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Super Coach Foz and Team Checking in after Hawaii
CBD Cycles - 15/10/2012
Our team of six all had rock solid races in Kona yesterday. Testament to their commitment and consistency over the Winter.

All were doing their first Hawaii Ironman

Three of the boys went under 10hours, and all had sensational races.

Check out the results

Stephen Natoli - 01:07:34 05:11:15 03:12:37 09:37:20

Steve Guy - 01:04:23 05:25:17 03:08:06 09:46:05

Alex Houghton - 00:59:15 05:16:49 03:37:33 09:59:21

Mark Johnston - 01:07:46 05:36:44 03:46:50 10:38:39

Darren Phelps - 01:10:54 05:31:17 03:50:07 10:41:58

Cyrma Hearn - 01:21:40 06:19:13 04:09:44 12:01:16

All the athletes above qualified for Hawaii at IM Melbourne 2012!

If you are keen to step up and get to Hawaii 2013, or just to get a PB, contact Super Coach Sean Foster

Email Coach Foz for details of the 20week Melbourne Ironman program starting November. fluidtri@gmail.com
Sean Foster

Head Coach - Fluid Movements - Melbourne Tri Club

High Performance Manager - Fluid Pro Team

(m) 0421 020 805

www.fluidmovements.com www.facebook.com/fluidmovements.triathlon

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