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Great Christmas Gift Ideas No.10
CBD Cycles - 29/11/2010
Having a floor pump in the house is a must have item for any person who rides a bike. Road tyres need to be pumped to correct pressure before every ride to make sure you don't puncture as easily and that you keep full control of your bike.
Naturally not all floor pumps are equal and Giant Control Tower 1 is a premium pump that not only takes care of any bicycles you have in the house but can also even do motorbike, trailer, pram and even car tyres. It also comes with adaptors to pump inflatable water toys, footballs, basket balls, Soccer balls, Swiss balls, and anything else that comes with a valve for air.
This CBD Cycles preferred pump to use at home and in our workshops. It consists of an sturdy steel base with steel barrel construction with an easy to read elevated display for accurate pressure. Smart head technology with a blow off release button. A great Christmas gift for $79.95