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TRG Celebrates 21 years
CBD Cycles - 22/06/2016
Celebrating it's 21st year, TRG, led by Julie Tedde, has established itself as one of the most successful triathlon coaching programs in Australia. Following on from being named as the Australian Champion Club in Category 4 at Ironman Australia, the results during the 2015 - 2016 season speak for themselves!

The Annual TRG - Triathlon and Multisport Awards Night was held at The Star Hotel in Clarendon Street, on Friday 17 June. The night was about recognising some of these outstanding performances, in all areas of triathlon, multisport, running, and anything else you can think of! It was a great opportunity for everyone to let their hair down, and celebrate everything that TRG offers - great friends, incredible athletes and camaraderie, that is second to none!

Jordy Wright...photographed enjoying a beer.... took out this years athlete of the year award.

A really great Triathlon training group in local bayside location. If you're looking for a friendly training atmosphere and brilliant coach get in touch with Julie.
0402 560 753