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CBD Cycles - 20/11/2012
It's been a busy few weeks but I’ve finally got around to penning this little race report (and trying out some new computer skills...)

This was my first time back on the big island since 2008 and you couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I drove through town on my way out to White Sands Beach where I was staying. So many memories from my 3
previous Hawaiian IM's - it was great to be back!

I was on a quick trip this time, leaving my family at
home just 6 days after the birth of my second
daughter. The support from my wife Naant and family/
friends was such that they not only encouraged me to
go, but were so helpful whilst I was away that my wife actually lost her voice from talking to all of the
people who dropped in. The freezer is still full of bolognese sauce...

Swim 54:33
Bike 5:09:34
Run 3:02:39
Total 9:12:03

THE SWIM - 54:33
47th place overall; 3rd in age group

The swim start in Kona worries me. So many people trying to get the ideal start leads to plenty of rough stuff in the first few hundred metres. This time I swam with one goggle full of water for a full 15 minutes after
a start line whack before I felt the time was right to empty it and re-gather myself. As always in an IM, I swam easily,
finding feet and keeping my head down.

THE BIKE - 5:09:34
109th place overall; 11th in age group

The first 20km went smoothly, with calm, still conditions
contrasting with the screaming crowd and cracking pace of some athletes. I just focused on finding a pace that felt right, necessitated by a Garmin malfunction. A headwind picked up and before long the going became
tough - similar to those booming northerlies on Beach
Rd in September. To me it seemed the standard of age
group bikers had improved over 4 years, and there were
plenty of legal and illegal bikers making their way along the Queen K. I rode fairly conservatively, hoping a
headwind out would equal a tailwind home. This was not to be however and most of the trip home was also into a
headwind. I backed off over the last 50km, losing some
time but determined not to enter T2 unable to run solidly.
My time was actually better than I thought it was going to
be, but still the slowest I have ridden in Kona. Still, on a hot windy day, getting the pacing right was the priority and the run would be the tell-all.

THE RUN - 3:02:39
37th overall; 3rd in age group

It's so important to remember that sometimes you just feel better when you start running, and to not think your day is going bad prematurely. Fortunately I started off at a reasonable pace and started picking people up. There were some flat moments such as after running up Palani, but overall I think my run was solid for such a windy and hot day. There was plenty of support out there from Australian athletes and supporters recognising the
the CBD kit. I had a good 5km running with Greg Farrell out of the Energy Lab, and as usual I crossed the line looking pale and unsteady enough to earn some TLC in the medical tent. The appearance of my feet still
frighten onlookers 3 weeks post race.

THANK YOU - Support from the home front

Antho Moustakas at CBD CYCLES and Alistair Wilson/Marty Clucas/Darren Rutherford at GIANT have kept me on the best and best-running bikes I could
possibly have, and their support is a massive assistance
and provides such peace of mind.
Trent Harlow at MIZUNO understands athletes and running better than anyone, and he has been incredibly helpful in guiding me through Mizuno's vast range to find training and race shoes that work for me. Paul Visentini at PHYSIOSPORTS Brighton has immense
experience in working with triathletes and his healing hands and pragmatic approach have kept me on track
when trouble threatened. Craig Percival at AQUASHOP
is generous with his time and advice, and provides a great range of swim products - I've used BLUESEVENTY with great satisfaction for the last 6 years. Also many thanks to Dan O’Brien at POWERBAR for his assistance and advice with training and race day nutrition.