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En Masse, coffee break, with bike!
CBD Cycles - 30/03/2011
Liaison, "one of Melbourne's worst kept secrets" is hosting a En Masse bike gathering at lunchtime Thursday 31th March. (yes today).
Coffee break!!!!!! It's the best excuse to get out of the office and a genuine reason any employer can hardly deny you.

The only problem is sometimes your friends work at the other end of town for a caffeine rendezvous. Or maybe your favourite cafe isn't the one at the bottom of your building. Or both.

If you own a bike but it's at the bottom of your building in secure storage, take one of the 18kg BLUE bells for a short trip this THURSDAY 31 March between 12 and 1pm.

Take a cobbled lane way en route as part of your Melburn Roobaix 2011 preparations.

Free coffee, prizes, and hopefully a laneway FULL of Melburnians and those BLUE bikes. What a sight to see.

Email fyxomatosis(at)gmail.com and we will email you an ACTIVATION CODE for FREE WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION for the bike - or pick one up from Liaison. You will still need a credit card to use the bike!