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Tim Beardall IM Race report
CBD Cycles - 28/06/2013

I went into the race with a plan and that was to manage an injury while competing as best as I could.

About 4 weeks before the race I tore my hip labrum. This resulted in pain due to bone hitting bone whenever I ran. That meant my run preparation was largely limited. I really couldn't do any running training between the injury and the race. I decided race anyway and to see what pain I could put up with and just get to the finish line.

I booked into surgery and after being told I had damaged it as much as I could, I chose to race. Surgery was to happen a few days after the race. I figured people with no legs would eat glass to feel any pain in their legs and that reminded me to be grateful that I could still compete. When problems arise we have a choice. So I decided I should see what I could handle to be the best I could be. Pain is what it is. Knowing any more bone I hit off my hip would be smoothed over in surgery allowed me to accept this.

I was happy. The weather was calm and the wind fairly cooperative. I really did not find my rhythm until the end but I kept just focusing on finding the best markers to swim towards and concentrate on sighting. I swum on course. I wanted a solid result in the water without putting pressure on my hip. Walking from the swim to bike made people ask what was going on but I knew I only had one run in my hip. I was just wrapped to be out there having a go.

This was interesting. I was unable to find any rhythm. My hip just would not let my legs activate the appropriate muscles. The bike course is really different and the range of hills and flat sections enables you to be in and out of the time trial position. This was a relief as it let me stretch my muscles and reduce the strain. The set up of my bike was great too. The guys at CBD Cycles helped set up my Giant Trinity really well and it was a dream to ride a bike that was saying lets move. Fortunately I was comfortable in the time trial position as well as when I was in the standard position. Climbing the hills on the bike was great. When my muscles let me get going the Giant was a fantastic bike to ride. Even though I was having a different kind of day it was enjoyable going through this race on it. The advantage of the Giant is you can set it up so your hips stay open or closed in any position. Thanks to CBD Cycles I was out riding in as much comfort as possible. I just love riding and competing in these events.

Throughout the race the spectators were wonderful, so to the volunteers. They would urge us on from the varying vantage points along the course. This was extremely helpful during the run, the entire town created a exciting feeling. I had to run hard but my body wouldn't let me. I had no power in my hip. I thought I was being chased down by another pro who had had wheel issues all through the cycle course and I wanted to create some doubt for him as to how fast I could run.

The pain of the run was a different level. It was a way to learn. The pain of running slow when you feel you can run fast is just as annoying but in a strange way. When you get no response from your body in terms of performance it is frustrating.

I was really pleased I finished the race and will seek to deliver on all the goals I had coming into the race. I will keep trying to learn.

Result 6th Professional.
I have just had my operation and am looking to be back strong very soon.