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CBD Cycles - 17/09/2012
Day 6...Settling in.
Today is the first real day that I have felt like I have settled in. My heart rate on both runs resembled something that I would have seen before I left and my body clock feels like it is on Hawaii time.

It is so comforting knowing that after tomorrow, and the training really ramps up, my body is settled and ready to go.

Today was a great day, was going to sleep in, however was awake and ready to go.

Having a cruisey morning doing some odds and ends with relaxing.

I headed to the pool at 10.30 am ready for a solid swim set.

The plan was 500 odd metres warm up, then

10 x 300 paddles/buoy on the 4.30min cycle.

Then cool down.

Well everything was on track until 11.05am when over the loud speaker there was a notification, no not someone has crapped in the pool, but the pool was closing in 10min. Yep, at 11.15am until 1.30pm. I didn't really believe it until at 11.10 the life guards starting asking people to get out of the pool. I was a bit pissed by this as my mind was on the task at hand and the arms were feeling good.

I had completed 4 x 300 coming in on the 4.04's and was looking at just holding this pace for the remainder.

I had a quick cool down and and Matty and I decided to ride to the open water to do a little bit more. We swam for about another 500m and then headed home. 1/2 the job done, not really happy.

The afternoon entailed 2 runs, the first being of 1hr 15min and the 2nd 45min, both easy. The sun was out for the first run and it was hot, hot along the Queen K with no where to hide from it, no shade nothing...but I loved it, the legs felt good and the pace was really comfortable around the 4min 50's just a good easy run. Once home from that , lunch followed and then some r&r.

I was doubting myself a little in the second run, although only 45min, I was unsure of how my legs would go. Kicking off rather late, my legs settled quite fast and I got moving along a little bit quicker than the earlier run. Having a little crack to see where they were at and handling really well was pleasing. I know my body has finally settled in.

Tomorrow is a double swim day and also massage day, am really looking forward to all 3. This is the first time that I am actually enjoying my time in the water and not dreading it. Combining the open water for longer continual swims with the pool makes it easy to get my head around and really get some quality in.

Good mate and training partner Greg arrives this week which will be good, having a few of us to train with will only help with getting the sessions done well.

For now...

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