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South Sumatra Continental Cup Race Report - James Chronis
CBD Cycles - 05/04/2013
South Sumatra Continental Cup Race Report:

Last week I was off to Palembang in South Sumatra, Indonesia, for the 2nd last Race of my season. Getting off the plane was a shock to the system with humidity levels well over 90%.

The race only had 24 athletes on the start line with an Olympic athlete from Japan Yuichi Hosoda ranked 1st for the event.
There were also 3 Russian athletes who are all ranked well within the top 100 in the world.

The morning of the race I had a bit of a sore stomach and pre race nerves shook me up a bit, but after warming up and getting into my race zone it was all behind me and I was ready to race.
We all lined up on a 2m high dive pontoon to start the swim and being ranked 5th I was able to place myself among some of the stronger swimmers.
With the first buoy being 250m away it was important that I got a good start to position myself in the water towards the front of the race.
Coming back through lane ropes around 1km into the swim the pace had slowed down and I was able to take advantage of this and put myself into 2nd position, which I held through to the swim exit.
Getting in and out as fast as I could through transition put me first out onto the bike.
Putting my head down and getting a lead group away was the first thing on my mind to stretch out any stragglers.
5 kilometers out onto the bike I was in the leading group of 6, including Hosoda and Tutukin (one of the three Russians). We all settled into a rhythm rolling turns with some fellow Aussies pushing the pace helping us keep away from the groups behind and extending our lead.

Setting ourselves up in the group for a fight for the podium we all started to position ourselves in the closing stages of the ride.
As soon as I saw the main contenders reach for their shoes straps I hopped out of the saddle and attacked them to gain a small lead into transition.
With a swift transition I was off leading the run hoping to stay away. 500m into the run I was joined by Tutukin who came past me at a faster pace.
I was able to keep on his feet and we ran majority of the run together brining us down to sprint for the win. Coming down to the last kilometer Tutikin was sitting behind me while I started to up the paceā€¦. With about 600m to go I surged hard to try break the Russian but he held, and as soon as I eased up he counter attacked, I was ready for it but he was to strong and was able to break me with about 300m left to the line to finish in 2nd.

I was very happy with this result as it is now my 3rd podium in a Continental cup and it has boosted me into a new ranking of 105 in the world on the ITU points list.