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Send Ben to Bogata WBC.
CBD Cycles - 14/04/2011
The World Barista Championships need Ben!!!
Together we can generate enough votes to send him to Bogata and have one of our best Barista's represent.


About Ben. I'm 32 and I am a Barista Trainer and small batch roaster at Genovese Coffee in Melbourne. I've been in the game for a while now, but I've never been to origin, so help a brother out and vote for me!Send me to Bogota because...Send me to Bogota because I will have an amazing time on your behalf! If you know me you know that I live, breath, and occasionally even drink coffee ;)

So going to a WBC held in a coffee growing region would be a highlight of my life. How often do you get to make someones dreams come true by simply clicking on "VOTE FOR ME" and typing in a few details? This is that moment, so do it!
Basic InformationComing soon...ActivitiesWhen I'm not getting my coffee geek on, I'm hanging with my girlfriend, friends and family, riding bikes, buying bikes on ebay, selling bikes on ebay, eating out, walking my dog, watching movies or series, etc etc

...and by the way....by just voting for Ben you go into the draw to win $1000, but we are not doing this for the money....we are doing it for the love. So vote for Ben now.