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It's Racing Season!
CBD Cycles - 22/11/2011
What an awesome day at St Kilda Gatorade Tri Series on Sunday.
After having 50ppl race Shepparton the week before, yesterday we had over 40 ppl race at St Kilda. We had athletes backing up from Shepp, our sprinters came out to play and had super athletes from our 3MTC Beginner courses racing their first ...err Duathlon.
Took out podiums, with Zoe Ferguson, Krista Demiris, Ken Murley (1st), Trent (2nd), Paul Speed and Cyrma Hearn (3rd), Lyndsey Travis (4th).
There were many PB's and smiling faces, and a great atmosphere at our team tent. the most successful group on the day easily.
Many thanks have to go out... especially to Al Morris, Aaron Keefe, Tamara Allen, Lockie Jeffrey for their super efforts with tent, catering and making all our great club members feel welcome.
Please note : if you not yet a member of MTC, but used the hospitality at the tent, it would be good to see you sign up for 2011-12. Tent, catering, cheap uniforms, why wouldn't you!!! get on it http://melbournetriclub.com/general/mship