CBD Cycles is proud to announce the opening of a second city store.
CBD Cycles 2 is located at 660 Bourke Street in between Spencer and King.
Call in for some great christmas specials.

Stephane and David are keen to look after all your needs at the west end of the city.
Tell them Santa sent you!.

Posted: 21/12/2006


Triple Triathlon - Canberra 2006 - Phil Barrett

Hi All,



  • 2nd Solo Competitor - 9 min behind winner.. Stoked with result!
  • Leg 1: Swim 1.5 Km - 27:00 min
  • Leg 2: Mountain Bike 35 Km - 1:51:10 hr
  • Leg 3: Run 20 Km - 1:45:00 hr
  • Leg 4: Swim 3.5 Km - 1:00:45 hr
  • Leg 5: Mountain Bike 45 Km - 2:12:24 hr
  • Leg 6: Swim 1.2 Km - 33:27 min (swim may have been a bit longer than 1.2km :)
  • Leg 7: Run 12 Km - 1:15:13 hr
  • Leg 8: Mountain Bike 24 Km - 1:38:14 hr
  • Leg 9: Run 13 Km - 1:26:49 hr
  • Total: 12:09:57 hr

    Team Philthy ( Jo, Abbie, Philg and Andrew) - 6th team of 9 mixed category - 12:04:00 hr


    Well after recovering well from the Mark Webber Challenge and feeling in pretty good shape, I decided to take on a challenge which I had been thinking about for a long time - the Canberra Triple Tri - Solo!! This is a hard race which I had only ever completed as a team of three previously. It contains 6.2km of swimming, 100km of MTB and 46km of trail running. The MTB and running sections cover the 10 highest peaks around Canberra so there is around 7000m of elevation gain and loss over the day!!

    A significant challenge indeed :)) But a great really well organised race!

    Jo, Abbie and I drove up on the Friday to Canberra and met Philg and Andrew on the Saturday at our accommodation which turned out to be a very small caravan unit.. In fact the bathroom was smaller than your average closet!! It was tiny! Read more >>

  • Posted: 21/12/2006


    Swim For Your Life - Saturday 16th December 2006

    Today is your last chance to register online for The Age/Cousins TT Swim For Your Life open water swim event to be held this Saturday. Entries on the day attract a $5 late fee. Entries close today at 6pm.

    Entry into this event also gives you automatic entry into The Age Swim Challenge Series.

    For further information or to register online today visit www.cousinstt.com >>

    Posted: 14/12/2006


    Canberra Long Distance World Champs - Nov 19 2006

    4km swim / 125km bike / 30km run

    Hi Anth and all the team at CBD,

    I thought I'd just give a quick update on today's race in sunny, hilly Canberra. I'm sitting on the plane on my way home after a fly-by tour of the nation's capital. I now have 2 good memories of Canberra - last time I was here I was sitting an exam (passed) and today I struggled through but had a good result too!

    I remember talking with a few people many months ago about the wisdom of trying to race here after racing in Hawaii 4 weeks earlier. While I'm not sure that I was completely recovered, the lure of the long swim and run combination with a shorter bike meant I had to at least line up and see how things went. Additionally, the format will probably change back to 2/80/20 next year and the race is in France. All good enough reasons to get to the start line this year.

    The lake is actually a great place for an open water swim with the Parliament House backdrop, hot air balloons, and a still clear morning. Men under 40 years were the last wave for the swim start (go figure) and only 15 minutes separated the whole field. The first lap of the swim was spent dodging slower swimmers but I was able to sneak away by myself after initially hitching a ride for the first 600m. I learnt an important lesson in Hawaii regarding the early pace ... repeating the phrase "seven hours to go" seems to help in this regard. This was my first race in a Blue Seventy wetsuit and I was rapt with the buoyancy, fit and most importantly, no rash on my neck after 53 minutes! Most summer's I chafe my neck in the first race and it doesn't recover until April. Fingers crossed this year will be different. Read more >>

    Posted: 07/12/2006


    Hi there,

    It's taken the whole year, but Mitch finally had a cracker of a race at Busso. He'll have his report up on the website, but I thought I'd let you know that racing a team is WAY more fun than suffering for all those hours on the run. We had a mixed team (curiously still named 'The Melbourne Girls') and our lovely but very nervous 16 yo pool swimmer did a great job getting out of the millpond bay in under an hour. I then jumped on my super light Giant LE tricked up into a TT set up (the one Mitch rode in Kona) and rode 4.48 for the 180km bike which was the fastest women's bike split by 7 minutes. The teams had started 30 minutes behind the age groupers, so I had plenty of time to pass 500+ guys with windburn. I managed to spook out a few of the pro men as they thought I was Mitch and had gained a whole lot more ground with each lap (he was smokin his way to a 4.18 split, which gets me within the 11% gender difference with a few minutes up my sleeve!) Damien Angus then took over our team as the runner and cruised out a 2.49 (the second fastest run of the day - Jason Shortis steamrollered a 2.43 to win the race in 8.03 and set a new Australian land speed record) that got our team an 8.42 finish and place second to a men's team. Not bad for a man who works more than Mitch and I train and work combined. We still wouldn't have gotten on the podium with the individual men, but it was much nicer to be eating some salty chips in the shade with friends and watching all shapes and sizes run the marathon.

    Next stop is plenty of rest to prepare for ergo testing up at the AIS to try and get a spot in the women's road TT squad. Part 2 of selection will be the National TT championships in Ballarat in January.

    Thanks again to Mr Rutherford at Giant, Anthony at CBD cycles, Forbesy at Cannibal (Daryl's been using your bad jokes all weekend), Tim at nuun, Paul and Sheridan at Oakley and Chris at Zipp for letting Mitch have so many super race wheels to choose from. Enormous thanks to Perth's hottest couple, Steph and Daryl Griffiths at carboshotz for the great blue house at Busselton, the airport pick ups and drop offs, being such generous hosts and most importantly, TAKING US TO ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!

    I'll keep you posted about the erg test in Canberra next week.

    Checkout Mitch's report online at www.mitchanderson.com.au >>

    Posted: 06/12/2006


    Congratulations to all CBD Cycles crew and friends Lisbeth and Jason for winning Ironman WA. Great to see Mitch back on the podium after leading for most of the race, but unfortunately not able to hold off a fast finishing Shorto. Mitch did set a new bike course record of 4.18.07 laying to rest any doubts of how fast his Giant Trinity really is! Well done after backing up from Hawaii just 6 weeks ago!

    Special mention must be made of Pam Stegeman (2nd) and Julie Teddies girls Sara and Gabrielle both finishing a very respectable third in their age groups.

    Its beer for all from now until Christmas, well done.

  • ANDERSON Mitchell 8.18.57 2nd (new bike course record)
  • TIPPETT Mathew dnf

  • King Jo DNF but smiled
  • BAKER Steve 12.26.10
  • BRETTIG Tim 10.21.18 4th
  • CARVER Jeff 11.27.33
  • COURSE Brad 9.53.55
  • GORDON Ian 10.21.07
  • GORDON Mandy 12.19.53
  • GRANA Ariel 12.07.31
  • HOLCOMBE Jarrod 9.48.43
  • KOPKE Gabrielle 11.28.51 3rd
  • MCCLURE Grace 11.07 5th
  • SCOTT Ian 11.53.55
  • STEEN Craig 9.51.47 8th
  • STEEN Sara 10.41.16 3rd
  • STEGEMAN Pam 12.22.08 2nd
    More information available at ironmanlive.com >>
  • Posted: 04/12/2006


    Good luck to all CBD Cycles and friends who are competing at Ironman WA tomorrow. With tough windy conditions forecast we expect to see our top flite athletes rise to the challenge and put in stellar performances. Good luck to all, wish I was there to cheer you on in person, but baby duties are taking priority this year.

