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The Rix Report - Olympic Distance
CBD Cycles - 06/02/2012
Wow, the legs are nice and sore today!!

Had a ripper race yesterday in the Gatorade Tri Series Race 4 at Sandringham. I was a little nervous going into this race, having never competed in an Olympic Distance before, but as with all Supersprint events still very excited!

First thought was "That swim course is BIG", the water was a great temperature though and protected for the most part from the increasing Northerly wind.

The second leg of the day was definitely the hill climb run from the beach to T1 - I'd been advised by my girlfriend Mads to hammer this bit, but felt like I was creeping!!

Heading out on the bike 20sec down on the leader, slotting into TT mode the next job was to get to South Rd as fast as possible in anticipation of the tailwind at the turnaround. Once into top spot it was all about getting far enough in front to hold off the runners in the upcoming 10km. The rest of the ride went well and it was so great to race along that section of Beach Rd, especially with all the support coming from the crowd along the whole course.

Leaving T2 the focus was on getting through Lap 1 of the run, and then seeing how the body felt going into the last 5km. Having been run down by Leigh Chivers in the last 800m of Race 2 at Elwood, plus the exciting finish of the Elite Females at Race 3 in Brighton, I kept the pace on and did a few headchecks in the last 3km until safely over the finishline!

Then it was a bit of a wait until the second wave of M25-29 had finished and the results came out at the presentations. I'd held on and with a time of 2:00:00.3 won the Victorian M25-29 Olympic Distance title!

Congratulations to Paul Speed from MTC and Ryan Bourke from Tri-Alliance on 2nd and 3rd.

A big THANK YOU to you guys at CBD CYCLES for having my bike running super sweet and all your support on race day.

See you up at Falls Creek!!

Sammy Rix