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Garmin Vector
CBD Cycles - 19/08/2011
Garmin has announced details of the production-ready Vector pedal-based power meter.

The new meter will be compatible with Garmin’s Edge 500 and Edge 800 GPS computers.
A four-sided array of strain gauges sits inside each pedal spindle, with data sent via the ANT+ protocol from the external transmitter to a head unit on the handlebars. The external transmitter is clamped in place by the pedal itself, in between the axle and the crank arm. The pedal itself is a Look KéO-compatible platform built by Exustar for Garmin.
The Vector will have a huge advantage over other powermeters on the market place by being easily swappable between bikes, as quickly as swapping any other pedals.

The transmitter sits perpendicular to the crank arm, meaning that during a pedal strike or crash it is protected by the shoe, pedal body , and crank arm itself.

By reading power out of each pedal, left and right side power output can be analyzed independently, in addition to viewing total power output.
Availability is set for March 2012 and price will be about $1,500 give or take a few Watts.