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Gesta pre Rohto 70.3
CBD Cycles - 02/06/2011
Aloha from Lava Java in Kailua Kona. Only a few days now until Rohto 70.3. Those not farmilar with this race it's not in Kona but about 45ks north of Kona in the Kohala district. This is my second visit to the Big island, first time was back in 2006 for the Ironman World Champs. Nothing has changed with crystal clear waters, predicable hot humid winds and a scorching sun.
I went for a 100k ride up towards Hawi this morning on the new Trinity TT. The bike with Di2 is superb, the ride is anything but flat. A lot of rollers along Queen K and up to (and down from) Hawi. The hill out of Kawaihae coming back is tough but once back on the Queen K the taily was much welcomed with speeds of 60+kph soon got me back home in a hurry. If the weather holds then it will be a fast but hot race.
As always there's a strong Aussie presence here with many flying over when i did and many more coming.

Thanks again for team CBD support.