    Welcome back to Ironman Jo King, enjoy your day. Great to see you back on the track.

    No pressure Mitch but you're cut if you don't go back to back.... just kidding. Smile, relax and enjoy.


  • ANDERSON Mitchell
  • TIPPETT Mathew
  • CSOMOR Erika
  • King Jo
  • BAKER Steve
  • CARVER Jeff
  • COURSE Brad
  • GORDON Ian
  • GORDON Mandy
  • GRANA Ariel
  • HOLCOMBE Jarrod
  • KOPKE Gabrielle
  • MCCLURE Grace
  • SCOTT Ian
  • STEEN Craig
  • STEEN Sara
    Follow the race at ironmanlive.com >>
    Read Nick Munting's interview with Mitch here >>
  • Posted: 02/12/2006


    Congratulations to the 2200 participants in the Gatorade Series Opener at St Kilda on Sunday. Magical spring weather brought out the crowds and a terrific day was had by all despite the warm racing conditions.

    Special congrats to race champions with CBD's female athletes securing 1st 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Congratulations Jacinta Collier, Renee Lane & Jo King.

    In the mens Josh Rix led the pack finishing 1st in the men's with Jamie Huggett (3rd) and Craig McKenzie a very respectable 5th position just weeks after completing Ironman Hawaii! Well done all for a great start to the season.

    The next Gatorade race is on Sunday 10th December at Elwood.
    Further race details available at www.supersprint.com.au >>

    Posted: 20/11/2006


    Ironman Hawaii 2006 - Craig McKenzie

    Hey Ant and CBD Crew

    Thanks to everyone who has supported me over the lead up to Hawaii. Especially Ant, and Darren from Giant for supplying and getting together a new Giant Trinity ready for me to race on, and the means to get to the big day.

    My lead up to Hawaii was pretty good with 2 weeks up on the Gold Coast prior to leaving for the race. While up on the GC, training partner JVW and I decided to do the GC Half Ironman for training. Two days prior to the race we were so tired from training, that even a race might be too tough for us. After a cruisy swim day followed by a pizza that seemed to have magical properties we both felt better come race day. After a solid swim and bike (without any race equipment) I was in 3rd, a fair way back on Macca, but well in sight of second. I ran fairly comfortably the whole way, knowing Macca was just too far ahead but also running fairly easily. Second place to arguably the best triathlete in the world, while tired and not really race prepared was a big confidence boost going to Hawaii. After another week's training with plenty of hard swim/bike sessions to sharpen up, we were ready for Kona. Read more >>

    Posted: 16/11/2006


    Like Father Like Son.

    Aris and Anth catch 40' together at 3am.

    Thanks for your continued support through these wonderful weeks of little sleep and smelly nappies.

    Anthony Jodie and Aris.

    Posted: 06/11/2006


    Ironman Hawaii 2006 - Dave "Tarago" Howard

    Hello all,

    For those with limited time & for the 'numbers' people:

    Swim (3.8km): 1hr 7mins
    Transition #1: 2mins 16secs
    Bike (180km): 4hrs 53mins
    Transition #2: 2mins 41secs
    Run (42.2km): 3hrs 35mins
    Total/Finish time: 9hrs 41mins

    Overall placing: 220th (out of 1700)
    Age group placing (25-29): 31st (out of 96)
    33mins quicker than my finish time @ Hawaii in 2003

    Hawaiian Ironman #: 2

    Total Ironman finishes #: 6 (IM NZ 03; IM Hawaii 03; IM OZ 04/05/06; IM Hawaii 06)

    For those with a little more time up their sleeve, and for those that don't mind reading a blow by blow description of the race: Read more >>

    Posted: 03/11/2006


    Ironman Hawaii 2006 - Mike Leroux

    G'day Anth.

    Congratulations on the little tacker. Interesting nickname "muddy".....

    An awesome day out! Things went really well. I was hoping to swim a bit quicker but realise that it generally was an overall slower swim, so still happy with the result. The bike went really well. Nutrition and hydration was perfect. Didn't want to smash the bike in case of blowing up on the run. I kept the heart rate below 80% for the entire bike (although it did go over going up the hill to Hawi - cained it on the way back down). The run felt as good as it could have after riding 180km, but still it is my best run time off the bike in four IM's. I managed an IM PB, beating my Busso time by 26 seconds. Attached are pics for your review. Thank you again for all the support over the last few weeks. Also wearing the CBD gear helped heaps with the spectator support (go Aussie or Go Melbourne) Almost felt like I was racing at home.

    I will drop in for a visit soon, just need to get my head around work, as I only got back late yesterday.

    See more photos from Mike's race >>

    Posted: 02/11/2006


    All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence; then success is sure.
    I'm still working on the confidence - Sam Hume - Ironman Hawaii 2006

    Hi All,

    It's now a week or so since I raced across the lava fields in Kona , Hawaii and I am only just now starting to feel like I'm walking normally. My bride-to-be Naant and I have been relaxing in Maui for a few days before I returned to the real world and Naant continues her overseas journey visiting her parents in Dubai .


    I spent the 2 weeks leading up to the race living just out of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii - acclimatizing, training and eating with 6 other triathletes from our training bunch. Mitch, the sole professional in the group, and wife Bridie (also racing) guided us through the lead-up with amazing expertise. From booking a house and rental cars 5 months ago, to getting us to the start line feeling fit and ready to take on all the challenges of the big day, they have been incredible. We meshed together well - everyone in the house contributed their own special signature dish. Brett aka "Van Guy" (recently nicknamed after recalling a triathlon in the early 90s in which, angry at the leaders drafting, he hitched a ride behind a van) is a chef by trade and constantly enhanced our efforts to "restaurant quality". Needless to say, we ate well. Very well. Dave and John were the other members of the original 6, and we were later joined by Ryland, plus partners/spouses/family to get to 14.


    Posted: 01/11/2006


    If this was the finish line you'd be done now! - Bridie O'Donnell - IM Hawaii 2006

    Hello all,

    24h post race I'm sitting on the balcony watching the first picturesque sunset we've had and trying to get comfortable. It was a day of great satisfaction, exhaustion and many moments of just couldn't be bothered. The trouble with an event that long is that you have plenty of time to get distracted with unhelpful and frequently downright pathetic thoughts.


    Posted: 30/10/2006


    Aris - All Geared Up For Ironman! Congratulations to all who competed in this years Hawaii Ironman. Pele was angry last week and merciful this week giving the athletes another "easy" year, with mild weather conditions, cloud cover and even cooling rain! as we all know Aussies don't like this handed to them on a platter style and probably would have preferred howling winds and the earthquake to happen during the race. Norman Stadler and Michellie Jones won outright and there were many fine performances from some of our top athletes, including Sam Hume who was fourth out of the water outright after giving the pros a 20 metre head start! Well done to all and we hope to have some great race reports in soon for your reading pleasure.

