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Monty's First Ironman
CBD Cycles - 16/05/2013
Hey guys,

Just wanted to check-in following Ironman Australia.

Had a really fun day (with the last 10km excluded) and managed to get away with 4th in my first Ironman.

I’m not sure what I expected... but Ironman is HARD! Like REALLY HARD!

Big props to anyone that gives it a crack!

Very satisfied to come away with 4th, and some valuable lessons. Will be a while before I line up for my next, but I look forward to it!

So grateful to have been able to compete in such a race, especially with the events of the past 12 months.

Thanks to all you guys in there, Particularly- Anth, Dave and Cam and of course big thanks to Giant Bikes Australia.

As always the bike and everything came together like a dream (except for the fact that i put my bike shoes on the wrong pedals in transition!)

See you soon,