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Robs Kona report
CBD Cycles - 24/11/2014
Kona race report – after much soul-searching

This has been a hard report to put together, that’s why it has taken me 5 weeks to hit the keyboard! How do you try to describe what happened and what went wrong with my Kona 2014 race when on paper it looked like I performed well given the conditions and everyone back home was congratulating me on a good result. In my view, while the result was good, my execution of the race and the preparation I planned out was not.

Whenever we try something different, take a risk and leave behind what has worked in the past, we have to accept that it is a step into the unknown and things can go wrong. In this case the ‘something different’ was signing up for a 2 week training camp in Canada run by a couple of decent blokes John Newsom and Scott Molina (well, at least John fits the description…). I had done a similar camp in NZ in 2010 and afterwards took a major step up at Ironman Australia. The timing of the Canada camp was spot-on with it finishing 6 weeks out from the Kona Pier cannon, with the training volume being enough to no doubt cause some major physical – and mental – adaptation. Across 12 days we averaged 2.3 kms of swim, 130 km of bike and 13 km of run, along with about 6000Kcal of gorging per day. Surprisingly I still lost some weight!

The plan was to launch myself into a new age group in the Ironman World Championship with life-best fitness and see how competitive I could be against my peers. Unfortunately on the day I just never felt ‘good’ (a relative term when describing how you feel during an Ironman-distance triathlon). In hindsight, despite being in close to life-best fitness, I don’t think I had freshened up enough in the taper to be able to dig deep on race day and give it my all. I don’t want to end the report on too negative a note so I have to say that I was stoked with the opportunity to race again in Hawaii and had an awesome trip in general.

I want to thank those people who ensured I was on the start line with a great chance to perform at my best:

· CBD Cycles who provided great service in the lead up via Tosh and Miguel, with Antho even flying to Kona just to fine tune my Cervelo P5 pre-race
· Body Science who again provided the nutrition that works for me so well in training and racing
· Tri Response Group coach Julie Tedde who was, like me, taking a step into the unknown with this preparation and provided a lot of her time to develop a logical and insightful plan for my final build up to Kona, which on another day could have delivered me a result that surpassed my expectations.
· Peter Burke at Melbourne Sports Massage for keeping this old body from creaking too loudly

Sometimes the best races are the ones we learn the most from, often the ones we are least happy with! Bring on 2015.