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Unbelievable and worth the wait!
CBD Cycles - 10/05/2012
Tim Deveson picking up the first S5 VWD Di2 bike delivered in Australia yesterday.

It has been a long wait but his feedback this morning "UNBELIEVABLE AND WORTH THE WAIT!!!!"

Loving that Argyle :)

From the Official Cervelo Website:

S5 VWD - At under 1000 grams- some 270 grams lighter than Cervélo S5- this bicycle combines all of our aerodynamic knowledge plus everything we have learned from the Project California R5ca to offer performance absolutely unmatched in the aero road category.

S5 Team - Maintains the same stiffness and strength numbers, but is made 100 grams lighter through further material refinements. This is the bike of choice for Team Garmin-Cervélo.

S5 - Our benchmark is a no-compromise aerodynamic road bicycle which benefits from all of our latest technologies and advanced lay-ups.