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A word from Shep's Champ!
CBD Cycles - 14/11/2011
Hi Guys,

Nice to touch base with some good news this time around.

I raced the IM 70.3 Shepparton yesterday here in Victoria, kicking off the Australian summer season in great fashion with a Win.

The 10 minute victory is a little misleading with a bit of controversy and dnf’s souring the event, however the fact I lead off the bike (despite others cutting it short), and my 1:15 half marathon in hot and windy conditions showed I was in the shape and had the confidence I was the best man on the day anyhow.

The win is also a shot in the arm for my preparation for IM Busselton, being held in 3 weeks time. I feel I’m a little underdone, trying to fit this training in around the 9-5’er but I’ll roll the dice and see what comes up.

Thanks again for the great support, I definitely couldn’t do it without you. Hope to touch base individually in the coming days/week.