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Joel Tobin-White Race Report
CBD Cycles - 13/03/2013
Just giving you a brief update on my first Elite Race back in Wellington on the weekend that was the under 19 Elite Oceania Championships.

I was extremely nervous before the race. I'm talking to the point of nearly vomiting. I think it was just all the pressure I put on myself in my first race back, that I had to win to gain automatic selection into the World Junior Team. After the usual name introducing we were ushered to the start pontoon where we were held for exactly seven minutes before race start. I was mucking around with the photographer to distract myself from the nerves. The gun went off and whilst I had a nice fast first 100, I was second from the far right and a small group of us ventured far right from the line into the first bouy. This really stuffed up my swim overall because once we realised our internal compasses had failed and had started to head in the correct direction we were behind the main group.

I ended up exiting the water at the back of the second pack, but a lightning fast transition got me one of the first from second pack on the bike. I knew all the favorites were up ahead so I knew that if I was any chance for a decent result I would have to be extremely vocal in getting my group to work. Oh boy was I vocal. I had lots of people come up to me laughing at the end of the race saying how they could here my distinct voice screaming and swearing at people to roll through and keep the turns fluent. I was frustrated to say the least. After spending a lot of the 20k ride on the front, I had dropped the time gap from 40 seconds to 30 seconds. Again with another fast transition I exited transition first for the second pack however I was still not in the top 10 and I knew the front runners of the front pack were 40 seconds up the road. I knew I was running well. I knew what I had to do. I just stared ahead and did what I do best - running fast...

After the last turn around, with 1.25 km to go I was locked in third place. A first elite race result I was extremely happy with considering my atrocious swim. My run time was only 6 seconds slower than that of the winner Jake Birtwhistle who is known for his phenomenal run leg.

This weekend I head up to Mooloolaba for the Elite Men Continental Cup which is Olympic Distance. I know I'll be one of the fastest runners so I'll be doing everything I can to have a a good swim.

Ill let you know how I go,