    Craig McKenzie 54.38 4.47.29 2.58.51 8.45.27
    Mitch Anderson 1.01.24 4.31.23 3.18.14 8.55.22
    Sean Bruce 1.02.13 4.53.31 3.07.37 9.09.24
    Sam Hume 53.20 4.59.31 3.16.01 9.14.20
    Giannis Koutsogiannis 57.26 4.57.22 3.24.37 9.25.01
    Mike Le Roux 1.05.00 4.57.14 3.18.32 9.29.33
    Ryland Garnett 1.03.13 4.52.44 3.34.58 9.35.41
    Nigel Curwin 1.05.32 4.54.44 3.25.58 9.37.13
    Dave Howard 1.07.22 4.53.54 3.35.29 9.41.42
    John Gestakowski 1.08.33 4.52.03 4.01.16 10.12.08
    Sean Tully 1.20.22 5.17.47 3.28.38 10.16.17
    Brendan Holland 1.26.40 5.17.16 3.50.35 10.44.17
    Dean Chiron 1.07.39 5.20.31 4.14.19 10.49.02
    Bridie O'Donnell 1.04.57 5.10.57 4.29.25 10.52.41
    Alice McClure 1.11.53 5.52.33 3.46.34 10.58.23
    Greer Samson 1.17.12 5.55.06 4.25.52 11.43.23
    Mark Matthews 1.48.30 5.52.33 4.30.52 12.21.03

    Swim Prime - Sam Hume 4th outright (i want your lats'!)
    Bike prime - Mitch Anderson (next year it will be windy we promise!!!)
    Run prime - Craig McKenzie non-smoking!!!
    Tough nut award - To Sparky after swollowing so much water other competitors thought it was a Sunami....or moses parting the red sea.
    Top Chick - Bridie lead her age group off the bike! top ten finish!
    ever green - Sean Bruce (my bike can go faster than that!!!)

    Can't wait to hear some of the stories, should be a corker.

    Best photo we could come up with so far.... Aris wrapped in last years towel. Get used to the baby shots. I'm a proud new dad!


    Posted: 24/10/2006


    A screaming 8lb 2oz (3.7kg) baby boy delivered 8.28am this morning by c-section after a 48-hour labour.

    Mum & "Muddy"(nickname) doing great.

    Baby's name is ................."Aris"








    Jodie & bub are at St Vincents Private Hospital

    Posted: 20/10/2006


    Shaken but not stirred.

    Seems like someone has upset "Pele"(Goddess of the hawaiian Volcanoes) Hope it was none of our guys who have all called in well.
    Most were swimming at the time and didn't even know about the first big quake, but have since felt the after shocks which will last for the next couple of days.

    For those who don't know Kona was rocked by a 6.3 shaker this morning. Don't forget to make an offering to Pele before the race guys or he might just shake you off your bike.


    Visit www.ironman.com for all the latest news >>
    Follow the race this weekend live on www.ironmanlive.com >>

    Posted: 16/10/2006


    Once again the Hawaiian Ironman is looming and we have a great number of athletes heading off to the big island.

    Wishing everyone all the best for a fabulous day. We will be watching in anticipation.

    Visit www.ironman.com for all the latest news >>
    Follow the race live on www.ironmanlive.com >>

    Posted: 09/10/2006


    The T.O.J. (Thighs Of Justice) Diaries!.#5 - Adam Conquest

    The Thighs Of Justice can go uphill !

    As part of having a crack at the Randick Botany A Grade Club champs & also a hit out before the ACT Duathlon champs I knocked out some bike races on the w/end with some good results!...


    Posted: 04/10/2006


    MTC's 25th Birthday & 2006/07 Triathlon Season Launch Party

    Race season means party season...

    Melbourne Triathlon Club, Australia's oldest triathlon club is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year.

    This invitation goes out to past members, current members and anyone involved in the triathlon arena to come and celebrate the 25th anniversary of the best tri club in Melbourne.

    When: Saturday 7th October 7pm
    Where: Rose Hotel Port Melbourne

    RSVP to Suzanne Alway on 0439 092 954 or email: suzannealway@hotmail.com
    Full information available on MTC website.

    Click here to visit Melbourne Tri Club's website >>

    Posted: 18/09/2006


    This weekend also sees the return of the annual Subaru Interactive @ Docklands Melbourne 12hr MTB Enduro race.

    The 12 hour event kicks off at 10am Saturday 16th September at the Melbourne 4x4 Training & Proving Ground in Werribee.

    Best of luck to all the CBD athletes competing!

    Full details available on the Full Gas Promotions website. Click here for more info >>

    Posted: 15/09/2006


    With fine weather predicted for Sunday MTC/CBD have planned a recreational mountain biking day out at Lysterfield.

    Meeting at 12.30pm at Lysterfield Park BYO mountain bike, meat and drinks. MTC will bring the club BBQ.

    Full details available on the MTC website. Click here for more info >>

    Posted: 15/09/2006


    Competitors in the MTC Duathlon who entered online before 7th September were eligible to win a terrific Giant Alias.

    Congratulation to Stephen Lane on being the lucky entrant.

    Stephen is pictured (centre) with Luc Gilmore (Giant Bicycles Australia to his left and Mark Mathews (MTC President) on his right.

    Click here to visit Melbourne Tri Club's website >>

    Posted: 13/09/2006


    Last Sunday was Melbourne Tri Club's hosting turn in the Brooks Victorian Duathlon Series.
    It was a beautiful sunny day ....all be it cold. MTC members put on a superb event providing goodie bags for all competitors jam packed with great products and delicious post race food.

    Photos from the race are available at www.melbournetriclub.com

    Congratulations to Tameka Day(pictured) and James Attard who were the winners in the Open Category.

    Full race results available at www.trivic.org.au

    Click here to visit Melbourne Tri Club's website >>

    Posted: 12/09/2006


    Melbourne Tri Club is proud to host Race 4 of the Brooks Duathlon Series and it promises to be one of the best of the season. Celebrating its 25th Anniversary, the MTC is promising a fun day for all. Racing on the banks of the Yarra, the MTC duathlon offers an exciting course for athletes of all levels.

    Where: Richmond Blvd - Kevin Bartlett Reserve, access via Yarra Blvd (MEL REF 45 B12)

    When: Sunday 10th September

    Start Time: 8am (Registration starts at 6.30am)

    There are two race formats:

    Brooks Duathlon: 5km run / 20km bike / 3km run

    Duathlon Dash: 2km run / 10km bike / 1km run

    Click here for secure online registration >>
    Click here to visit Melbourne Tri Club's website >>

    Posted: 06/09/2006


    Will Walker to ride his 1st Grand tour

    Fantastic news, Will has been selected to race his first Grand Tour - Vuelta a Espana (Tour of Spain)
    This is a huge compliment to a first year pro and a big step for our little gun.

    We wish you all the best in your first spin around a European country.

    Will, and fellow team mates, will be supporting last years winner Dennis Menchov.

    Good luck.
    Anth and crew

    Visit Cycling News for race information and results >>

    Posted: 22/08/2006


    Australian Duathlon Championships, Federation Square

    Melbourne turned on terrific weather for the hosting of the Australian Duathlon Championships held at Federation Square last Sunday.

    Congratulations to Melbourne Tri Club athletes Lauren Jones, Suzanne Alway and Adam Conquest who all won their age group categories.
    Suze and Adam "Thighs of Justice" also successfully defended the Australian Duathlon titles they won in 2005.

    MTC Athletes who graced the podium included:

    • 1st Female 20-24 Lauren Jones
    • 1st Female 30-34 Suzanne Alway
    • 1st Male 30-34 Adam Conquest
    • 3rd Male 30-34 Michael Forbes
    • 3rd Male 35-39 Sean Foster

    Click here to view further information and Mark Mathews' fabulous photos from the day >>
    Click here to view full race results >>

    Posted: 22/08/2006


    Announcing the launch of Cousins Tours and Travel

    Whatever your passion ... sport, art, food, wine, culture or fashion, Cousins Tours and Travel has the concept tour for you. Cycle the Tour de France, take art lessons in Europe, feast in gourmet France, explore Thailand's hidden fashion precincts or immerse yourself in the magic of Yemen, to name a few.

