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Beam Me Up - Cervelo P5X
CBD Cycles - 04/10/2016
It's released today at Hawaii Ironman, The new Cervelo P5X. This is the first true release of a tri bike by Cervelo in over 20 years that hasn't tried to conform to stringent UCI rules regarding what is allowed to be used in bike racing such as Tour de France. What that means is this is a no compromise aero machine that cheats the wind using the very latest technology and best design principles. Will it be fast? YUP. will it attract attention? YUP. Will you want one.....YUP....if making up a few minutes is going to be the difference between winning your age group of not winning.
Will it be expensive? ....YUP.
This bike closely resembles what Phil White and Gerard Vrooman first Created as the fastest bike on the planet in concept when they were uni students. The front lower rear wheel fairing is one of the key concepts of the new Cervelo P5-X. This increases the wheel speed in the lower half of the wheel giving the bike :) free speed" .There is also the added benefit of plenty of storage in the two lower compartments for and the "extras" that are strapped onto a bike when in race mode. All these "strap ons" are creating resistance and slowing the bike down when you are racing. But thats enough P5 seX talk.... This bike is set up with SRAM Etap as we all wait for the new Shimano Dura Ace to be released. Braking is on this image "cable" disc brakes....but I'm sure these will be hydraulic before you know it, most likely incorporating Di2 shift buttons right into the brake lever as well as at the end of the aero bars. The handlebars are by Cervelo and these alone will be the fastest bars available in the market place. ENVE wheels have been chosen for a reason here. Cervelo rate them as being as fast as available and most importantly wide enough to work with the front wheel fairing. 9yes wider is faster than skinny with wheels. The current P5 will remain in the Triathlon line up offered by Cervelo for the traditionalist, but if you want to go really fast then this will be the way to go. Cervelo..... simply faster.