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Ken Murley Wins in Auckland on his new P5!
CBD Cycles - 26/10/2012
Ken Murley had a great race on his new Cervelo P5, winning the Sprint Triathlon World Championships last weekend in Auckland

Here is his race report:

Was 5th out of the swim. Got left at the start. Jumped into the water with everyone else, put my head under to test if my goggles were leaking and when I looked up they were gone. It didn't cost me though. Once all the others had climbed over each other I was able cruise up behind them and thread my way through them without any trouble.

The transition was about 500 metres and I used that to pick up 3 of them. The other one I got pretty quick on the bike. I rode the hills heaps better (quicker) than I expected and as the road was dry was able to put in some really high speed thrilling descents. They sure make the adrenaline pump. Once I hit the flat was able to maintain around 42kph going out. Coming back into the wind I upped my cadence and was able to sit between 30 - 35 kph. The new P5 from CBD Cycles was a jet.

Overall I was pretty happy with the ride and was the quickest in my age group. Then I held on for the run