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Fluid Movements Tri Club Ironman Melbourne Race Report
CBD Cycles - 26/03/2013
Hi Anth and team,

Fluid Movements Triathlon had a great day at Ironman Melbourne. We qualified 4athletes for the Hawaii ironman

Our athletes in are Ralph Glatz, Henry Polk, Brendan Lynch and Dale Martin and MTC member Mark Harrison also scored a roll down to get to the big dance.

This adds to the athletes we have already qualified, Stephen Guy and MTC member Travis Treymayne.

We had 2 unlucky athletes miss out on roll down by one spot, CBD’s Jodie Morris and Nicholas Schwal.

Such a great day out and looking forward to preparing them for the day in October.

Great to see so many CBD athletes out on course, and thanks for the support in prepping bikes and the great service you provide the team.


Coach Foz