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Willo Enduro Challenge 11
CBD Cycles - 22/03/2011
Willo Enduro Challenge 2011 Report

A group of us headed up to Wingello NSW for the race to celebrate the life of James Williamson. We attended his funeral last year and all committed to coming back if any race came together so it was great to make it up for the event. A sombre mood on the start line was shifted by a few words from James’s father. Willo had used an expression as a child ‘you can’t top that up’ so James’s dad told us with a big smile to ‘top it up lads’.
As you would expect, the start line was packed with talent and the pace was FAST. After backing up another 80hr week at work I had low expectations of what my legs could put out. The trails were great fun, super fast and flowed like beer on tap.
I managed the 75km in 3hr 20mins and placed 22nd in a big field which I was happy with all things considered. Enjoyed the race and keen to move into a period of consistent training to get my leg speed going.
I am sticking with the race bike set-up of Rocket Ron evo with XX tube front and Racing Ralph DD tubeless on the rear. It’s a great combinations and fast on a really wide range of conditions so no matter what the weather brings I’m relaxed about what my set-up is.
Seems appropriate to finish on the theme of the event, RIDE ON.