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CBD Cycles - 04/04/2014
thanks again for all your support in getting me to the start line for the
Ironman on Sunday.
Dave and Cam, especially - have been great in helping me.

some changes this year:
- Garmin power meter on the bike: It really is an impressive tool and
helped me not to burn unnecessary glycogen on the bike - be super smooth.
and very good for training on the long rides as well...
- not being injured
- not being sick
- great lead up races (Challenge Melb, Olympic Dist)
- bike working flawlessly....
- also - the race suit was excellent. love the proper cycling suit feel and
high neck. very comfortable.
- I tried hard to stay w Dave(Meade, in photo) - but he was just so strong - and when I
bridged at 21k, he took off again....

see the picture attached. Position on the bike is excellent.
I'm on the plane to Hong Kong for work right now. but, will drop in to say
hello in the next couple of weeks.

thanks again,