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IM Melbourne bike tips
CBD Cycles - 16/03/2015
Last minute bike mistakes.
Congratulations to making it too the big dance down under.....now it's time to check off those last few details to make things run as smooth as possible. here are some common mistakes we see by people racing big races like Ironman Melbounre.

Not servicing your bike. "but i just had it serviced 6 months ago".....and yes I've also ridden 10,000km since then!!!
Good quality rear tyres should be changed every 5000km as well as your chain.

Borrowing race wheels at the last minute which have fewer or more gearing and only trying them in a few different gear combinations thinking they work well.
Get them properly fitted by a qualified mechanic to make sure everything works together seamlessly.

Having spares with the wrong length valve extensions. Make sure your spares are good to use straight away fitted with spare value extension. Trying to pull off valve extensions out on course and refit them can be impossible without tools and take up valuable time. Race wheels have longer valve lengths than your training wheels.

Thinking I can get away with using the "old" tyres for one more race."But my coach told me not to change anything before the race." he's didn't mean these! Keep you older tyres for training if you want too but use new tyres for the race!!!

Using tyre sealant but not "resting" your race wheels in a position that will let the sealant drain from your valves. on race morning you could find you can't get air pressure into your tyres. By always resting your wheels with the values at 4 o'clock or 7 o'clock the sealant will always run out of the valves when the wheels are not in use. Sealant is brilliant and only adds a slight weight penalty for the advantage of not having to stop for a puncture repair during the race. have you mechanic insert some when your having your bike serviced before the race. It will last for about 3-6 months depending how hot it is and how much use it gets.

Race wheels that only get used a couple of times during the year might develop rust spots in the wheels bearings. These will make the wheels run slower than my nephews three wheel trike. Get the bearings replaced and go like the wind! This is surprisingly cheap for high end wheels.

For all you interstaters make sure tighten after travel. That means every bolt, not just the ones that you undid to get the bike here.

Using a razor blade to take off a single/tubular. So you hot, sweaty have a heart rate of 160 bpm and anxious to get back onto the course at full speed......"i know I'll pull out a razor blade and cut off the old single." You have more chance of ending up in medical before the end of the race with this poorly thought-out method. Use a flat plastic tyre lever and take an extra minute to get the job done.

....and the number one mistake that too many overlook is not having bought you favorite Mechanic a case of beer last Christmas.

Great racing and look out for tomorrows tips.