    For details on our upcoming tours, visit www.cousinstt.com

    For your chance to win a $250 travel voucher* simply subscribe online before 31st August 2006.*conditions apply see launch release

    Read full launch release here >>

    Posted: 07/08/2006


    Post Race Wrap-Up - Leon Griffen- World ITU Duathlon Champion!

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for the delay in getting the finer details of the World Championship Win wrapup, the response has been absolutely huge and I'd like to thank everyone from my family, friends, sponsors and supporters for their great encouragement to keep plugging away, I always thought a World Championship was within my capabilities but maybe not so soon.

    The RACE:
    Leading in to the Duathlon on Sunday all the talk was of the Europeans as usual, Duathlon is their domain as they have many guys just specialising in the two sports and not having to bother with a third swim leg to train for.

    This always stirs me up, not that I ever want to be acknowledged as a contender for the win, there is just something about the underdog that suits me down to the ground, helps the fire burn a little more. So the media and organisers involved with the event putting up 8 or so European names as the likely contenders to take the title home gave me that little extra motivation I needed to 'sneak' under their guard.


    Posted: 02/08/2006


    The most hearty congratulations to MTC President Mark Mathews and his first lady Fiona on the occasion of the birth of their beautiful baby girl.

    Scarlett Roslyn Mathews
    Born at 9.19am on Tuesday 1 August 2006
    Weighing 2.966kgs (6lbs 8ozs)

    Here we see Scarlett modeling a very fashionable woolen beenie.

    Mark is the current President of MTC, and Fiona is the most recent past president of MTC.

    A Big Hoorah!

    Congratulations Mark and Fiona, and welcome Scarlett

    Posted: 02/08/2006


    Leon the Legend wins World Duathlon Championships.

    You little beauty!!!

    Full race report to follow shortly

    Further info and pics available on Melb Tri Club website >>

    Media Release

    The 2006 ITU Duathlon World Championships Elite Male division finished early Sunday afternoon with Leon Griffin of Australia taking the top spot with a time of 1:50:44. A fast-moving peleton saw the athletes spin around the course in breakneck speed but the daring break away by three athletes on the fourth of six laps saw Griffin along with David Senn Of Switzerland, and Fausto Dotti from Italy to enter transition 1:20 ahead of a large group of chasers.

    Read full media release >>

    Posted: 01/08/2006


    Ironman Malaysia - Nigel Curwen

    After a year of lying low I decided to come out of retirement and train for the Brazil Ironman but after researching costs I decided on Ironman China instead. Then to my disappointment China was cancelled. On Christmas Day, I flipped a coin between Port Mac or the Malaysian Ironman. The coin landed on Malaysia.

    I arrived in Langkwai six days before the race, with 12 weeks of training under the belt.

    The atmosphere prior to the race was relaxed and friendly, despite the humid, hot and sweaty conditions. I had a practice swim on the course in 29°c water, complete with a dense surface film of diesel complete with the smell of fertiliser; a good recipe for a flaming start!

    Posted: 31/07/2006


    IM Austria Update - Mitch Anderson

    Swim 49m 55s (31st)- PB by one minute on a fast swim morning.
    Bike 4h 37m (9th)- Slow second lap, no power!
    Run 3h 3m (15th)- Slow second lap, totally blown.
    Total 8h 34m- 9th- A very average day for me, very disappointing.

    I went over to race IM Austria with every intention of climbing onto the podium, with form enough to win (so I thought!). I was certainly buoyed by being installed as number one seed, and also by the fact that despite having exams, I had been able to maintain a good amount of taper training through the study. Read On >>

    Posted: 25/07/2006


    GeoQuest 48 Hour Adventure Race June 9th - 12th 2006

    Hi Darling.....

    Here's the report on Geo..... read on if you dare...

    xxxx Aunty Jan ( on behalf of the Cowgirls .... Yeehaah!!)

    Posted: 17/07/2006


    "First Off The Bike" SEN 1116am Every Friday 7-9pm

    Tune in to SEN 1116am ( www.sen.com.au ) tonight from 7-9pm to listen to Matt Keenan and Phil Wrochna on FIRST OFF THE BIKE. On this weeks show we have Allan Peiper, Team Manager Davitamon Lotto in to have a chat about Robbie's performance so far and Cadel's chances on General Classification. Rupert Guiness Editor of www.pelotonpress.net will be in to give us the rundown on all this weeks happenings in the TDF.

    We will have our regular Quiz - with an emphasis on questions from this weeks Tour De France. Just by listening in you could win a pair of 2XU Elite Cycling Knicks

    As a special competition for the ladies we have the Womens View of the Tour De France. Ladies - ring in or email us to nominate your highlights of the Tour so far or to put forward your nomination for your favourite rider this can be based on physical appeal or performance based). You could win yourself a 2XU Womens Elite Short Sleeved Cycling Top or a pair of Womens Comp1 Cycle Shorts

    Ring us on 03 9429 1116 or email us on firstoffthebike@sen.com.au tell them anthony sent you... and goodluck.

    Click here to visit www.sen.com.au >>

    Posted: 14/07/2006


    Hi Gang,
    Bridie and I have left the building!

    I finished four exams over the last week and am pretty confident of not being kicked out of the Big Medicine House for this semester. Dial 1800 MED FRUAD to evict! Or 0055 TRUST ME to let me continue on to final semester! I have posted a final exam photo my compadre Andrew Hodder and I, without whom I may have attended many more clinical days. Please note the swanky new oakley prescriptions! I think that sheen of extra intellect gave me a boost in front of the examiners!

    Thanks particularly to Jim from Zipp, who has sent off a pair of Zipp 999 to meet me in Klagenfurt for the race next week. I think I'll be very glad of that 1W saving over the 180km. Torbjorn Sinballe (IM Hawaii course record holder) is my main competition for next weekends race, so I'll need every saving I can glean on the bike... Read more >>

    Follow Mitch's progress this weekend at Ironman Austria - www.ironmanlive.com

    Posted: 11/07/2006


    The T.O.J. (Thighs Of Justice) Diaries!.#3 - Adam Conquest

    Hi Don Antonio,

    Well the time had come!. For the last few years I'd been establishing where I fitted in the Triathlon "pecking order"!& now it was time to find my place with cycling.

    The event: NSW ITT Champs
    Distance: 43km
    Where: Calga NSW, near Gosford

    The Short:
    4th place!podium was the goal but missed it by 15 seconds !.now to make amends @ VIC ITT Champs in 7 weeks.

    Posted: 10/07/2006


    "First Off The Bike" Radio Program

    SEN's "Off the bike" broke a world exclusive that Ivan Basso will not be starting this years Tour de France. Already reeling from news that Jan Ullrich and Oscar Sevilla from T-Mobile would not be starting SEN's Matt and Phil were straight on the phone to some of the big guns of cycling where in an exclusive interview with Matt White, the boys got it straight from the horses mouth. "I've just got off the phone to Stuart O'Grady (who rides for CSC) and Ivan Basso has been sent home!" said Matt White. Matt White rides for Discovery Channel and is not taking part in this years tour and was a great choice for an interview tonight.

    Off the bike can be heard every friday night on SEN radio 1116 am for all the very latest.
    Well done boys.

    Click here to visit www.sen.com.au >>

    Posted: 30/06/2006


    "First Off The Bike" Radio Program

    "First Off The Bike" radio program is on every friday night from 7-9pm featuring Phil Wrochna and Matt Keenan. Cutting edge talkback tackling everything to do with the road and triathlon world. An absolute must for the latest inside info during the Tour.

    Click here to visit www.sen.com.au >>

    Posted: 30/06/2006


    CBD Cycles Le Tour Tipping - Starts Tomorrow - Register NOW!

