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Around the Bay Nutrition
CBD Cycles - 15/10/2013
At this time of Around the Bay in a day we have put together a basic nutrition guide for completing this event.
Nutrition along the course is vital for making sure you replace what you are taking out of your system along the way.
Fortunately you don't have to replace everything that you lose, that is why we train for these types of rides so the body can adapt to functioning with deficiencies.
I would be suggesting at least 1 gel per hour for the first few hours , then continue with a 1 gel per hour and introduce the energy bar. How much of the energy bar that is consumed per hour will be determined by how much time you are spending on the front, or pushing the pace.

So for a cyclist doing the 210km and averaging 28km/hr
8 shotz gels and 3 Shotz energy bars and maybe a sandwich for the ferry ride - 1476 calories (5900kj)
A cyclists calorie expenditure weighing 55kg won't be too different to that of the 80kg cyclists. Once again, calorie expenditures will vary depending on how much time you do on the front.

As for fluid replacement I would suggest having the Shotz tablets in all the bottles. Drinking plain water only replaces one part of what we lose in sweat and can actually add to sodium losses by diluting the concentration of sodium in the blood. So every bottle should have Shotz tablets. If the cyclist is susceptible to cramping they can increase the amount of tablets in each bottle. For example 2 Shotz tabs per 750ml bottle.
As a guide I would be suggesting 500ml of fluid per hour.

CBD Cycles sells
Shotz gels for only $2 each
Shotz bars for only $2.50 each
Shotz tabs for $15 for 20 tabs

I hope this helps.

All the best for a successful ride!