cannibal, Shimano, Zipp, Blueseventy, Polar, Computrainer, Oakley, Tritravel and of course CBD.

    see you on the road,

    www.ironman703.com >>
    www.mitchellanderson.com >>

    Posted: 13/02/2008


    Geelong 70.3 Half Ironman - Winner - Leon Griffin

    Hi Everyone,

    The Triathlon racing season in Australia is in full swing and I've finally been able to get back on the track after a frustrating few months.

    The racing this weekend was Australia's Ironman 70.3 event in Geelong, the inaugural edition and it turned out to be a roaring success.

    On a personal note, it was a dream day for me, taking out my first Ironman 70.3 Win after a year or so trying at these events, and it's been a while between drinks from my last significant win, the 2006 World Duathlon Title.

    And I won it quite underdone, rating my fitness level at about 70%, and quite a few kilo's (and pounds for the American's) overweight still. Maybe this was the key today, as I had very little expectation and pressure to be near the pointy end of the field with the like's of Chris Legh, Luke Bell and Mitch Anderson toeing the start line.

    As it turned out, I took the lead 30km into the bike (after finding myself about 1 min down after the swim - solid for me) and quickly opened a gap to a chasing pack of 5. This continued to build out to about 2:30mins until Mitch Anderson came roaring back into contention, 1:30min down on me after the bike. I was able to maintain this gap throughout the 3 lap hilly challenging run to take the win by 90 secs from Anderson.

    I'd like to thank the great support from all my sponsors; CD-WOW.com, Play4meUSA.com, CBD Cycles, Cervelo, Skinfit, Gravity Zero, Brooks, 2XU, Powerbar, Rudy Project and Fizik. I look forward to working with everyone going forward for a big 2008, hopefully a few more victories to add to the belt.

    If you'd like more info please check the race reports or results at www.ironmanlive.com. I'm hoping to rejig my website www.leongriffin.com some time soon before heading back to the States and will update my schedule soon also.


    www.leongriffin.com >>

    www.ironman703.com >>

    Posted: 11/02/2008


    Geelong 70.3 Half Ironman - Sunday 10 February 2008

    This Sunday morning down at the Geelong Eastern Beach Waterfront sees the inaugural running of the Geelong 70.3 Half Ironman.

    CBD Cycles is the Official Bike Store for the event and will be set-up at the race venue with plenty of fantastic specials and last minute essentials to make sure you have a smooth race. Special orders can be placed at the CBD Cycles two city stores for delivery to the race. These special orders must be in by no later than Thursday 7th February evening.

    For many athletes this will be their first hitout over the half ironman distance of 1.9km swim, 90km ride and 21.1km run. If you haven't planned a trip down to watch the race and support your mates, this is definitely a race that will be fun and exciting to watch. There's a star-studded Elite field entered and all of the age groups will see the best athletes competing from all over Australia.

    CBD Cycles has strong representation with some of our top guns turning out to support what will be one of the biggest races in Victoria. Mitch Anderson, Leon Griffen, Josh Rix, Jo Gambles,Amelia Pearson and Jo King lead the charge and are backed up by more than 100 age group competitors from Victoria's best coaching groups Fluid Movements, Tri Alliance, ETPA, and Triathlon Response Group.

    Melbourne Tri Club has an amazing 39 competitors racing and invites all members and their families to hang out at the MTC tent with the gang and cheer everyone along. Don't forget to snap lots of photos and take lots of video because "sparky" would love to include as much as he can in the famous end-of-season video that will be shown at the MTC Awards Night (Sat 24 May).

    See you at the race

    Anth, Dave and the crew

    www.ironman703.com >>

    Posted: 06/02/2008


    Cousins TT Cycling Info Night - Wednesday 13 February 2008

    Join the team at Cousins TT for a drink, meet our cycling guides and learn about our upcoming tours
    Date: Wednesday 13 February 2008
    Time: 6.30 pm
    Address: 58B Cromwell Road, South Yarra
    RSVP: Friday 8 February 2008
    Ph: 9827 2999
    Email: info@cousinstt.com

    • Giro d'Italia (Northern Italy): 22 May - 1 June
    • Tour de France (Alps): 18 - 26 July
    • Tour de France (Pyrenees): 10 - 17 July
    • Vuelta a Espana: 12 - 22 September
    • Prague to Budapest Cycling Tour: 8 - 18 June
    • Best of Prague Cycling Tour: 20 - 28 June
    • Cycling highlights in Italy: 1 - 15 September
    • Self-guided cycling in the Pyrenees: May - October

    For further information please refer to our website or contact us on info@cousinstt.com

    www.cousinstt.com >>

    Posted: 16/01/2008


    Cyclist's Code of Conduct

    Triathlon Victoria (TV) has combined with Cycle Sport Victoria (CSV) in a new cycling safety initiative, the cyclists' Code of Conduct.

