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Ivo's Giant TCR Adv SL O Review
CBD Cycles - 30/11/2011
After selling my Giant 2009 TCR Advanced bike in August this year, I have been anxiously awaiting delivery of the new 2012 TCR Adv 0. Marcella, my beautiful wife took full advantage of me being home on the weekends. The gardens are manicured, the garage rebuilt and the bathroom renovated.
Finally I got the call from Anth at 2:03pm Tuesday 15th November that it was ready for pick-up. My otherwise normal existence was suddenly spiked with elation as I made a quick exit from work and headed straight to CBD. Anth greeted me with a surly smile as he knew of my anticipation, following from many pleading phone calls ‘is it in yet?’

There it was, taking prime position on the shop floor, a menacing looking machine finished in matt black, ostentatious in its stealth like qualities.

Within 30 minutes Anth had me fitted up. Thanks obviously to many years experience in bike set-ups and exacting carbon cutting skills (always a heart stopper!), a quick handshake and I was away. By 4pm I was pulling on the lycra at Beach Rd Port Melbourne, prepared to take on the homeward bound city traffic, just so I could get my first taste of the new machine. A couple of kilometres later and I knew my anticipation was justified.

The noticeable outstanding features from my previous bike were the handling and electronic gear shifting. Direct, responsive handling combined with a smooth velvet feel for the road immediately provided a sense of confidence in the bike’s abilities. The Di2 electronic gear shifting was new to me, coming from mechanical STI levers. It was an easy transition however, as the shift buttons are located in the same place as the mechanical levers. Shifting was precise and faultless making it a pleasure to change gears.

The bike is fantastic and without doubt outclasses the capabilities of this rider! Within the first 10km I realised that it would take me quite a few rides to get back the lost fitness from months of not riding – I also knew that I would enjoy making up for lost time in the saddle.

Thanks to the boys at CBD for getting me back on the road.
Ivo – weekend warrior (as long as there’s a cafe’!)