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The Mighty Bloods Rule Again
CBD Cycles - 01/10/2012
If you're looking for a good deal on a Giant Bike... THIS IS THE WEEK TO GET ONE!! Anthony is feeling very generous after his boys the Mighty Bloods had an awesome win on Saturday! Well done to the Hawks too, on a well fought match.

Swans 14.7 (91) Hawks 11.15 (81)

IT was breathtaking and brilliant. The Sydney Swans had 22 heroes yesterday as they willed themselves to one of the most stirring grand final victories in years.

Goodes typified the heart shown by a team that refused to lose. He was on one leg from the second quarter with a knee injury, yet he came up with the goal to put his team ahead at the death.

It was far more spectacular than that as Sydney saluted on the scoreboard and O'Keefe walked away with the Norm Smith Medal. (Perfectly predicted by Anthony on Friday!)

O'Keefe's season had been building perfectly after a slow start with a knee injury and it all came together in a 28-disposal, 15-tackle midfield masterclass.

All in all Anthony is ecstatic about his boys win and in a very chirpy mood! So this week is a good week to get on down to CBD Cycles and make the most of his good mood with an even better deal!