    The Tour de France kicks off tomorrow and this is a timely reminder to ensure you are registered in the CBD Cycles Free Le Tour Tipping Competition.

    Remember that you can only tip each rider twice in the whole race so choose carefully. Check the website for helpful information and handy tips.

    Visit Le Tour Tipping Website and Register Online >>

    Posted: 30/06/2006


    CBD Cycles Le Tour Tipping - Starts Saturday 1st July!!

    Everyone's favourite cycling race starts this Saturday and the experience wouldn't be complete without the annual CBD Cycles Le Tour Tipping Competition!

    Our team of cycling fanatics have been busy creating a new look tipping website for you with a heap of race information, news updates, forum and a tipping help centre.

    The competition is free to all participants and there will be some fantastic prizes along the way.
    Everyone from avid cycling fans to cycling novices can participate.

    For those of you who love a great bargain keep an eye out for the daily CBD Cycles store specials - these are exclusive to visitors to the Le Tour Tipping site.

    Visit Le Tour Tipping Website and Register Online Now >>

    Posted: 28/06/2006


    Eagleman Ironman 70.3 - Leon Griffin

    Hi all,

    A quick update on the racing front. The 2006 edition of the popular Eagleman Ironman 70.3 world series was held last sunday in Cambridge, Maryland, on the USA's east coast.

    As strong field lined up for the race, including man of the moment Aussie Chris Legh, World long course champion Victor Zymstev, Olympian and Comm Games Rep Simon Thompson, NZ long course champ Kieran Doe, and other solid ironmen including Spencer Smith, Bryan Rhodes and the list went on.

    Choppy water had me on the back foot in the swim leg however I managed to minimise my losses and emerge from the water only 1 minute behind the leaders. Out onto the bike I managed to set a good pace to begin and by 25km had moved into 3rd behind Smith and the early bolter Doe from New Zealand. Not long after Chris Legh flew by and proceeded to make his way to the front, catching Doe and these two opening up what turned out to be a race winning buffer by the end of the bike leg.


    Posted: 26/06/2006


    Coral Coast Triathlon - Jo King

    G'day Anthony,
    My race report as promised!
    Sorry, but I don't have any race photos, just the party photos!
    They'll do I reckon.

    Well, for all the CBD website readers, and triathlon enthusiasts, yes it is I, Jo King, back doing triathlons!!

    After a break from triathlon of almost 3 years, (my how time flies), I competed in my first triathlon back, the Coral Coast Triathlon in Cairns.
    It was the 25th staging of the event, so a great event to begin my comeback.
    I came 2nd behind (and a long way behind folks)Felictiy Abram.

    I was invited to Cairns, as a 'legend', and boy was I amongst some legends of the sport. Greg Reddan, (now approaching 60), and the winner of the first ever Coral Coast triathlon, was one of the legends. He looks amazing and still keeps extremely fit. Other 'legends' were!!!!!. Brad Bevan!! Like me, Brad is also making a comeback, and an impressive one at that. The pressure was on Brad to win the event. Home town hero, and having launched his career here, poor bloke, we all felt the pressure for him. Right, yes, some of the other legends; Greg Stewart, Nick Croft, Brett Richini, Virginia Bell, Tim Bentley, Robbie Bell, Tim Ahern, Paul O'brien, Max Fegan, and I think that was about all.


    Posted: 20/06/2006


    Cow Intestines With Your Gel, Sir?- Ironman Japan 2006 - Rob Hill

    A huge platter of marinated cow intestines and raw cabbage for a pre-race lunch - this could only be Ironman Japan!

    A few adventurous (and unlucky) Aussies made the trip to Goto Island in the Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan for the 2006 Ironman Japan. Adventurous? Well, the first sentence helps explain why. Unlucky? We all had our reasons for heading to such an exotic location to race Ironman. Most of us had fallen victim to the impossible weather conditions that led to the replacement of IM New Zealand with a half distance duathlon. Yours truly was there after deciding early into the bike course at IM Australia that kissing the pavement was preferable to riding another 179 km and then having to run a marathon . But of course I was only delaying the inevitable.

    I'd been told before the trip that the bike course at Japan was tough with the amount of climbing involved, but a plus was the smooth road surface, something that would be a bit of a novelty for me after bouncing over the Forster roads in five Ironman races. What I didn't know was that there are a lot of tunnels up to a kilometre long to travel through, around nine all up in the race. All of them had a super-smooth concrete surface. This actually felt like you weren't even moving when you rode through and the experience was a bit like a sensory-deprivation tank, just floating on the bike and focussing on the light at the end of the tunnel - literally!


    Posted: 19/06/2006


    Stars and Watercarriers - CBD Cycles Film Review - By Damon Maloney

    The first time I slotted Stars and Watercarriers into the DVD player and hit play I was a little surprised at how dated it looked to tell you the truth, the colour is not as crisp as a modern production and some of the graphics got a good laugh outa me. There's plenty to snigger at and mock even. The film ends with a shot of the Dane Ole Ritter wearing a snappy brown suit and packing his bike into the boot of his Peugeot and as he heads off to another race film maker Jurgen Leth describes "A man with a cycle, and a dream of what he will accomplish with his machine". By the third or fourth viewing though I was so into the 1973 Giro D'Italia that I went shopping down Bridge Rd for a 70's style brown suit to rock up to races in like Ole Ritter does, and I've already started working on the side burns.


    Posted: 15/06/2006


    The T.O.J. (Thighs Of Justice) Diaries!.#2 - Adam Conquest

    Hi Don Antonio,

    Just a quick note to let you know I had another good result on the weekend in my last hit-out before the NSW State ITT champs in 3 weeks.

    EVENT: Australian Time Trial Association 43km ITT @ Calga, NSW
    WHY: Run over parts of the NSW state ITT Champs course which is in 3 weeks!hence reconnaissance mission.
    RESULT: 1st & Course Record !

    DETAILS: After a fund raising function/dinner in Newcastle the night before, a fair amount of "avg booze" & 5hrs sleep before a 1 1/2hr drive @ 5:45am in the morning this was never going to constitute "ideal preparation".


    Posted: 08/06/2006


    The T.O.J. (Thighs Of Justice) Diaries!.#1 - Adam Conquest

    Yello Don Antonio,

    After the disappointment of leaving all my buddies behind in Melb & missing the MTC awards night I'm getting on with the job & knuckling down to business up here in Sydney. With the move I've decided to focus my attention to cycling over winter, although some may say that's all I ever focused on :) !However with all the babes down @ Bondi beach I did half consider joining the Bondi Surf Life Saving Club !

    My Mission!.NSW Individual Time Trial Champs (ITT) on the last w/end in June and the Vic ITT champs in September!.& to make Giant the fastest bike along the Eastern Seaboard!!!!!


    Posted: 31/05/2006

    Click here to view larger image Click here to view larger image Click here to view larger image

    Nick Walker selected for Junior Worlds

    Nick Walker, youngest of the Walker stables, has made the World Junior Team and I'm sure will give it a good shake in Belgium. John and Will who are currently racing in Europe can't wait to have Nick close by to wreak havoc on the World Champs.

    Good Luck all!!!

    Posted: 29/05/2006


    Hi Anthony and gang at CBD,

    It's not often a race grows 25% each year, but Busselton has managed to achieve this for the last couple. This year 840 individuals toed the line, plus 150 teams, with teams setting off 30 minutes behind the individual field, to give a good sized field for both 'races'.

