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Cervélo P5 Latest
CBD Cycles - 14/12/2011
Cervélo has it's official launch of the new P5 Time trial bike on January 18th in Europes Brainbike. Cervélo's brainbike events happen around the world where Gerard or Phil present the latest of whats going on in Cervélo world.
Here are some more unofficial details into what will likely be on tap for Cervélo’s launch.

Cervélo's new P5 will cater more to their highly loyal multisport clientele with a shape that's speedier and easier to fit but while still keeping the needs of its road teams under consideration.

The P5's overall shape will be easily identified as Cervélo. The new bike will be more aerodynamic with a taller down tube, a more aggressive seat tube profile around the rear wheel cutout, and a conventional single-crown fork—however, with an additional bolt-on nosecone to increase the effective aspect ratio.

The seat stays are set further apart than on the P4 to facilitate airflow through the area, and we’re told they're more upright and attached higher up than before, too—not unlike the blurred-out profile featured in Cervélo's own teaser document, in fact, which also depicts a rather elongated 'tail'.

The new P5 is said to boast a greater level of integration, including a BBright asymmetrical bottom bracket, fully hidden internal Shimano Di2 and Campagnolo EPS-compatible routing, and a sleek new braking system developed with a different manufacturer, when compared to the P4. Details on the new brakes are scant but our industry insiders have suggested it isn't a variant of the TT/tri-specific linear-pull system TRP developed last year, but rather something unique to Cervélo and distinctly different from what's already out there.

Cervélo will have both the new Shimano Ultegra Di2 and Dura-Ace Di2 complete bikes as well as SRAM and conventional mechanical gearing setups in the P5.

The P5 will shy away from the P4's aggressive head tube in favor of a taller setup similar to the P2 that is more conducive to triathlon. In keeping with changes to the S5 we expect to see some modifications to cervelo's stack and reach measurements on the new P5 with possible reductions in reach on some of the smaller frame sizes.

In fact, we're told that the P5 will not only wear a similar front end height to the current P2 but it's also pegged as a sort of more evolved spirit of Cervélo's all conquering multisport machine.

The P5 is a triathlon bike first, and time trial bike second, where as the P4 was a time trial bike first and a triathlon bike second. The P5 like the P2 will have plenty of flexibility to cater for all sorts of less flexible triathlon age groupers as well as Pro athletes alike

As such, we're told that the P5 will forego a dramatically sleek proprietary cockpit for a standard setup that will be easier to fit and allow more choice in components, a move retailers and fitters will undoubtedly support.

Even better, retail pricing is set for a shake-up with the new P5 following the form of the new S5 having frameset with different levels of layup engineering. This means prices for the new P5 Team may start as low as $4000 for the frameset with forks,headset,brakes and seat post.

Cervélo's Asian manufacturing partner previously only worked with 24- and 30-ton carbon fiber at the high end, but the lessons learned from the R5 California project have borne fruit in the form of more advanced composite technology for the company's mass-produced frames so expect a top-end P5 VWD ("Vroomen White Design") and likely a second-tier P5 Team with the current model P2 filling the void of the lower to entry level race machines.

Cervelo is not in the habit of changing their bike design unless they can make it better. With the P5 we expect to see this new bike is faster in the wind tunnel than anything else the company has made to date. As for the weight, the recent S5 intro suggests to us that the P5 may be slightly lighter than the P4. Cervélo makes sure their flagship aero models are aero above all else, while still taking into consideration light weight and adequate stiffness for human beings such as Fabian Cancellara and yourself.

Time will tell and at least for now, Cervélo isn't talking. We’ll simply have to wait till January18th for all the details and probably much later in the year for availability in store.