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Montys Suffer report
CBD Cycles - 06/03/2015
Yo dudes!

Just wanted to check in following the race down in warrnambool last weekend.
Straight-up, wouldn't have won without the bang-up mechanical expertise and special order disc from our beloved CAMTEC bicycle engineer.
only 3 negatives from my perspective.
- long way to warrnambool
- bloody cold in warrnambool
- forgot to charge my di2... this went flat ~50km into the 80... (idiot!!)

The positives far outweighed.
- pimp quick Giant Trinity ... see cam for details.
- challenging course with great volunteers
- ultra stylish sleeved, cbd race kit... see miguel for details.
- winning is always nice!!! (along with some pocket-money.)

CBD was very well represented down there, with many great results- hats off to all that raced! i know i was considering pulling the pin when i awoke to torrential rain...
but i was very pleased to have eventually HTFU and got it done.


SUFFERFEST lived up to its name for winner Monty Frankish.

The South Yarra-based triathlete told volunteers “talk about suffer” when he crossed the finish line in Warrnambool yesterday for his first major victory in 18 months.

Frankish, 28, claimed overall honours from 2014 champion Tom Rodgers, one of the sport’s rising stars, to make it three different winners in the race’s three-year history.

He finished the two-kilometre swim, 80km ride and 20km run in three hours and 41 minutes, one minute and 28 seconds clear of Seaford-based Rodgers.

“I genuinely haven’t been training much recently and I don’t know if it’s dumb luck or rest,” Frankish said.

“I have raced a couple of times in the past month and have just been riding especially well, so I decided to load it up and see what happened.”

Frankish said his form on the bike helped him build good rhythm on the four-lap Hopkins Point Road circuit.

But he admitted Rodgers pegged his way back in the run leg, an undulating two-lap trek along the foreshore promenade, to make it a nerve-racking finish.

“Luckily none of the boys had the same legs (on the bike),” he said.

“Tom rode really well but everyone else sort of dropped off.

“The first lap-and-a-half the wind was calm and then the wind got up and I really liked that because it makes it hard and I prefer that.

“I mean, if you don’t want it hard, don’t bother racing.

“I didn’t realise the run was quite as hilly as it is. I hadn’t seen it and, geez, I was just in a world of hurt.

“Admittedly I probably started a bit too fast and got a bit excited.”

Frankish said the win was a confidence boost following a lean patch.

“I raced two months ago and had a Barry Crocker — it was an absolute shocker,” he said.

“I think it’s just a case of doing it enough. But it is really satisfying to see you can mix it with some really good athletes.

“Tom is a really talented kid and Luke Bell is amazing and same with Lachie (Kerin), he’s a really talented fella too.”

Frankish suffered broken bones in a training accident with a car 18 months ago which limited his training and race schedule.

The incident didn’t dampen his love for the sport.

“It (triathlons) was a good way to make a living a few years back and then I got hit by a car,” Frankish said.

“But now I just love it. The training levels me.

“I have a lot of energy and the training just mellows me out and makes me a bit more bearable to family, friends and girlfriend.”

Frankish said he wanted to defend his Sufferfest title next year and was full of praise for race organisers and volunteers.

“I have had a great time. If you could organise some nicer weather next year — I’d prefer stinking hot to be honest, get a tan,” he joked.