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Congratulations Carole Cooke! Gold at London Paralympics 2012!
CBD Cycles - 06/09/2012
Congratulations to Carol Cooke who won Olympic Gold overnight in the time trial.

Her interview with the Australian Media last night:

"My mantra is if you believe in your dream it may come true but if you believe in yourself it will and I just kept saying that all the way through and thought I can do this," Cooke explained as tears welled in her eyes.

"Helen gave me something to put on my wall and she said I had to read it every day. It said 'take pride in how far you've come and have faith in how far you can go' and every morning I've woken up and looked at the wall and read that and I just proved it today."

Refer website link for full report. http://kellycycling.com.au/

Carol’s road race is being held on Saturday. We will keep you posted on her results.

Congratulations also due to Kelly Cycle Coaching; Bob and Helen for all their support to Carole along her amazing journey! And also to Nick our wondrous mechanic for all his fantastic work on Carole's bike!