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Gatorade Tri Series - Race 1
CBD Cycles - 19/11/2010
Well, Race 1 of the Gatorade Triathlon Series is here and the forecast is for "great fun in the sun!!!"

CBD Cycles is once again proud to be the sponsoring bike store for the Series and our team is keen to help you with all you triathlon needs.

We have a great new range of Nineteen wetsuits available in store as well as a fantastic range of super fast Giant and Cervelo race bikes.

There are some super specials coming your way and a brand new loyalty card which you will receive free in your "show bag" just for entering race one.

Come on and see us at the race site or catch us at either of our CBD stores. This year we will be offering test rides of certain Cervelo and Giant bikes, and a variety of super slick race wheels on the Saturday before each race. Bookings preferred but drop by and see us to see if we can assist you on the day.

Enjoy the weekend and see you at St.Kilda on Saturday or Sunday.