    Pete Jacobs won last year's race comfortably, and I was determined to make his day as uncomfortable as possible, despite my limited running preparation. A hamstring injury had plagued me after a mid-February bike prang, forcing a zero quality and low volume run preparation. I was banking on the bank to get me home! There were some smokies in the field, including Matthew McDonough (Australian Duathlon champ 2005), Steven Bishop (young WA 'stalwart', 10th IM WA), Boyd Conrick (8th IM WA) and Tom Jepson (untested sometime training partner of mine!). The women's field was headed by unbackable favourite Angela Milne (IM WA Champ).


    Visit Mitch's Website >>
    Photos by Fuse Photography >>

    Posted: 28/05/2006


    Mitch wins last weekend!
    Dean, not Anderson.
    Anderson was second in Busso half while Mitch Dean takes the win in Honolulu triathlon.

    Hey mate

    Well I just knocked another race on the head, had a win in the ITU Honolulu race today.

    Was totally surprised to win,I've been a bit sore and tired all week from Wildflower last weekend and all the travelling, that knocks you round as much as anything.. but, I ignored my tired old body and went and gave it to em anyway..

    Have been staying in Santa Monica in L.A., it's great fun here and actually a good place to train. Have been hanging out with Natasha Bad'arse and her husband who are staying just round the corner from me. A wealth of info and great people.

    Next stop, Baja Mexico 70.3 half, although I'm gunna see how I'm travelling this week, I may look at UK half on the 18th June instead..either way I'm going to get drunken tonite.

    Hope your well, say hi to Jodie, stay warm

    Mitch Dean

    Posted: 18/05/2006

    CSC Clothing - Now Available ...

    Posted: 17/05/2006


    Congratulations to Jan Leverton, Kim Beckinsale and Jane Cooksley - Champions in the All-Female category at ARQ.

    Hi Darlings.....

    Just a little addition to my Mars report. Last Sunday the Aunties (Jan, Kim & Janie) returned to the ARQ series with a win in the all-female category. With Aunty Janie back after injury we sailed through the 8hr event 150 points ahead of our nearest rivals....and, more importantly came in ahead of the all-male teams as well !!!!

    This race was staged on the Gold Coast and involved starting on the sand at Broadbeach (building a sand castle.....I know, tough call to start an event!!) and running and paddling our way back to Nerang where the mtb leg took us through the rocky hills of Nerang State Forest.....then and hour and a half on foot again for the last rogaine....to finish in just under the 8hr mark. A good solid training session for our lead up to Geoquest 48hr which is on the June long weekend.

    Then yesterday - Mothers Day - saw us tackle the 30k Glasshouse trail run......not sure why I wasn't sleeping in and getting breakfast served by my boys while reading the paper.....however, obviously I decided to earn my rewards for the rest of the day drinking champagne...... Kim took out the female event in 2 hrs 40 mins....I managed to survive and finished in 3 hrs.....and enjoyed looking at all the spectacular scenery!

    Have attached a pic of our ARQ event....
    Hope you are all well
    xxx Aunty Jan

    Find out more about ARQ >>

    Posted: 17/05/2006


    Hi Ant and all the CBD crew.

    Just a quick report on a successful run in the 110th Boston Marathon on 14th April. After qualifying back in 2004 it was a good feeling to finally be on the plane bound for Boston. After 26 hours of flying I reached Boston and went about the usual pre-race routine of checking in, picking up my race kit etc.

    After 48 hours in Boston race day dawned and I left the hotel at 6am to be greeted be a chilly Boston morning of -2 degrees. Along with the other 22,200 runners I caught a big yellow school bus from Boston to the start line in Hopkinton. I was mustered in the Athletes Village for a 3 hour wait in 4 degree heat. After a sterling rendition of the American National Anthem it was time to get to the start line for another singing of the American Anthem and a fly by by 2 F16 jets.

    Finally the race started at 12pm and I was off settling into a comfortable pace and starting to tick off the splits I had planned. With an estimated 8 million people watching the race along the course the support was great and instead of running a marathon at times I felt more like a rock star.

    In all the day was a great experiance and I stuck to my race plan finishing with a PB of 3:09:28, 2096th overall. Thanks to all the CBD crew for your continued support in training and making sure I had everything needed on race day.
    Cheers Dave (David Martini)

    Posted: 16/05/2006


    Once again Congrats to Sam Hume for his superb Age Group win and with an age group win and 12th overall in 9:04:19 at Ironman Oz. Thanks for the report!

    Hi Anthony and gang at CBD,
    Here's a few thoughts about my recent experiences in Port Mac.

    It's been a while since I lined up for the start of a race and felt my stomach doing little backflips with excitement like it was on April 2. Ironman Australia 2006 has given me a focus over the last 3 years that has helped maintain my sanity by providing an alternative life outside of an often hectic study and work schedule. Nine months of travelling overseas in 2003, and exams in 2005 meant 2006 would be my earliest opportunity to tackle an Ironman and start trying to get to Hawaii. Like so many people, Hawaii inspiration came as a teenager watching the Wide World of Sports coverage of legends like Dave Scott and Mark Allen racing stride for stride through the lava fields. Fluorescent running gear and mullets aside, someday I had to do that race!

    I come from a swimming and surf lifesaving background and so I generally feel comfortable amongst the thrashing arms and stray kicks of a big open water start. I planned to try and put myself in a good position without exerting myself as I knew the swim would simply be a prelude to the main event. The unofficial rolling start was actually reasonably tame and I set off at a comfortable pace and steadily worked my way up to the leaders. Here I settled onto a set of toes in around 4th place and steered clear of trouble whilst maintaining my position into T1. For those of you who have asked, I had no idea of the ruckus occurring a few places behind until after the race was over!

    The crowd was amazing. I didn't know CBD clothing would generate so much encouragement and was stunned to be having a few personal cheers ring out amongst the general banter. "Go CBD!" "Looking good Sam Hume!" "Sunscreen! Don't forget sunscreen Sam!" (Thanks Mum).

    Posted: 11/05/2006


    Congrats to Simon Howe on completing Busselton's Half IM under difficult circumstances. Thanks for the report!

    Hi Ant and Crew,

    Just a quick overview of my last few weeks which got me to and through last weekends Busselton Half IM. After racing in Port Mac 5 weeks back, recovering fairly well and having some friends over in WA I hadn't seen for some time I elected to try something different and back up on the short turn around and head west for three main reasons; firstly to catch up with my West Aust friends (good reason to start with!), secondly as a chance to get an insight to the Busselton course and town in contemplating the IMWA in Dec and finally the chance to qualify early for IMOZ next year back in Port Mac.

    I planned to give myself a few weeks off after Port then hit some speed and intensity sessions leading into the half. My ideal plan or approach however didn't exactly work out with several interstate trips back to Tassie for family commitments and the eventual passing and funeral of my grandmother (only 3days before the race)...

    Posted: 10/05/2006


    Congratulations Nadelle on your recent efforts in the Strongman. Thanks for the report:

    Going to Strongman Japan is more than just heading off to a destination and doing a 3km swim, 155km ride and 42.2km run; it is really a complete absorption into the local community and culture.

    I arrived on the small island of Miyako on Wednesday April 19th with my fellow invited athletes, who included Andrew Steel (also from Melbourne), Joe Bonness (a 50y/o 3 time winner of the Great Floridian Ironman distance race in the US), Will Yamanoto (from Hawaii), Silvia Czaik and Hans Muehlbauer (from Germany). Our first official duty was to attend City Hall on Thursday and meet the Mayor...


    Posted: 04/05/2006


    Hi Ant and gang

    A short note to let you know what my day was like at Port Mac.

