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3T Clip-On Pro
Price $159.95
This item is unavailable in our online shop - phone us on (03) 9639 2299 to purchase.
The CLIP ON kit is a base clamping system that lets you customize your bike's front end for optimum fit. The kit comprises clamps, cradles, silicon comfort pads, and all fixing hardware. The Flip-Click™ cradles stay up when you’re on the tops but don’t spring back and hit your hands. Complete your front-end set up with your choice of 3T Extensions, available in 5 shapes: S-Bend, Straight, Ski-Bend, Pi Wing™, and an exclusive Deep-S Christian Vande Velde Signature edition. The CLIP ON/Extension combo is ideal with our flat-top ERGONOVA bar for a multipurpose competition setup. It can also be used on non-3T bars certified safe with clip-ons. (Note: must not be used on any 3T LTD bar.)