    In response to the increasing popularity of cycling as a recreational pursuit and in particular the increasing popularity of cycling on Beach Road, TV and CSV has produced a cyclists' Code of Conduct.

    The Code, which is a joint initiative between TV, CSV & the Victoria Police Bicycle Unit, is aimed at the more regular, competent cyclists including our current competitive members and indeed the higher end of the 'sporting' cyclist.

    It will promote responsible behaviour amongst cyclists, but also highlight important skills in bunch riding to ensure that riding is conducted in an enjoyable and challenging but also safe manner, with the end result being an increased level of safety for all road users.

    TV President David Grant sees the importance of the regular cyclists setting a positive example. "It is hoped that by instilling a responsibility amongst the higher end riders, that they will 'set the standard' for the greater majority of the cycling community." He stated.

    To view the brochure - click here >>

    For further information please visit the following websites:

    Triathlon Victoria (TV)- www.trivic.org.au >>

    Cycle Sport Victoria (CSV)Triathlon Victoria - www.vic.cycling.org.au >>

    Posted: 16/01/2008


    Australian Road Cycling Championships, Ballarat - Elite Time Trial Winner - Bridie O'Donnell

    Hello all,

    I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who gave me support, encouragement, product, equipment and plenty of 'go gettem'text messages over the last 12 months.

    All the hard work, travel, racing in exotic (and sometimes less so)locations and social sacrifices paid off with my first National title and a green and gold jersey in the individual time trial yesterday in Buninyong.

    A mighty field was gathered to contest the race, and who cared if the podium spumante was truly terrible - I was lucky enough to have a good day on a course that is more suited to climbers of the non ex-rower variety.

    So, a big cheers and grazie mille to:

    • Craig Doherty of Kingdom Diamond Group
    • Daryl and Steph Griffiths at carboshotz sports nutrition
    • Tammie Ebert of the AIS National Talent ID and Development Program
    • Paul and Sheridan at Oakley
    • Glenn and staff at Cannibal clothing (we need some green & gold hoops on the sleeves now!!)

    Darren Rutherford, Jo Hall and staff at Giant bicycles

    Antho and the 2 Daves at CBD Cycles - what great work was done to get the bike into race shape, thankyou!

    • City of Melbourne Active Sport and Recreation Grants
    • Brunswick Cycling Club

    Chris from Zipp wheels - providing minor contribution to a [bike + me combined weight] of 76kg!

    • Mitch: the perfect mechanic, driver, chef, masseur, sports psych, physiologist (but somehow, recalcitrant Doctor?!) I couldn't have done it without you. I've won my National title, you know what you have to do to uphold your end of the deal... (13 weeks til Port Mac).

    All roads now lead toward securing a berth for Beijing!


    Posted: 11/01/2008


    Bay Crits - January 2008
    CBD Cycles has once again been involved in a very successful Bay Crits series.

    We sponsored a NSWIS development team and entered the series looking to help promote women's cycling and cycling in general.

    We definitely got more than we bargained for with the CBD/NSWIS team, when 16 year old Megan Dunn took it right up to the very experienced field. Megan was well supported by the CBD/NSWIS team and attacked from day one. Megan was in all the moves winning the overall yellow jersey and a stage victory along the way.

    All the girls in the team showed great character in trying 30 degree plus conditions and worked brilliantly together to achieve these outstanding results.

    Well done to all team members including the NSWIS/DEGANI Cafe team who took out the other major prize, the green sprinters jersey. Coaches Gary Sutton and Bob Kelly coached the girls brilliantly giving them great support and freedom to achieve.
    George.....I think you owe me a piece of the Famous Degani cafe Mud cake.


    • Manager: Anthony Moustakas
    • 36. Ash Ankudinoff NSW
    • 37. Megan Dunn NSW
    • 38. Terri Rhodes SA
    • 39. Amber Jenkins NSW
    • 40. Emma Coulson NSW


    • Manager: George Pezaros
    • 31. Olivia Gollan NSW
    • 32. Sky Lee Armstrong NSW
    • 33. Clare Valhopoulos VIC
    • 34. Leonie Burford NSW
    • 35. Lauren Kitchen NSW

    Posted: 06/01/2008