    I went into race day feeling quite good. A good service to my Giant TT bike from Ant the day before, with new wetty, helmet and race gear meant I had no excuses with my equipment. After a bit of early push and shove in the swim I found myself near the back of the front group. The guy I was sitting on lost contact with the bunch and I reacted too late and couldn't to get myself back to the leaders. My new Orca Apex felt great as this was the most comfortable I've felt in a race (apart from stuffing up the start). I ended up sitting in having a very easy swim with the second group. We ended up losing a couple of minutes on the leaders but saved a little more energy for later... Read more >>

    Posted: 28/04/2006


    Still limited space available on the 'Cousins' Pyreneean tour from July 7th -14th.
    Spend a week riding in the stunning surroundings of the Pyreneees national park and see 2 live stages of the 2006 Tour de France.

    Email gina@cousinstt.com for more details or call (03)98242333.

    Posted: 18/04/2006


    Hi Anthony,

    Third time lucky! Finally put a good race together and now and off to Hawaii come October. Though my bike split was almost identical to Forster 2005, the new Port Macquarie course is more challenging and the new bike (Giant Trinity) was fantastic. Showed in my field placing with the 43rd fastest split compared to compared to 204th at Forster. The added stiffness was great for the undulating sections and the acceleration is noticeably better than my previous bike.

    More importantly, I felt really comfortable for the whole ride and fresh for the run. I still can't believe how much difference a new bike with a tri geometry makes to the run. I have done 3 races now with the Trinity and each time the run has been great. PBs or very close to a PB. I've always found the first few ks to be a struggle, but knew as soon as I handed the bike over at T2 that I was in for a good race. Found my rhythm easily and took more than 20 minutes off my run time. So thanks again Anthony for everything and can't wait for Kona.


    Go Bloods!

    Posted: 14/04/2006


    Last month Jamie Huggett won 1st in the Gatorade Sprint Race Junior Elite. This month Jamie has earnt his No.1 ranking in Austalia. Congrats Jamie!

    Hi Anthony,

    I (won) the National Title at the Nationals at Portarlington. So I have finally got my No 1 ranking in Australia and have my name on the honour role with the likes of Craig Mottram and Courtney Atkinson. I was so happy with my race, I won by over 1 minute. I raced a 600m swim/16km bike/4km run. The conditions were really horrible, so every part of the race was harder than usual. The swim became a multilapped run in and out of the water, the bike was hilly and windy and the run was straight into a head wind. So I was very happy.

    On the second day I raced in the teams race where I did the bike leg and I received a 3rd medal, which was good. So a gold and a bronze was a good result. On Saturday I had the 1km swim trials for the VIS. I pb'd my swim by over 40 seconds and I had the run trial yesterday over 5km and I won the trial and pb'd also. So I have had a great week.

    This weekend I am racing Junior Elite Under 20 at the ITU National Championships at Geelong, Cross the fingers I do well. Then I can have a few weeks off. I will let you know how I go.

    Thankyou again,
    Jamie Huggett

    Posted: 11/04/2006


    Photos from 2006 Australian Ironman are now on the Melb Tri Club website.

    Click here to view

    Posted: 10/04/2006


    Congratulations to everyone who raced in the first Australian Ironman in Port Macquarie.

    In a field of over 1500 competitors sensational efforts by our very own Craig McKenzie, David Meade and Erica Csomor finishing in the Top Ten. Ironman Oz - April 2nd 2006

    Top Ten Mens

    1. Chris McCormack - 8:20:42
    2. Patrick VERNAY - 8:27:30
    3. Jason SHORTIS - 8:36:09
    4. Craig MCKENZIE - 8:39:54
    5. Andrew JOHNS - 8:52:02
    6. Klayten SMITH - 8:52:19
    7. Justin GRANGER - 8:55:12
    8. Chris MCDONALD - 8:57:11
    9. David MEADE - 9:00:09
    10. Stuart BARDSLEY - 9:02:07

    Top Ten Womens

    1. Lisa BENTLEY - 9:19:44
    2. Belinda GRANGER - 9:30:30
    3. Melissa ASHTON - 9:36:22
    4. Erika CSOMOR - 9:39:13
    5. Angela MILNE - 9:53:20
    6. Alison KEAN - 9:59:43
    7. Rebecca COULTER - 10:01:52
    8. Belinda HARRISON - 10:11:00
    9. Isabella JUNGFER - 10:25:34
    10. Lisa MARANGON - 10:26:19

    Other CBD legends and friends from today:Click here to visit K.I.D.S. Foundation website

    • Sean Bruce (9:11:11) 1st Male 35-39 Age Group
    • Sam Hume (9:04:19) 1st Male 30-34 Age Group
    • Simon Kellett (9:51:31) 3rd in Male 45-49 Age Group
    • Sally Murray (11:37:11) 3rd in 45-49 Female Age Group
    • Plenty of pbs on a spectacular day
    • Craig McKenzie - 8:39:54
    • David Meade - 9:00:09
    • Samule Hume - 9:04:19
    • Ryland Garnett - 9:22:54
    • Andrew Leyden - 9:34:40
    • David Howard - 9:37:39
    • Erica Csomor - 9:39:13
    • Peter Hancock - 9:44:31
    • Max Kornhofer - 9:48:44
    • Simon Kellett - 9:51:31
    • Mark Mathews - 9:54:12
    • Travis Wayth - 9:55:41
    • Anthony Fighera - 9:58:56
    • Simon Gilbert - 9:59:04
    • Brendan Holland - 10:09:14
    • Dean Chiron - 10:12:00
    • Scott Foreman - 10:14:19
    • Niall Mcdonagh - 10:18:32
    • Frank Scarce - 10:23:34
    • Adam Conquest - 10:29:12
    • Jarrod Holcombe - 10:29:42
    • Peter Elliott - 10:31:29
    • Allan Moustoukas - 10:35:58
    • Stephen Glowrey - 10:36:38
    • Brett O'Neill - 10:38:27
    • Alice McClure - 10:46:39
    • Mathew Tippett - 10:49:14
    • Shaun Cattanach - 10:56:12
    • Jacqueline Wrightson - 10:58:38
    • Matthew O'Neill - 10:58:41
    • Stephen Duerden - 11:15:21
    • Dennis Rafferty - 11:18:08
    • Mark Travill - 11:20:22
    • Sean Young - 11:21:13
    • Daniella Favero - 11:26:28
    • Steve Menhennet - 11:28:45
    • Ralph Glatz - 11:28:47
    • Jim Noutsis - 11:34:11
    • Sally Murray - 11:37:11
    • Stephen Humphreys - 11:40:32
    • Karl Davidson - 11:41:52
    • Graeme Raper - 11:44:56
    • Michael Doyle - 11:47:49
    • Tony Felesina - 11:49:02
    • Darren Halliday - 11:50:56
    • Michelle Gallen - 11:53:40
    • Ian Scott - 12:00:17
    • Mark Pumpa - 12:08:24
    • Tim Rice - 12:09:47
    • Yvette Stepan - 12:20:55
    • Steve Bridges - 12:22:22
    • Johannes Rog - 12:23:07
    • Danielle Entwhistle - 12:26:49
    • Damien Brown - 12:37:22
    • Colin Gleeson - 12:48:13
    • Steve Baker - 12:49:07
    • Simon Howe - 12:51:24
    • Mark O'Donnell - 12:55:41
    • Marcus Mckay - 12:58:12
    • Michael Fawcett - 13:02:49
    • Gary Blake - 13:06:21
    • David Atwell - 13:07:09
    • Neil Gilbert - 13:33:56
    • Michael Edgar - 13:42:50
    • Karen Anderson - 13:49:10
    • Susie ONeill - 13:54:43
    • Kate Appleton - 15:22:32

    Congrats to everyone from the KIDS Foundation. Fantastic effort! Money can still be donated via the KIDS website- click on icon above.

