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Xterra Sarah Dolton
CBD Cycles - 20/11/2014
The Express report.
I really wanted to express my sincere appreciation for CBD Cycles generous support.
I have just returned from Maui and really enjoyed my experience competing in the XTERRA world champs. My race went really well.
I really appreciate your kindness and enthusiasm to help me out, particularly at such late notice. I look forward to keeping in touch and providing you with more updates soon. Thank you again. I very much appreciate your generous support

The Maui Times version
Event organisers were rubbing their hands together when the rain kept falling in the week leading up to the 2014 XTERRA World Championship triathlon in Maui, Hawaii. XTERRA is best known for its extreme off road terrain, and this year Mother Nature was certainly contributing to that with Hurricane Ana sweeping past the island just eight days prior to the race.
Sarah Dalton was one of 800 competitors and competing in her first World Championship event. Sarah missed the grunt of the hurricane but was there in time to experience the after math of the tropical storm with high winds and rain lingering for days. The bike course was causing a lot of angst and was becoming the topic of all conversations amongst competitors. The 30km bike trail was slowly becoming a mud slide. People returning from practice rides were barely recognisable. The 10km run course, which followed part of the bike course, was now beyond walkable. People were trying to make their way up the hills any way they could, clambering onto anything they could - tree, grass...other people. In recognising the conditions of the course Sarah bought herself new trail shoes just two days before the race. The swell at D.T. Fleming beach was becoming bigger by the day and causing a lot of carnage with people forced to forfeit the race just days before due to injuries from the heavy shore dump.
Fortunately the sun broke through, and with a solid day of sunshine the day before the race, the course dried out considerably.
Race day came and Sarah found herself standing with the other 800 competitors from 40 different countries around the world . Having qualified at the Great Ocean Road XTERRA in March, XTERRA had become Sarah's life for the past seven months. Sarah now stood on the beach questioning her place and whether she belonged in such an event.
The race starts with a 1.5km rough water swim at D.T. Fleming Beach fronting the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua. The swim was a spectacular sight with the coloured caps fighting their way through the shore break. A short beach sprint mid-race between an “M” shaped course gives spectators a chance to pick out their friends and family from the field.
The bike course certainly brought its challenges with a 20mile loop including 3,300 feet of climbing that runs through the West Maui Mountains. This year the bike course also included several tight and technical single track sections. Frustration was brewing as competitors were forced to push their bikes up the hills. It certainly was a team effort getting to the finish line with people pushing other competitors and their bikes up the slippery hills. Upon reaching the top of the climbing it is hard to not stop and take in the scenery which provides a 360 view of the mountains and Maui coast. The short lived down hills provided a welcomed relief for tired legs.
Once on the 10km run Sarah was faced with even more climbing on dirt trails, through Oleander forests, and into 60-foot ironwood evergreens to a mountain lake at 700feet. It didn’t take Sarah long to roll out the 'chi lateral' running techniques to take away the strain from her hips and calves. The descend has a few technical sections and steep downhill as it runs through green Bermuda grasses. The single track eventually opens up to provide fantastic views of the pacific, with the final stage of the run being on soft sand as it leads competitors up the finishing arch located in the gardens of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
Sarah became a XTERRA Survivor placing 12th in the 25-29 age group and 6th Australian female overall. Sarah soon realised that she did in fact belong to the XTERRA community.