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James Chronis Report
CBD Cycles - 03/06/2013

Hi all,

Since Ishigaki World Cup I have been on a mid season break which was a good time to clear my head and rest my body to regain focus on my second half of the season.
I had 3 weeks off with minimal training being done but lots of work at my families restaurant Sugo.
This was a good change and almost made me feel like I had a normal life (but I felt lazy watering and eating pasta everyday).
So I guess that made me excited to get back into things and at the start of the month I began my build for two months leading into my next race.

I have started my training strong with my main focus on swimming to make sure I do not get the disappointment of missing the front pack in a race. I am swimming with the National Surrey Park swim squad. Swimming with swimmers has always been good to mix in with different people and coming from a swimming background I enjoy the culture that I was brought up in.
All sessions have been outdoors so to start back training when Melbourne’s weather had started cooling down made me feel sick in my stomach. But after a week of enduring 8km sessions I was back into the mindset of toughening up and training in any conditions.
Riding and running have been fillers till now and will be till the end of the month. I am keeping most rides on my wind trainer due to bad weather which does get a bit boring but thankfully the Giro is on to help pass the time.
I am still only in a strength phase in my training block which will build into more intense workouts the closer I get to racing.

I will be back writing soon when I have some more news to report on. For the meantime I will be enduring the cold weather until I leave for Spain mid July.


James Chronis