    Click here for all other race results at www.ironmanlive.com

    Posted: 06/04/2006


    Click here to visit Super Sprint's website

    Race 5 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series and the Brooks Fun Triathlon Series will be held this Sunday 19th February at Elwood.

    Supersprint have advised that the field limit has been reached and no more entries will be permitted so that the course is not over-crowded.

    Further information is available now at - www.supersprint.com.au

    Posted: 18/02/2006


    Click here to learn more about the Weetbix Kids TRY-athlon


    The Weetbix Kids TRY-athlon will be held at St Kilda's Catani Gardens this Sunday 12th February.

    A terrific opportunity for kids aged 7-15 to enjoy a fun race with everyone being a winner!

    Make sure you head down Sunday morning and cheer these young champions on!

    Further information is available now at - http://tryathlon.weetbix.com.au/

    Also this Sunday!

    Yarra Boulevard, Kew (Melway 44.J2) will be closed to all motorised traffic leaving cyclists with exclusive use of this fine road.

    Following the success of car-free Sunday circuits' in some of the worlds other great cycling cities Bicycle Victoria and Vicroads have teamed up to organise this event.

    This will take place from 6am to midday. Limited parking available nearby. The success of this program could lead to other events at Kew Blvd such as time trial races and duathlons.

    Posted: 10/02/2006


    Sarah Grahame

    Sportsmen Night and Fundraising Auction - Friday 10th February 2006

    Support Sarah Grahame and help her get to the World Schools Cross Country Championships in Italy in April 2006.

    Sarah's organised a Sportsmen Night and Fundraising Auction to be held at Mentone Grammar School Function Centre. Cost is $40 and includes a 2-course dinner. Drinks at bar prices.

    Guest Speakers are:

    • Lindsay Gaze(Olympic Basketball Player 1960/64/68 and Coach 1972/76/80/84)
    • Tony Benson (Olympic 5000m Finalist 1972 and Track & Field Coach 1992)

    All ticket enquiries to Jo Grahame 0407 999 964

    Posted: 06/02/2006


    Click here to visit Super Sprint's website

    Race 4 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series and the Brooks Fun Triathlon Series will be held this Sunday 5th February at Portarlington.

    To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the event being held in Portarlington there will be plenty of special events to make the trip even more worthwhile. This includes a past race tshirt display, the first hand-cycle wheelchair team competitor, and a band to kick off the party. All competitors this weekend will receive a FREE commemorative pen.

    CBD Cycles is proud to sponsor this popular event, look out for the CBD tent and van when you are there.

    The weather for Sunday is looking fine so even if you aren't racing come on down and join in the celebrations.

    Further information and online entry is available now at - www.supersprint.com.au

    Posted: 01/02/2006


    Hi Anth,

    Had a little bike ride yesterday up at Bright, the Audax Alpine Classic.
    Conditions were at the extreme with the Celsius topping out at over 40deg. With over 70k of uphill I found the climbing to be very demanding especially the last surge up Mt Buffalo, with little shade from sun.

    I ended up riding the 200k circuit in a time of 6hours, 49min and 52sec to record the fastest time of the day.

    Thanks for all your help getting me to the start line.

    Mat Tippett

    For more info on the Audax Alpine Classic please visit www.audax.org.au/index.asp

    Posted: 23/01/2006


    Will Walker - Silver in u23 World's

    Congratulations to Will Walker who won the Australian Road Championships at Mt Torrens in South Australia on the weekend. At just 20 years of age Will continues to show why he is tipped as the future of Australian Cycling and is now a contender for the men's road team in the Commonwealth Games.

    Will spent last year in the Juniors with Rabobank, finishing 2nd in the World Championships in Madrid and this year will ride in the senior team with Dutch Professional Team Rabobank.

    Full race results & reports are available at http://www.cyclingnews.com.au

    Posted: 18/01/2006


    Click here to visit Super Sprint's website

    Race 3 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series will be held this Sunday 15h January at Sandringham. The race itself comprises 750m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. Limited entries are available at the race venue today between 2-3 pm.

    Find out all about the "Tri Club Fan Club" Competition! Sandringham plays the back drop for the best Triathlon Club Fan Club Competition! Get out the club uniforms, pom-poms & maracas to cheer on your team mates. The best Triathlon Club interaction wins!!!

    Further information and online entry is available now at - www.supersprint.com.au

    Posted: 14/01/2006


    Hi All,

    Well what a day. In some of the best news and a great way to start the year ... our little Lynne Duthie became one of the youngest ever winners of the Victorian Elite/Open Women's Sprint Distance Triathlon Title at Elwood today. In perfect conditions and after exiting the swim in 4th spot with Hungarian ITU Girl Tracey Looze, and about 60secs behind Same Beenie and Vanessa Hentshcel, Lynne dragged Tracey around the entire 20kms and make up about 15 secs on the 2 other girls. Lynne actually got off the bike in 4th spot and proceeded to reel in Beenie (45 secs in front) and Hentschel (90 secs in front) to win by over a minute. To watch this happen today was one of these things you don't see very often. It was a special moment for a kid whose is just starting out and has the world at her feet. This was really an effort that had to be seen to be believed.

    Next week will see Lynne back in the thick of it to race at Race 3 of the Gatorade Series at Elwood. This will form part of our preparation for the National Junior Series and also the Oceania Games on Jan 29th 2006. To be honest I am not expecting big things form Lynne next week as she will have just completed her biggest 2 weeks of training for the year, but with Lynne you just never know.

    Thank you to all sponsors and supporters of Lynne your contribution has been greatly valued by me and Lynne and rest assured we are making every effort to bring to fruition the talent that she has come to the surface.

    Once again ... thank you!

    Jarrod Evans
    Head Coach, Tri-alliance, Australia
    Geelong Operations

    Posted: 09/01/2006


    Hi All,

    Well what a day. In some of the best news and a great way to start the year ... our little Lynne Duthie became one of the youngest ever winners of the Victorian Elite/Open Women's Sprint Distance Triathlon Title at Elwood today. In perfect conditions and after exiting the swim in 4th spot with Hungarian ITU Girl Tracey Looze, and about 60secs behind Same Beenie and Vanessa Hentshcel, Lynne dragged Tracey around the entire 20kms and make up about 15 secs on the 2 other girls. Lynne actually got off the bike in 4th spot and proceeded to reel in Beenie (45 secs in front) and Hentschel (90 secs in front) to win by over a minute. To watch this happen today was one of these things you don't see very often. It was a special moment for a kid whose is just starting out and has the world at her feet. This was really an effort that had to be seen to be believed.

    Next week will see Lynne back in the thick of it to race at Race 3 of the Gatorade Series at Elwood. This will form part of our preparation for the National Junior Series and also the Oceania Games on Jan 29th 2006. To be honest I am not expecting big things form Lynne next week as she will have just completed her biggest 2 weeks of training for the year, but with Lynne you just never know.

    Thank you to all sponsors and supporters of Lynne your contribution has been greatly valued by me and Lynne and rest assured we are making every effort to bring to fruition the talent that she has come to the surface.

    Once again ... thank you!

    Jarrod Evans
    Head Coach, Tri-alliance, Australia
    Geelong Operations

    Posted: 09/01/2006


    Click here to visit Tasmanian Events website

    Devonport is the place to be this weekend, especially if you are still hankering for a spot at Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie.

    The Tasmanian Half Ironman, the first event of the Australian triathlon calendar is also the last opportunity to earn a place at IMOZ.

    Further information is available at www.tasmanianevents.com.au
    or by contacting Kerrie Stubbs on 03 64234548 or at dtasport@bigpond.net.au

    We wish all competitors a successful start to the 2006 racing season.

    Posted: 05/01/2006